#Review Holiday Spice by Samantha Chase

Today I have a review of Holiday Spice by Samantha Chase. Hoilday Spice is a contemporary romance, that is part of a series of companions but can be read as a standalone. Check out my review below and grab a copy for yourself!


Darcy Shaughnessy has gotten used to her overbearing brothers chasing away any man she wants to date. But a chance meeting with a brooding – and deliciously handsome – artist is about to make this holiday season one to remember.

There's only one thing Benjamin Tanner loves more than his woodcarving: solitude. Then he gets snowed in with Darcy in his cozy cabin in the woods, and their heated feelings begin to melt the icy barrier between them.

With Ben's need for privacy and Darcy's love of family and social life, will opposites still attract once the snow clears and the holiday festivities come to an end.

Thanks you to InkslingerPR for a earc in exchange for an honest review.

Hoilday Spice is the sixth book in the Shaughnessy Brothers series but can be read as a standalone as each book deals with a different Shaughnessy sibiling. Hoilday Spice is  told in duel POV between Shaughnessy sibling Darcy and Ben, the potential love interest in the story. 

I really enjoyed Hoilday Spice giving it 3.5 stars. It opens with a prologue of a young Darcy waking up on Christmas morning and hoping for her wish, I wish of a mother. Darcy can't really remember her mother after she died when she was very young and all she wants is a mother for Christmas. Flash forward many years we have a headstrong but loving Darcy who has a barrier around her heart, surrounded by a living family of brothers in her life. Ben is a quiet, misunderstood,  at times grumpy guy. Ben and Darcy meet and there's chemistry straight away but both characters have emotional journeys and barriers to overcome individually and together if there ever going to be together.

Hoilday Spice was fun and romantic but also heart breaking as both characters deal with the consequences of grief of loved ones from their past. I really enjoyed the setting of part of the book in Ben's beautiful house in the snow covered mountains of Washington. Darcy loves Christmas and pictures it as the perfect Christmas setting and it really would be. I liked both characters and enjoyed there journeys both separately and together. One thing I did feel is I would like to have read the previous books just to get to know the other siblings and their partners as they are present in the book.

Overall Hoilday Spice was a beautiful Hoilday romance with a important look at grief throughout. 


Samantha Chase is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller of contemporary romance. She released her debut novel in 2011 and currently has more than forty titles under her belt! When she’s not working on a new story, she spends her time reading romances, playing way too many games of Scrabble or Solitaire on Facebook, wearing a tiara while playing with her sassy pug Maylene…oh, and spending time with her husband of 25 years and their two sons in North Carolina.

Book Blitz: Mermaids and the vampires who love them by Debra Goelz #Giveaway

Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them by Debra Goelz 

Published by: Hachette Audiobooks

Publication date: October 17th 2017
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult


Sixteen-year-old Waverly Fishwater believes that people who act suspicious are asking for her to spy on them. When she eavesdrops on one of her dad’s clandestine meetings, she learns that mermaids are being abducted. Fearing no one else will save them, Waverly swaps her tail for legs and heads to the site of the disappearances, but it doesn’t go as planned. After exposing mermaidkind to humanity, Waverly has to come to terms with leaving the home, friends, and school she loves. For her safety, she must go to a remote boarding school on the California coast.

Waverly discovers her new classmates are from a multitude of supernatural species, including werewolves, fairies, and minor Greek gods. But the bigger problem might be all the mermaid-blood loving vampires, and the fact that the most infuriating one has taken an interest in her already.

She must navigate this weird new world where her class schedule includes time-traveling history, fairy dance, interspecies biology, and sand-sculpting vain gods with rock-hard abs. The biggest letdown is that she still has to take algebra, even though polynomials are not her friends.

Just when she’s starting to fit in, she begins to unravel a dark plot that could destroy the bayside school and the oceans beyond. As she gets close to solving the mystery, the mernapper takes hold of her mind and hides the clues that will piece it together. Waverly is left with the knowledge of one thing: she’s next.

If Waverly is to expose the scheme and take out the mastermind, she’s going to have to rely on the most dubious kind of help-reckless gods, single-minded werewolves, and virtuous fairies. To avoid a supernatural catastrophe, Waverly must rally this eccentric band of heroes, learning to rely on the help of others in order to stay afloat.


Debra Goelz is a refugee from Hollywood where she served for ten years as a financial executive for such companies as Universal Pictures, Dino de Laurentiis and Jim Henson Productions. Her performing career began and ended with her puppeteering a chicken during the closing scene in "Muppet Treasure Island." After garnering over 9 million on-line reads, her award-winning YA fantasy, "Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them," will be published by Hachette audio on October 17, 2017. She lives in a redwood forest in rural Marin County with her husband. Her two children have abandoned her to seek a college education in New York.

