House of Night 2013 Reading Challenge!

My sister and I have decided to do are own book challenge in 2013, that is to read the House of Night Series. It is a series I haven't managed to finish yet so I decided to start all over again with a challenge.
You can join in the challenge if you like by simply following these rules:
*Copy and paste the banner to your blog linking to my sisters blog
*Make a blog post about the challenge to let everyone know!

*Please come back and comment and let us know you are taking part by leaving your blog url!
*At the beginning of each month, a post will be posted up labelled House of Night challenge #1, #2, #3 etc  on both blogs with a linky list so you can link your review of the book though out the month
*At the end of each month we will visit and leave you a comment and all participates who have posted their review that month will be put in to a draw to win a different prize each month, it could be a swag, ebook, paperback etc.
*Each Sunday of the month, my sister and I will be making a video or a blog post updating you on how we are doing in the challenge and will have a house of night related question, which you can make a blog post and discuss if you like -This isn't mandatory-
*Last time to join the challenge is the 1st December 2013
Reading Schedule:
January - Marked (House of Night #1)
February - Betrayed (House of Night (#2)
March - Chosen House of Night #3)
April - Untamed House of Night #4)
May - Hunted (House of Night #5)
June - Tempted (House of Night #6)
July - Burned (House of Night #7)
August - Awakened (House of Night #8)
September - Destined (House of Night #9)
October - Hidden (House of Night #10)
November - Dragon's Oath (Novella)
December - Lenobia’s Vow (Novella)
Giveaway each month for non-particpants:
Also for those not taking part there will be a giveaway of a house of night book each month that you can enter. So for January, you can win Marked, for Febuary, Betrayed and so forth. There may be different rules and regulations for each giveaway so be sure to read them when the giveaway is posted!
Happy Reading!


  1. It sounds really amazing and I would love to join but I got a question. I just finished reading the first book and I've already done a review for it...can I still join?

    1. Hi! Yeah you can join in still. You can just start at the beginning of Febuary with Betrayed :)

    2. Okay, I'm done with the blog post. Here it is :
      Thanks >:D<

    3. Great :) Hop over and check out my sisters blog as well :) She is the main host, I am just co-hosting :)

  2. I've always wanted to read this series! Thanks for hosting!!

    1. Yay :) Thanks Darlene! Head over and check out my sisters blog to she is hosting, I am just co-hosting with her :)

  3. I'm going to have to look up how far I got. I was reading them a while ago but I know I didn't finish the series.