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Kiss Of Death by Kelly Hashway: Download it now for FREE!

One of my favorite book series is the Touch of Death Series by Kelly Hashway. I want as many people to read the series and fall in love with it as much as I have. So what better way than to be able to download a prequel to the series for FREE! Grab Kiss of Death NOW!


Kiss of Death: Young Adult Paranormal Prequel Novella to the Touch of Death Series. This book is told from Alex's POV.

Want to know Alex's story and what he was like before he met Jodi? Now you can. Download it FREE here.
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Six Tales of First Loves, Extraordinary Heroines and Daring Adventures for 99c

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Discover a great new book with Book Bundles. 99c for a limited time on iBooks.
After Twilight: Six Tales of First Loves, Extraordinary Heroines and Daring Adventures is a YA multi-author boxed set comprised of authors: Julia Crane, Sophie Davis, Lizzy Ford, Ella James, Tara West, and Morgan Wylie.
This special Limited-Edition boxed set includes not only six FULL-LENGTH novels, but also four brand new, NEVER-BEFORE RELEASED companion stories. The cover was beautifully done by Eden Crane Designs.

After Twilight includes:

Freak of Nature (IFICS #1) by Julia Crane, plus a special short story prequel
Talented (Talented Saga #1) by Sophie Davis, plus Condemned (A Short Story Prequel )
Cursed (Voodoo Nights #1) by Lizzy Ford
Here (Here Trilogy #1) by Ella James
Sophie’s Secret Crush (Whispers Book 5) by Tara West, plus Krysta’s Cursed Cat (A Short Story)
Silent Orchids (The Age of Alandria: Book One) by Morgan Wylie, plus The Rise of the Paladin (A Short Story Prequel)

Friday, 19 September 2014

#Review: Wicked Appetite (Lizzy & Diesel #1) by Janet Evanovich

Wicked Appetite (Lizzy & Diesel, #1)Book: Wicked Appetite
Series: Lizzy & Diesel #1
Author: Janet Evanovich
Pages: 313
Publisher: Headline
Adult read
Borrowed book from library
Rating: ✪✪✪✪✪
Narrator 'Lizzy' Tucker is pastry chef in Salem. In June, evil 'Wulf' burns his brand on her hand. His tempting cousin Diesel smells like "fresh-baked Christmas cookies", protects her 24/7 with rude monkey Carl and ninja Cat, after Wulf kills Stephen's guard. Lizzy and Stephen can detect stones for Seven Deadly Sins, and start with Gluttony.

Why have I never read a Janet Evanovich book before??!! I loved Wicked Appetite and read it in a day, I literally couldn't put it down.

I loved the storyline it was interesting, fun and funny. The whole mystery of the seven deadly sins stones was so fun and seeing the results of the stone when it was near Lizzy the lead protagonist was so funny.

Wicked Appetite had really quirky characters which I loved. I loved Diesel and Lizzy the male and female lead (I so want them to get together even if they lose their unmentionable talents). Janet Evanovitch knows how to add that little bit of romance to make you cheer the characters on and want them to be together. I also loved Carl the monkey, he is such an awesome little monkey. And I really liked,  Glo , Lizzys friend she was so funny with her magic antics.

I really enjoyed this book is was a nice, fun, quirky read and I can't wait to read more of the series!


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Blog Tour: Into the fire by Ashelyn Drake- Guest Post & #Giveaway