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Blog Tour: Bad For Her by Christi Barth #Excerpt & #Giveaway

SA Today bestselling author Christi Barth launches a sexy new series about three bad-boy brothers in Witness Protection who are about to learn that going good is harder than they thought…
Doctor Mollie Vickers loves the tight-knit community of her tiny Oregon town. But she’s not a fan of the limited dating options. Sleep with a guy who tried to copy off her in junior high? Pass. Mollie’s sex life is flatlining… until a deliciously handsome man she’s never seen before stops to help her fix a flat tire.
As an ex-mobster, Rafe Maguire’s no saint. But he’s trying to turn over a new leaf. Although he probably shouldn’t kiss the hot doctor on the side of the highway. Or suggest a no-strings fling with a woman he has no business pursuing. Rafe’s life is too complicated for love—his new WITSEC-provided identity doesn’t fit him at all and there’s a U.S. Marshal watching his every move. He can’t tell Mollie the truth… but their chemistry is scorching and being good doesn’t mean he can’t be a little bad.
Mollie can’t resist the guy who looks rough, talks tough, and is loyal to the bone. But it’s obvious Rafe is keeping secrets. When the truth comes out, Mollie must decide if she could ever love an ex-mobster… or if this bad boy has truly gone good.


After laughing again, Mollie asked, “Do you like it here?”

Shit. Talk about a loaded question.
Rafe hated it here, because it wasn’t Chicago. Because he heard freaking crickets at night instead of traffic and people hustling. Because there wasn’t any deep-dish pizza. Because of no jazz clubs like the Green Mill. 
Because it wasn’t home.
But . . . yes.
Because this new place would keep his brothers alive. It was their shot. Their best shot. Their only shot. And if he didn’t somehow find a reason to like it here, Rafe was screwed.
None of which he could say to Mollie. So he kept it simple. Shifted one knee to the ground so he could twist to look up at her and said, “I’m a big fan of the roadside attractions.”
She pursed her lips, slicked the same orange as her top and shoes. “Before you were hitting on me. Now you’re flirting with me. What’s with the change in tactics?”
“Figure I’ll just throw everything at the wall until something sticks.” He stood. Crowded right up into her space. Used his thumb to tuck a long strand of hair behind her ear. Watched her chest rise and fall twice in rapid succession before continuing. “You let me know when that happens, Doc.”
“I will,” she said. Pretty much breathlessly.
This had all the markings of a slam dunk. “You’re good.”
“How do you know? You haven’t even kissed me yet.”
That was it. He could hear the swish of the ball going through the net. “Your car.” Rafe edged to the right to kick the replaced tire. “The tire’s changed out. You’re good to hit the road.”
“Oh.” Her eyelids fluttered down.
“But now that it’s on the table, I want to know.”
“What?” And back up those long, dark lashes came. She had him locked in her sights like a laser.
Rafe moved to cage her against the car with his arms. They weren’t touching anywhere, but he hadn’t left room between for daylight to pass. “How good you are. Better yet, how bad you are.”
Then he waited. Didn’t move a muscle. Because it needed to be Mollie’s choice. Mostly because they were on the side of a semi-deserted highway. The sun—or Oregon’s pale version of it—was streaming down from overhead, and they were still on the blacktop. Rafe knew, though, that it could be seen as a potentially risky situation. He didn’t want her to feel pressured or scared. He just wanted to keep having fun with her.
But he’d read all the signals right and didn’t have to wait long.
“Stop flirting. Start doing,” she ordered. And then Mollie crooked her leg around his calf in an invitation about as subtle as a gun to the head.
Rafe was a big fan of going for the obvious. It made life easier. So he leaned forward the extra eighth of an inch to bring their bodies flush. Waited again. The second she tipped her chin up in anticipation, then it was go time.

About The Author

Christi Barth earned a Masters degree in vocal performance and embarked upon a career on the stage.  

A love of romance then drew her to wedding planning.  Ultimately she succumbed to her lifelong love of books and now writes award-winning contemporary romance, including the Naked Men and Aisle Boundseries. Christi can always be found whipping up gourmet meals (for fun, honest!) or with her nose in a book. She lives in Maryland with the best husband in the world.

