Christmas Tree Book Tag {Original}

I love book tags! So what better thing to do than create my own. I decided to "build" a Christmas Tree scene and ask book questions along the way! Lets start at the very beginning a very good place to start {whoever gets this reference gets a mince pie}

We need a Christmas Tree to start whether it is fake or real! 

{I know all characters are "real" in a sense to readers but you get the idea}

A character I wish stayed fake is definitely Umbridge. That woman makes me so mad. She is just pure evil and should stay among the pages of the Harry Potter Books. A character I wish was real is Diana from the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness because then that whole world would have to exist and I would LOVE it! I have mentioned this a million times but its my favorite trilogy EVER!!!

First up on the tree is loads of fairy lights that are as colorful as can be.

The first that comes to mind is The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon it is a cover that stands out as it is so colorful and just stunning. It is one of my favorite covers of the year. Just look at it....

Tinsel comes next in all colors with sparkles galore. It may not be as sparkly as the fairy lights but it still holds its own.

One side character that stands out to me more than the main characters is Simon Lewis from the Shadowhunter series by Cassandra Clare. I love that he is the underdog throughout but so strong in his own way. I am so excited to read the Shadowhunter Academy book that is all Simon.

Christmas Baubles are next you can't just have one, you need a dozen and more

I don't read many standalones I do tend to read series. I would pick a question in my own tag that I can't think of an answer. Maybe like a spin off Harry Potter series based on the original characters children {the cursed child doesn't count in my opinion}Its my tag so that is my answer LOL

Whether you put a Star or Angel on top of the tree it adds a finishing touch.

The ultimate question that all book lovers hate to answer.  This year has been a very different type of reading year as I have moved away from YA and have been exploring lot of different genres to see what I like. But one of my favorites was actually a YA book and it is near the top of the list and that is When We Collided by Emery Lord.

Our tree is now finished and all we need is presents under the Christmas Tree.

I would leave a present for Hagrid and it would be a new hat and scarf to keep him warm when he is out in the forbidden forest during the winter. {ORIGINAL I know ;)

The tree is up and the lights are on.

The cosy book I would pick is Where Rainbows End by Cecila Ahern. It is one of my favorite adult contemporary reads. Its heartwarming, funny, emotional and the ending is just ....

So that was the Christmas Tree Book Tag. I am tagging a few people but anyone is free to do it, please just link back to this original post. Tweet me so I can see your post I am looking forward to seeing all your answers!

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Christmas Gift Guide For Book Lovers

It is my favorite time of the year, Christmas! And I am so excited to see what bookish goodies I receive as gifts this year. My mum always gets me the most cutest bookish trinkets for my bookshelf and I hope I receive some this year {Fingers Crossed}

I decided what better timing than to put together a list of bookish items I have my eye on in the hopes that it might inspire you to spot some items for the bookworm in your life

Your probably thinking that this is such a obvious choice of a gift for a bookworm but sometimes the obvious is overlooked. You could get the bookish person in your life a book of their wishlist. Are a classic which I think is the easy way to go. Lately I have been wanting so many different editions of  classics especially children's classics, there are so many pretty editions out there and I need them all. One I really want is the Anne Of Green Gables, Puffin in Bloom edition.

A book lover NEEDS book merch, it's like Beauty without Beast, Ron without Hermione its a must in a book lovers life.

Bookmarks are of course another obvious one. There are so many different types of bookmarks out there, wooden ones, magnetic ones, gorgeous hand made water color ones. I want them all. There are so many esty bookish shops that do bookmarks, some of my favorites are currently on breaks but you can easily find some in a quick search.

There are so many book subscriptions and like bookmarks I want them all. But at the top of my list is an Owlcrate and Fairyloot box. They are some of the most beautiful book subscriptions out there. I need them!!! 

Get Owlcrate here & Fairyloot here

Who doesn't love a cup of tea or coffee while reading? And what a perfect way to drink it than in a bookish mug. My favourite wishlist mugs come from Evie Seo's store. {I actually want everything in her store} As I love Peter Pan I of course want one of her Peter Pan mugs they are just so, so beautiful.

Credit to Readsleepfangirl

Check out Evie's store here

Bookish Candles are everywhere. I think every book worm has one but sadly I don't, yet! Most of the bookish candle stores I have found are in the US but recently I discovered a UK esty store that has some beautiful candles, among other cute bookish trinkets. You need to check out Bookworm Candles and Crafts here

Credit to above store

I love bookish jewellery and one of my favorite stores is Pretty Drastic. The pieces are just beautiful. Some of my favorites are:

Check out all the other amazing pieces here

Finally bookish Art Prints. I have been loving art prints so much lately. And I know my awesome sister has got me a beautiful Peter Pan print for Christmas and I am so excited to display it. Now an art print store I love is Subject Art, they have so many contemporary bookish prints including some amazing Disney ones I want so bad! Check them out here

What bookish merch do you want for Christmas? Do you see anything the 
bookworm in your life will love?