Guest post by author Ashelyn Drake
 Who would play the characters if a movie was made of Into the fire?
If Into the Fire was made into a movie, I’d probably be so excited that I wouldn’t care who they cast, but here’s what my dream cast would look like.
Cara Tillman: Dove Cameron
Cara is the main character and she’s a phoenix—or she’ll be a full-fledged phoenix in one month when she goes through her rebirth. She has blonde hair with fiery red streaks. She’s emotional, loves the water, and drinks her tea in the least amount of sips as possible. I think Dove Cameron is capable of playing just about any character and I could definitely see her portraying the many sides of Cara.
Logan Schmidt: Spencer Boldman
Logan comes across as a tough New Yorker, but he has a soft side. He’s always wearing the leather jacket his mother gave him before she died, and he has a soft spot for Cara. He’s a bit of a player and is at odds with how much moving to Ashlan Falls is changing him. Thanks to my daughter making me watch TV shows with her, I’ve seen Spencer Boldman in both TV series and movies. He looks the part of Logan and can definitely portray that attitude Logan comes to Ashlan Falls with.
Rachel (Cara’s best friend): Maia Mitchell
Let me just say how much I love Rachel. She’s the best friend who has your back and isn’t afraid to confront your new love interest and threaten his man parts. Maia Mitchell strikes me as that girl so I think she’d make a great Rachel.
While there are a lot of other characters in Into the Fire, I never like to envision my entire dream cast. I’ll just cross my fingers that the book gets made into a movie and see who gets picked for each role. ;)
*I do not own the above images*
Title: Into the Fire
Publication date: September 9, 2014
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.
Author: Ashelyn Drake
Seventeen-year-old Cara Tillman’s life is a perfectly normal one until Logan Schmidt moves to Ashlan Falls. Cara is inexplicably drawn to him, but she’s not exactly complaining. Logan’s like no boy she’s ever met, and he brings out a side of Cara that she isn’t used to. As the two get closer, everything is nearly perfect, and Cara looks forward to the future.
But Cara isn’t a normal girl. She’s a member of a small group of people descended from the mythical phoenix bird, and her time is running out. Rebirth is nearing, which means she’ll forget her life up to this point—she’ll forget Logan and everything they mean to one another.. But that may be the least of Cara’s problems.
A phoenix hunter is on the loose, and he’s determined to put an end to the lives of people like Cara and her family, once and for all.

Author: Ashelyn Drake

Ashelyn Drake is a New Adult and Young Adult romance author. While it’s rare for her not to have either a book in hand or her fingers flying across a laptop, she also enjoys spending time with her family. She believes you are never too old to enjoy a good swing set and there’s never a bad time for some dark chocolate. She is represented by Sarah Negovetich of Corvisiero Literary Agency.
Author Links:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Review: Anna And The French Kiss Trilogy by Stephanie Perkins

I recently read the Anna and The French trilogy by Stephanie Perkins and I fell in love with it. Stephanie Perkins is an incredible author and I can't wait to read more of her books. Check out my 5* review's below of Anna and The French Kiss, Lola and The Boy Next Door & Isla and The Happily Ever After!
Anna and the French Kiss (Anna and the French Kiss, #1)
       Anna has everything figured out - she was about to start senior year with her best friend, she had a great weekend job, and her huge work crush looked as if it might finally be going somewhere... Until her dad decides to send her 4383 miles away to Paris. On her own.

But despite not speaking a word of French, Anna finds herself making new friends, including Etienne, the smart, beautiful boy from the floor above. But he’s taken – and Anna might be too. Will a year of romantic near-missed end with the French kiss she’s been waiting for?
Ahhhh! I fricking loved Anna and The French Kiss I have wanted to read this book for ages and finally got around to it. (why did I wait sooo long)

The story isn't just amazing, Stephanie Perkins is such an amazing writer! The way she writes romance is like nothing I have read before and it feels so real. Stephanie Perkins is not afraid to deal with real life issues..

I really could not put the book down, it kept me up all night even when I was falling asleep I forced myself awake to read it a bit more! I loved St Clair and I loved Anna.

Stephanie Perkins knows how to use a setting and the setting of Paris was amazing. Ms Perkin's  makes the setting feel like another character.

I cant express anymore how much I loved this book . If you haven't picked it up already, go get it straight away!!
Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French Kiss #2)
Budding designer Lola Nolan doesn't believe in fashion... she believes in costume. The more expressive the outfit – the more sparkly, more wild – the better. And life is pretty close to perfect for Lola, especially with her hot rocker boyfriend.