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Bookworm Candles & Crafts- September Mini Starter Candle Box unboxing & thoughts

All bookworms love bookish merch, I haven't come across any that don't like some sort of bookish merch from bookmarks, to candles , to art prints and all the fandom cushions and throws. I have recently started to get into bookish merch, collecting bookmarks, art prints and pins but just recently I was on the look out for some bookish candles, and I came across Bookworm Candles & Crafts VIA Donna from a Book Passion For Lifes, Instagram, (you can check out Donna's Instagram here ) and have been meaning to check them out. What better way than to try their candles than there September mini starter set as this months past theme was Second Star On The Right And Straight On To Morning. Guys Peter Pan themed how could I pass this up!

First up I want to give you my thoughts on the box over all and show you all the items included and my thoughts on each item.

So as this is a monthly box it goes on sale between the 5th-1st of each month and then ships 5th-10th of the following month. My box arrived promptly and packaged really well. Within the box you get 4 2oz candle glass jars (that last between 12-15 hours), and some extra goodies, this month it was a thimble necklace, Tinkerbell bookmark, some cute glass fridge magnets and a silhouette sticker which I have put on my kindle. 

So my first thoughts was this is such a cute box, everything fits the theme perfectly, and it looks cute. I love all the little extra bits and pieces, especially the thimble necklace *heart eyes* and the candles look and smell amazing. 

Apart from the awesome products I also really like that this is a UK creator, I find it so hard to find bookish UK creators and I am so excited to have found this one. I also think this box is really good value. The monthly box is £12 plus shipping and to me it meets and exceeds that price, and unlike subscriptions boxes you just order month to month. Now a closer look at the products!

Look at all the cute goodies!

So the first candle is the Skull Rock candle jar, that looks and smells really good. My first thought is it smells of flowers and I was right as it has notes of Coral and Hibiscus. As sore as you open the lid you are hit with the smell, which I want in a candle, I want to smell it even if it isn't lite 

Next is Magic Lagoon which is such a pretty color and of course it smells lovely. On the spoiler card it says it has a "gorgeous marine scent".

Next up is Happy Thoughts which is my fave candle out of the four, which is hard to say as I really like them all. This smells of coconut milk and lavender. Now I am not a big lavender fan unless its mixed with another scent and as this is mixed with one of my fave scents I really like this!

Finally we have Pixie Dust which has a really sweet scent. I love sweet smelling candles and this smells so nice. It reminds me of sweets I ate when I was younger and it just smells good enough to eat.

Overall I love this box. I brought this box myself and decided to review it as I think its a box alot of people would enjoy. It is great value for money, it looks great and has amazing handmade products. 

You can check out Book Worm Candles here , as well as the bookish boxes the site has so many candles. I have 10 on my wishlist, and some of them will be in my shopping basket for the end of this month as a birthday treat to myself :) I am also really excited that hopefully there will more more A Discovery Of Witches candles in store soon as it is my fave book and I have found it hard to find ADOW merch I like. They currently have one which I need so bad and I can't wait to see what else is added to the store in the coming months. 

You can also still get this months mini starter box which the theme is Toil and Trouble, perfect for fans of perfect for fans of Throne of Glass, Harry Potter or A Discovery Of Witches!

Recently Added To Goodreads- October Edition

Its time for another, recently added to my Goodreads TBR . You can check out my previous recently added post here. Today's edition is full of awesome books that I really want to read. So many books, so little time!

*Lie To Me (Between The Sheets #2) by Melinda D Lorenzo - Adult Contemporary Romance- Released this past September 18th- Even though this is the second book I am 99 per cent sure you can read it as a standalone!

*Wolves and Roses (Fairy Tales of the Magicorum #1) by Christina Bauer- YA Fairy Tale Retelling- Releases October 31st 

*Captain Hotness by Weston Parker- Adult Contemporary Romance- Released this past August- This has a hot guy, who happens to be a single dad and firefighter. Fun Fact this book is written by a duo, a brother and sister duo!

*I Stole His Car ( Love At First Crime #1) by Jessica Frances- Adult Contemporary Romance-Released this past September.

*My New Crush Gave To Me by Shani Petroff- YA Holiday Romance- Releases October 31st 

*Misadventures on the Night Shift (Misadventures #6) by Lauren Rowe- Adult Contemporary Romance- Releases November 7th- So a fun fact about this series, is each book is either written by a different author or co authored, therefore each book can be read as a standalone.

*Sugarplum Way by Debbie Mason- Adult Holiday Romance- Releases October 31st 

*The Truth And Lies Of Ella Black by Emily Barr- YA Contemporary- Releases January 2018- This book now does have a cover, head over to Goodreads for a look. I am lucky to have a copy of this book for review, hence it's on my TBR.

