YA Feature: Introducing YA Author M.C.Moore & FREE Download of M.C.Moore's novel!!

This week on Reading Away The Days is YA author M.C.Moore! M.C.Moore is the author an awesome new YA book Trefoil. M.C.Moore has also kindly offered a free download of her book, Trefoil to all my readers. Just go to this link and put in this code WC37W and you can download Trefoil for FREE!! Now check out my interview with M.C.Moore!

A little about M.C.Moore and how she got into writing:

I guess you could say I have the personality of a fourteen year old video gaming, fantasy fiction reading, math loving nerd girl.  I got my glasses when I was nine, had an Atari growing up, and loved reading. I grew up in West Texas, in the country, five miles from a town with only four thousand people in it. I have one brother but a lot of cousins, and we grew up together.  I'm the oldest, and therefore the bossiest, so I used to make up games and adventures for us.  That's really were I got my start with creating imaginary worlds. 

The adventure always called to me, so I moved around a lot as an adult, seeing lots of different parts of the US.  I think I was looking for the inspiration for those imaginary worlds, or the imaginary worlds themselves.  I finally ended up in Southern California, with a fantastic job in a library.  That's when I started throwing book ideas around, it all started making sense, I needed to write.

I think I always wanted to write, I just couldn't find out where I was supposed to be, what genre. I think that the young adult fantasy genre is where I'll probably write most of my books.  That is where the Atari loving 14 year old nerd girl belongs.

Can you tell us a little about your debut novel, Trefoil?

Imagine that you grew up in New York City, on the edge of Central Park, just living the normal life of a modern teenager, going to school, doing homework, trying to survive the teenage angst.  Then you wake up one morning after having the same weird dream that you have been having for weeks, your tired, you have a bit of a headache. The day seems normal, until dinner, then your dad tells you that your mom who left when you were ten, left you a letter to read before your eighteenth birthday. 

That's what Meckenzie Desmond's life was like, until it all changed with that letter.  She and triplet brother and sister, Taggart and Kellan, find out their mother is the Queen of Aquanis, the land of the water Fae.  They are meant to come to the land and rule, oh, and they are getting some special gifts for their birthday, magical Fae powers. 

Everything would be fantastic, if wasn't for the fact that the last set of triplet rulers, the legendary Trefoil, were assassinated.  So now they have to watch out for assassins, learn about their new powers, plan a huge eighteenth birthday celebration, graduate from high school, and prepare to rule the land of Aquanis.  No problem, right?

Where did you get the idea for Trefoil?

My mind is a funny thing sometimes.  I was thinking about my cousin's triplets, and how three is the perfect balance, so many things come in threes.  So why not a fairy tale about a set of triplets meant to rule in a triumvirate, a balance of mind, body and soul.  Thus the research began and it all started to fall in place. 

How does it feel to be releasing your debut novel?

The initial feeling, nausea, you know like you are going to throw up at any minute, then I was just tired.  I haven't really stopped to let it all sink in, because I view the whole trilogy as one story, one piece of work.  So I am not allowing any down time between the three books, the second book 'Aquanis' is being formatted for release, and the third book 'Truir' is in the writing stage. 

I will say it was kind of surreal to hold that first paperback proof in my hand, something tangible.  I was so proud to have actually finished, but then I dove right into editing.

Trefoil is a fantasy novel. Is this a genre you like reading yourself. If so what are some of your favourite books/authors?

I love fantasy, but I read across many genres.  I am a huge fan of Anne Rice; she was the first author that inspired me to tell a story.  I had tried many, many years ago to write after reading the Interview With a Vampire series.  The problem was genre.  I wasn't meant to write adult literary classics. 

I love Suzanne Collins series The Hunger Games.  I thoroughly enjoyed Amanda Hockings Trylle Trilogy; she is a fascinating story teller.  I just finished Michael G. Manning's first two books from the Mageborn series, and I loved those.

I also love comic books.  Neil Gaiman's Sandman is so amazing.  I love his novels too, but Sandman is what enticed me to read his works.

Are you currently working on any other projects?

I'm focusing most of my energy and efforts into finishing the Trefoil Trilogy, book two 'Aquanis' is being formatted for digital upload, and book three 'Truir' is in the writing stage. I have two more ideas in the works as well, one is a series that could be as many as five books, just know that mermaids are in my future.

Why should we read Trefoil?

Read Trefoil because you are slightly fascinated by the occult, you love adventure, fantasy, and the thought that, there is always more out there than what you can see with your eyes.  Read my book because you want to be entertained and surprised and most importantly because you too are a Fae loving fanatic.  Relax and surround yourself with intrigue, action, adventure, discovery, magic, and romance. There is a character that will take you will love, a character you will hate, and character you will want to marry.  Of course each reader will have their own favorites, but there is one particular character that I have fashioned after my brother, and he is my favorite.

Is there an author or book you would recommend to my readers?

By far my favorite author at the moment is Amanda Hocking.  I love her style and her ideas.  She is inspiration to independent authors everywhere for her triumph without a publisher.  I mean we all want people to read what we write; we want them to love what we give them, those pieces of us.  I just love the pieces that she shares with us.

M.C.Moore's Christmas Favourites:

Fave christmas read?  I would have to say Douglas Adam's Hitch Hikers Guide to the galaxy because I take it with me to my grandparent's at Christmas, so that is probably my Christmas read, even though it really isn't a Christmas book.

Fave christmas song?  All I want for Christmas

Fave christmas movie?  (this is actually a tough one because I love movies with a Christmas theme.)  Mixed Nuts, Love Actually, and Elf (it's really a three way tie and you know I'm a fan of the threes.)

What do you want for Christmas?  I need a new computer. I want an iPad.

Thanks to M.C.Moore for the interview!

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