That is, until the Bell twins, Calliope and Cricket return to the neighbourhood and unearth a past of hurt that Lola thought was long buried. So when talented inventor Cricket steps out from his twin sister's shadow and back into Lola's life, she must finally face up to a lifetime of feelings for the boy next door. Could the boy from Lola's past be the love of her future?

Fall in love with the international bestseller from queen of young adult fiction, Stephanie Perkins
Why did I wait so long to read this series!!!?? I have fallen in love with Stephanie Perkins writing and her characters. I can't express how much I loved Lola and the boy next door, this series just keeps getting better and better!

I read Anna and The French Kiss a few days before reading this book and I loved it and I loved Lola and The Boy Next Door just as much.

Stephanie Perkins knows how to write romance. I got all the feels in this book. Ms Perkins also is amazing at making the books feel real, she's not scared to deal with real life issues, this is a theme I have noticed with her books.

I loved Lola and her quirky fashion sense and all her outfits. I also loved Cricket but I don't think I love him as much as Etienne!

The whole moon and stars thing!! OMG it was just so cute my melted.
.The characters, the romance, the setting makes for an incredible read you wont forget!!!
Isla and the Happily Ever After (Anna and the French Kiss, #3)
Love ignites in the City That Never Sleeps, but can it last?

Hopeless romantic Isla has had a crush on introspective cartoonist Josh since their first year at the School of America in Paris. And after a chance encounter in Manhattan over the summer, romance might be closer than Isla imagined. But as they begin their senior year back in France, Isla and Josh are forced to confront the challenges every young couple must face, including family drama, uncertainty about their college futures, and the very real possibility of being apart.

Featuring cameos from fan-favorites Anna, √Čtienne, Lola, and Cricket, this sweet and sexy story of true love—set against the stunning backdrops of New York City, Paris, and Barcelona—is a swoonworthy conclusion to Stephanie Perkins’s beloved series.
If I could rate this book a million stars I would. I cant express how much I loved this book. It was... perfect!!

I loved Anna and St Clair, Lola and Cricket but I loved Josh and Isla the most. I just loved them! They where two lost souls who are perfect for each other.

Stephanie Perkins is a genius, she is incredible I haven't come across a writer so incredible  in all life. Even my favorite series of books don't meet the standard of Ms Perkins writing. She is a master of words I just cant get over how amazing a writer she is. The subtle way all the books are linked is incredible. I felt all the emotions of Isla, I laughed, I cried!! This was an incredible, beautiful end to am amazing series!!
Have you read Anna and The French Kiss Trilogy?? What did you think of it? Also who would you pick, Etienne, Cricket or Josh. Leave me a comment below!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Blog Tour: Call Me Grim by Elizabeth Holloway- Interview & #Giveaway

Check out the tour schedule here !
Interview with author Elizabeth Holloway
Sum up Call Me Grim in one sentence?
Libbi must choose to die like she’s supposed to, or live a lonely life as a Grim Reaper, but she’s not prepared when her best friend shows up marked as a future murderer.
Where did the idea for Call Me Grim come from?
The seed of the idea for Call Me Grim came from a question that popped into my head one day: What if the Grim Reaper wanted to quit his job? I don’t even know what I was thinking about before that, so I’ll just say it appeared in my brain, all magic-like.
Then I thought this: Why would he want to quit? The obvious answer was: Because Grim Reaper has got to be the suckiest job title in the world. Who wouldn’t want to quit? The next thing I wondered was: Would anyone in their right mind even consider taking over such a crappy job? Libbi Piper spoke up and answered that question in the form of a novel.
Describe the following characters in 140 characters or less: Libbi & Aaron
Libbi: Smart, snarky, aspiring artist who gets more than she bargained for when she crosses the street and literally meets Death, face to face.
 Aaron: Mysterious and handsome, Aaron is nice to look at, but there's something about him being the Grim Reaper that makes him a bit untrustworthy.
If you had to tell someone one reason to read Call Me Grim what would it be?
Ugh! I hate questions like this! It’s the equivalent of being asked what makes you perfect for a job in an interview. I’m terrible at tooting my own horn. But, since you asked, I’ll give it a try.