*Undercover Princess (The Rosewood Chronicles #1) by Connie Glynn- YA fantasy, retelling- Releases November 2nd- I have a copy of this book for review and even the proof is stunning, just look at that cover. Even though this is a fantasy, from what I have read, am getting a contemporary feel to it as well, as the fantasy element.  

*Cuffed (Everyday Heroes #1) by K.Bromberg- Adult Contemporary Romance- Releases October 23rd

*Sweet Tea and Sympathy (Southern Eclectic #1) by Molly Harper- Adult Contemporary Romance-Releases November 21st- I love this cover!

*Kiss Me In New York by Catherine Rider- YA Holiday Romance- Released earlier this month

*Ruthless King (Mount Trilogy #1) by Meghan March- Adult Contemporary Romance- Releases October 17th

*Bad For Her ( Bad Boys Gone Good #1) by Christi Barth- Adult Contemporary Romance- Released earlier this month

*Mrs Fletcher by Tom Perrotta- Contemporary Fiction- Released this past summer

*Prince in Disguise by Stephanie Kate Strohm- YA Contemporary Romance- Releases December 19th

*American Panda by Gloria Chao- YA Contemporary- Releases February 2018

*Extreme Exposure (I-Team #1) by Pamela Clare- Adult Romantic Suspense- Released 2005

What have you recently added to your TBR?

Release Day Blitz: Fall Into Romance Anthology

Happy Release Day to the Fall Into Romance anthology. An anthology of Sweet fall contemporary romances. Grab your copy today for 99 cents!

Blurb: Surround yourself in the romance of the autumn season with 10 heartwarming, sweet novellas from USA Today, national bestselling, and award-winning authors. 

Each story takes you inside the heart of a small town—its people—and features adorable animal friends in need of a forever home.
Take a trip to Romance, Oregon, where falling in love has never been easier and happily-ever-after is guaranteed!

Finding Forever in Romance by Melanie D. Snitker 

Brent's hands are so full he doesn't realize his heart is empty. But how can he convince Nicole to trust him and give them all a chance at the forever family they deserve?

Lost in Romance by Stacy Claflin

Work is Alisyn’s life. Everything is perfect until the day her boss’s son comes to town and takes her breath away. Will she risk it all for love?

At Second Glance by Raine English

Can an ornery French bulldog help a mismatched couple find love?

Blown Into Romance by Shanna Hatfield 

Free spirit Brooke Roberts blows into Romance like an autumn storm, unprepared to fall for the handsome rancher who gives her a reason to stay.

Wired for Romance by Franky A. Brown 

Electrician Josh Chadwick can rewire his new client’s house, but he can’t do a thing about the electricity sparking between them.

Restoring Romance by Tamie Dearen

She’s a big city chef who likes cats. He’s a small town mayor who restores antiques. But even with feline allergies at play, true love is nothing to sneeze at.

Finding Dori by J.J. DiBenedetto 

She’s a loud, pushy New Yorker who drives him crazy. He almost ran her over with his truck. Of course they’re perfect for each other…

Katie’s Chance for Romance by Jessica L. Elliott 

Five years ago she pushed him out of her life, but she couldn't force him from her heart.

Chasing Romance by Liwen Y. Ho 

When pop sensation Chase Lockhart wants more than a room at Izzy Sutton’s Bed and Breakfast, she must decide whether it’s worth opening up her heart to him, especially when he’s eleven years her junior.

Lessons in Romance by Kit Morgan

A rooster, a tortoise and love, oh my! Now if the humans could just figure out the love part, they might all live happily ever after.

Author Bios: 

Franky A. Brown

Franky A. Brown has always called the South home and loves to write about it. She holds an English degree from the University of South Carolina and can’t seem to stop reading. She is the author of women’s fiction and chick lit about life, love, and Southern women.

Stacy Claflin

Stacy Claflin is a USA Today bestselling author and a lifelong storyteller. When she was a child, she would get into trouble for trying to convince others that her stories were real. She scarred her younger cousin for life with her Cavity Monster tale. Another time, she convinced her friends that her grandfather had made her a robotic unicorn.

Now she saves her creative imagination for novels. Whether Stacy's writing urban fantasy, suspense, or contemporary romance, she always has thrills, twists, and turns.  You can count on surprises and an enjoyable escape.