I signed up for Top Ten Of 2016 Event

Its getting to that time of year again, where we have our top ten lists. This year I have decided to join in Top Ten of 2016 hosted by Dark Faerie Tales , Two Chicks On BooksFitktshun and Tales Of The Ravenous Reader.

The event runs from the 26th-30th December and the topic's are:

Monday, December 26th – Best Books I’ve Read in 2016 (Doesn’t have to be released in 2016, just a book you’ve read in 2016) - This is going to be so hard to narrow now as it always is!
Tuesday, December 27th – Best Book Covers of 2016 (MUST be a book released in 2016. Would be best if it’s a book you’ve READ in 2016, but it’s not required) - So many beautiful covers!
Wednesday, December 28th – Best ________ Of 2016 (Readers/Bloggers choice. Please fill in the blank with ONE of these topics – Villains, Contemporaries, Dual POV’s, Novellas, Adult titles, New Adult titles, Love Triangles, Couples, Bad Boys or Debuts. REMEMBER – this list MUST be from books you’ve READ in 2016) - I will be choosing Best Adult Titles of 2016
Thursday, December 29th – Best Book Boyfriends/Girlfriends of 2016 (MUST be from a book released in 2016 and from a book you’ve READ in 2016) - So many awesome book boyfriends I have found this year
Friday, December 30th – Top 10 Books I’m looking forward to in 2017. (This list should be comprised of books released ONLY in 2017) - So many amazing books releasing in 2017
The only rule to follow is to post the topics on the dates provided. To sign up and for further details, head here

Who else is signing up?

Book Haul- The One With The Signed Edition!

As I am getting into the swing of blogging again I thought an easy post to do would be a book haul! Who doesn't love a book haul? I have to admit lately I have been buying a lot of E book's and they are breaking my bank account as it is so easy to just keep clicking. Now in the last month I haven't brought too many books {well less than I usually do} as Christmas is around the corner and I still haven't made that big a start on Christmas shopping which is a problem! Onto the books I did get this month:

Click Pic for

This is the third book in the Girl Online series by Zoe Sugg. I was so happy to snag a signed copy as Zoe is one of my favorite Youtuber's and I do like her Girl Online Series, even though I have to admit I have only read the first book, but I plan to read them in the New Year now I have books two and three.

If you are interested in seeing the signed copy head over to my Instagram here

Click Pic for

I have been waiting for Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare to release in  hardback/paperback for so long. I didn't read the stories as they where released in E book as I wasn't in the mood for urban fantasy. But I am now really excited to read this as I still haven't read Lady Midnight {I know, what have I been doing with my life} as I wanted to read Simon's Stories first. Simon is one if my favorite characters from Shadow hunters so I am excited to see what adventures he has. 

Who is your favorite character from the Shadowhunter Universe?

Click Pic for Amazon.Uk

JR Ward is my newest discovery and love. I haven't read an adult urban fantasy vampire book in a long time and I came across Dark Lover when it was offer for 99p on Kindle. I read it, I devoured it, I loved it and I went on to buy 5 more books in the series. My bank account was screaming at me, as the next books where over £5.00 each. But they are so good. I will probably buy more this month! 

It was a small haul this month, but as Christmas is around the corner I am looking forward to getting my hands on some books I have had my eye on for a while!

What was one of your favorite books you got this month?

Winter is coming... I mean a change is coming!!

A change is coming, writing this makes me want to say Winter Is Coming ;) We have just over a month until a new year and that's the time where resolutions are made and {often broken}. Where a lot of people try to commit to change. And this is what I want to do with my blog. If you haven't already noticed my blog design has changed and I love it!!! So that is a start to the change.

If you look at posts on my blog from the last year they have been sporadic to say the least. I would get little spouts of "yea, I want to blog," but it never lasted long. And the posts I did do I just didn't think my heart was in them. I just.. lost the fun with blogging. It has started to feel more like a job over the last year and that's not why I started blogging back in 2011. When I started feeling like this I knew I had to take a step back and just read for the fun of it and not worry about putting reviews and blog posts up.

One of the outcomes of not blogging is that my taste in books has started to change over the last year. And I think this is because, because I haven't been posting I didn't feel like I had to stick to just reading YA which I have been for years. I have finally discovered after so many years of loving books to give different genres a chance and pick up a book {or genre} I would have never picked up before. {More on a post coming this month on my new discovery of various genres}

This leads me on to one of my new favourite genre's and that is erotica romance. A few months back I put a post up talking about how I felt uncomfortable to post reviews of erotica romance books I had read because I had labelled myself a YA blog. And I felt any time anyone talks about a "a 50 shades type of book" they where bashed. Yes I know if you post online you are basically open to people saying whatever they want but I just couldn't be bothered with it. 