One reason to read Call Me Grim is because my psychic cat says it’s good for your soul.
You see? I suck at this.

Title: Call Me Grim

Publication date: September 9, 2014

Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.
Author: Elizabeth Holloway
The truck should have turned Libbi Piper into a Libbi Pancake — and it would have, too, if Aaron hadn’t shown up and saved her life. The problem? Aaron’s the local Grim Reaper… and he only saved Libbi’s life because he needs someone to take over his job. Now, Libbi has two days to choose between dying like she was supposed to, or living a lonely life as Death Incarnate. Talk about a rock and a hard place.
And the choice goes from hard to sucktastic when her best friend shows up marked: condemned as a future murderer. Libbi could have an extra week to stop the murder and fix the mark… but only if she accepts Aaron’s job as Reaper, trapping herself in her crappy town forever, invisible and inaudible to everyone except the newly dead. But, if she refuses? Her best friend is headed straight for Hell.
Author: Elizabeth Holloway
Elizabeth Holloway is a registered nurse living in Southern Pennsylvania with her two teen children, Bam-bam the dog, and Tinkerbell the cat. CALL ME GRIM is her first novel.
Author Links:  Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


Thursday, 11 September 2014

Review: The Winner's Curse ( The Winners' Trilogy #1) by Marie Rutkoski

The Winner's Curse (The Winner's Trilogy, #1)Book: The Winner's Curse (1)
Series: The Winner's Trilogy
Author: Marie Rutkoski
Pages: 355
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's Books
Received for review
Rating: ✪✪✪✪✪ 


Winning what you want may cost you everything you love.

As a general’s daughter in a vast empire that revels in war and enslaves those it conquers, seventeen-year-old Kestrel has two choices: she can join the military or get married. But Kestrel has other intentions. One day, she is startled to find a kindred spirit in a young slave up for auction.

Arin’s eyes seem to defy everything and everyone. Following her instinct, Kestrel buys him—with unexpected consequences. It’s not long before she has to hide her growing love for Arin. But he, too, has a secret, and Kestrel quickly learns that the price she paid for a fellow human is much higher than she ever could have imagined.

Set in a richly imagined new world, The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski is a story of deadly games where everything is at stake, and the gamble is whether you will keep your head or lose your heart


"A world you will fall in love with, with characters that are equally loveable!"

Before I started The Winners Curse I heard mixed reviews. I heard that people either loved the book or hated it. I was really surprised by this book as I ended up loving it! It is one of my favorite 2014 reads so far :)

I love the world Marie Rutkoshi has created. The world feels magical, like its set in a different world to ours, a fantasy world and it has an old fashion feel to it. The setting felt like it could be set in France or an eastern European  country. I couldn't really figure out where the world was supposed to be which really intrigued me as it felt like a whole different new world to learn about and love!

The concept of the story was interesting and I was swept away in the story of intrigue, deception, love and honour.

One thing I noted about The Winners Curse is the way women where treated was different as in, they had two chooses when they where 18 (which isn't good in itself) but the chooses where either marrying or joining the army. In most books woman only seem to get the marrying option. The woman are treated (well the privileged woman) like royalty being weighed on hand and foot but when they turn 18 there role and treatment changes because they are defenders of the kingdom, if they choose the army route. This really intrigued me!

There were so many twists and turns in the story and I loved learning about the world. I loved the lead protagonists and I wasn't sure if to trust the male lead or not, he had me loving him but unsure of him the whole way through. The ending just made me want the next book ASAP!!!

Note: Now I think of it the love between the two characters felt a bit like Romano and Juliet as in they weren't allowed to really love each other because of their families in this case, there race/ religion!