Tamie Dearen

Tamie lives with her very romantic husband of thirty-three years. They have two grown daughters (the inspiration for the daughters in The Best Girls Series) and one grandson, and a twelve-year-old boy, recently adopted from Ukraine. Tamie loves to play, sing, and write music. She started writing books in 2013 and published her first book in October of that year. Since then, she’s published six novels and a novella. She also wrote a free serial romance on her weekly blog, A Rose in Bloom. And in her spare time, she’s a dentist. (But she’s painless.)

Tamie met her husband as a freshman in college when she acted out of character on a whim. One night in the library lobby, she spied a cute guy with his first name written on the back of his shirt. She called out his name. When he approached to talk to her, she pretended that she’d met him before, asking about his classes and how he liked college. To her surprise and delight, he also pretended that he knew her, but of course he didn’t know her name. They continued this false relationship for two months. Each time they saw each other, an event which occurred three times per week at the cafeteria, he would pretend he knew her. Meanwhile, all of Tamie’s friends were careful not to reveal her name to him. When he finally admitted his ignorance of her name, he was astonished to learn the truth. And the rest is history.

J.J. DiBenedetto

J.J. DiBenedetto is author of the Dream Series and the Jane Barnaby Adventures and lives in Arlington, Virginia with the love of his life and a white cat who rules the roost. His passions are photography, travel, the opera, the New York Giants, and of course writing.
Mr. DiBenedetto is devoted to writing books with a sense of mysticism to entertain and perhaps invite his readers to suspend belief in a way they might never have.

Since he was very young, he has always been intrigued with the supernatural and things that can't be explained rationally. By always asking way too many questions, it piqued his interest to the point of setting his writing off and running when he grew up! All the curiosity building up all those years was finally put into words to captivate readers. And it hasn't ended. His main goal is to share all the stories he has inside, putting pen to paper. And that's how the Dream Series was born.

Jessica L. Elliott

For as long as she can remember, Jessica L. Elliott has been telling stories. As soon as she could grasp a pencil she began writing those stories down. Reading fueled her imagination, as did spending time with her five younger brothers and sisters. Everything was an adventure, something to be treasured and stories were her first love. Jessica began seriously writing in high school and continued into college while attending Emporia State University where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education. She wrote and released her first novel, Charming Academy, in August of 2011. Jessica currently lives in southwest Kansas with her husband and children.

Raine English

USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Raine English writes sweet small-town contemporary romance, paranormal, and romantic suspense. She's a Romance Writers of America Golden Heart finalist and a Daphne du Maurier Award winner. Raine lives in New England with her family and two French bulldogs, Bailey and Dolly.

Shanna Hatfield

Convinced everyone deserves a happy ending, USA Today Bestselling Author Shanna Hatfield is out to make it happen, one story at a time. When she isn’t writing or indulging in chocolate (dark and decadent, please), Shanna hangs out with her husband, lovingly known as Captain Cavedweller.

Liwen Y. Ho

Liwen Y. Ho works as a chauffeur and referee by day (AKA being a stay at home mom) and a writer by night. She penned her first children's picture book, "A Rainbow of Nine Colors" in high school (now available at Meegenius.com) and has been writing for grown-ups since 2014.
She also enjoys writing about real-life matters, such as marriage, parenting and faith because truth can be as strange and entertaining as fiction. Her work has appeared in various online publications, including LiteraryMama.com and MomLifeToday.com, and she is a contributor at StartMarriageRight.com.

In her pre-author life, she received a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Western Seminary, and she loves makeovers of all kinds, especially those of the heart and mind. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her techie husband and their two children, and blogs about her adventures as a recovering perfectionist at www.2square2behip.com.

Kit Morgan

A consistent Top 100 lists bestseller, Kit Morgan, aka Geralyn Beauchamp, has been writing for fun all of her life. When writing as Geralyn Beauchamp, her books are epic, adventurous, romantic fantasy at its best. When writing as Kit Morgan they are whimsical, fun, inspirational sweet and clean stories that depict a strong sense of family and community. 'His Prairie Princess' is the first of the Prairie Brides books and the first in the series of a long line of stories about Clear Creek, Oregon. One of the wackiest little towns in the old we
st! Get to know the townsfolk in Clear Creek and come sit a spell!

Melanie D. Snitker

Melanie D. Snitker is the author of the inspirational romance Love’s Compass series. She has enjoyed writing for as long as she can remember. She started out writing episodes of cartoon shows that she wanted to see as a child and her love of writing grew from there. She and her husband live in Texas with their two children who keep their lives full of adventure, and two dogs who add a dash of mischief to the family dynamics. In her spare time, Melanie enjoys photography, reading, crochet, baking, target shooting, camping, and hanging out with family and friends.