The conclusion I have come to is I am a 28 year old woman, I can read what I want, I should be able to have my opinion on WHATEVER book I want. My blog is called Reading Away The Days because I like to read my days away, does it really matter what book genre it is.

I know one of the major reasons for me not posting about my love of adult books, erotica in nature or shock horror books with sex in them is on me, it's my own confidence to put myself out there and possibly be critiqued and criticized but hasn't that what I have been doing posting reviews for 5 years.

So what does all my ranting and rambling mean. I want to feel comfortable talking about books I am reading and loving not caring about the genre. I also want to put up posts on another of my new loves, baking. I have a lot of fun discussion posts and my thoughts on different aspects on reading that I want to share. I also want to write about places I love where I live, quirky book shops and yummy bakeries. 

Don't get me wrong the change to the blog isn't going to be shoved in your face and probably won't feel as different as I am dramatically making it seem. I still do love YA and always will and of course I will still be reading it. But 80% {not scientific} of the books I have read this year are adult books and I just want a chance to talk about books I have been enjoying, new authors I have discovered that aren't in the YA genre. 

I hope you will come along on this journey with me. 

My Top Ten (eight) Favourite Songs

Top Ten Tuesday is an original/weekly meme hosted by The broke and the bookish.

Topic: All About Audio freebie

As I don't listen to audio books I can't recommended any. Therefore I am going to tell you my top eight favourite songs. I have many favourites but this is just a handful of them.

Aerosmith- I don't want to miss a thing

I love movie soundtracks. Sometimes I love the soundtrack more than the movie and Aerosmith's song from Armageddon is my favourite movie song of all time. Love it!

Pink & Nate Ruess- Just give me a reason

I love, love, love this song. Its one I sing badly and get lost in it. Its so good.

Katy Perry- Firework

I love all of Katy Perry's songs but her older stuff is my favourite, especially Firework.

Panic At The Disco- This is Gospel

I only started listening to Panic At The Disco over a year ago and now I love them. My favourite song is This is Gospel.

Fall Out Boy- Young Volcanoes

I love Fall Out Boy. There Save Rock and Roll album is my favourite album of all time. I love all the songs but Young Volcanoes is one of my favourite on the album.

30 Seconds to Mars- Queens and Kings

I love 30 seconds to Mars music. My favourite song is Queens and Kings!!

Ellie Goulding- Love Me Like You Do

Ellie Goulding is just such an amazing singer. One of my favourite songs from her is Love Me Like You Do from 50 Shades Of Grey.

Labrinth FT Tinie Tempah- Earthquake 

Love it!

What is your current favourite song?

My Most Anticipated Fall Releases

It's the time of year I love, I love seeing all the leaves fall of the trees. I love sitting in with a good book, with candles lit and a nice cup of tea. I love the cosiness of fall and of course I love all the new releases! Here are my most anticipated fall releases.

Releases: October 4th / Goodreads

Related Posts: All The Bright Places Review

I fell in love with Jennifer's 2015 release All The Bright Places so much. Its one of my favourite books of all time. So I am highly anticipating Jennifer's next book and I was so lucky to get an early copy which I have read and adored. A review is coming soon.

Releases: November 3rd / Goodreads

I read Nicola's debut novel last year and really enjoyed it. At first I wasn't sure how much I did love it. I read it in e arc format to start with and I think my copy was corrupted as everything seem jumbled and it put me of a lot so when I decided to re read it in paperback I had such a better experience. 

I am now very excited to read Nicola's next book. The story sounds really good, about chance meetings, families and first love.

Releases: October 4th / Goodreads

This story really gives me vibes of Bicentennial Man, the movie starring Robin Williams which I love. Read the blurb, if you saw that movie you will definitely get the same vibes.

Releases: September 13th / Goodreads

This book actually released yesterday but its one I still wanted to feature. This is YA contemporary from the author of Gossip Girl. The goodreads description describes it as "a dark, psychologically complex update of Black Beauty replete with jealousy, romance, mystery, and redemption."

Releases: October 6th / Goodreads

I have only read one other Lauren Oliver book and I DNF it. But I am really intrigued by this one. I don't really know what the story is about but I am interested in the way it is written. Its two stories in one that you can read various ways. One way is reading a chapter of Lyra's story then turning it over to read a chapter of Gemma's story and go back and forth till they meet in the middle. I am definitely excited. 

Releases: October 4th / Goodreads

The blurb interests me with this one. In this world you can erase your memories and it follows a girls journey to find out why she has a boy erased from her memory. It just sounds very mysterious and it really has me intrigued. 

Releases: November 8th / Goodreads

Goodreads says it all "From New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Young comes a heartrending new novel about a girl struggling to deal with anger issues while taking care of her younger brother with special needs."

Releases: November 8th / Goodreads

Its set in New Orleans my favourite place in the world, its dark, mysterious and has a secret society. What is there not to like. 

What are some of the fall releases you are excited for?