Friday, 24 April 2015

#UKYA Spotlight The Grindle Witch by Benjamin J Myers & #Giveaway

My blog is mainly a YA blog. I predominantly read YA but what I have come to realise is I don't read a lot of UK YA authors and I feel bad about it. I am from the UK and I think I should be supporting authors from my country. So over the next few months I will be highlighting a UK YA author every Friday. 

I am going to put a twist on my UKYA feature as I am also going to highlight Irish YA authors. I live in Northern Ireland, part of the UK but I live on the Island of Ireland so I thought I would extend the spotlight to Ireland as well.

Last weeks author was Catherine Doyle author of Vendetta, you can still enter to win a paperback of Vendetta here (OPEN WORLD WIDE)

This weeks author is Benjamin J Myers author of the recently released Grindle Witch. I think it sounds creepily good. It is my next book on my TRL.

When Jack Jolly moves from the city to the tiny Northern village of Grindle, he thinks his life's just become a lot more boring. But then he finds himself plunged into the middle of a terrifying mystery, and confronting an ancient evil - the Grindle Witch.

But when Jack and his new friends, Paddy and Leila, take drastic measures to stop the Grindle Witch, they realise that they may have unleashed more than they bargained for.

A creepy supernatural tale that will have readers on the edge of their seats.

Thanks to Orion Publishing you can win a copy of The Grindle Witch. Giveaway is sponsored by Orion and is open to UK & Ireland residents.

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Thursday, 23 April 2015

#Review The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Book: The 5th Wave
Author: Rick Yancey
Series: The 5th Wave (#1)
Pages: 455
Publisher: Penguin
Received paperback for review a long time ago :(


I am doing this review a little definitely. I am going to do my thoughts/feelings while reading it. This book is told in various points of views, it is easy to navigate though as the book is divided into sections when a point of view changes

This is my thoughts while reading The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

"Holy shit. These Aliens are smart. The first wave, what? The second wave, I want to live in the desert. The third wave, I would be dead by now :( The fourth wave, holy crap on steroids, what the hell is the fifth wave going to be. Shit is getting serious. Cassie what the hell is going on."

"Wonderland?? Alien tech, I'm getting worried. Zombie!! Your him. What?"

"Wow what is happening? The Silencer! CASSIE!!

"OMG, Evan. I need an Evan. "You saved me." Evan can save me any day. :)

"No Sammy, he's a baby."

"Zombie is kick ass. He is transforming before my eyes."

"Shit got real. I don't know who or what to believe."

"OMG! Holy crap!! These Aliens or sick and crazy but smart. This is the weirdest invasion ever."

"I knew it! But I don't care. OMG my heart can't take this."

"Shit is hitting the fan big style."

"Oh my heart. Cassie :("

"OMG please don't kill each other you idiots."

"Oh no, this last chapter. No, no , no, OMG I now know why this book is being made into a movie."

This book has action, crazy shit, Aliens, the cutest romance, characters you will love, characters you will hate, characters you will be so confused about.  You will feel the emotions and go on the journey with Cassie and CO. I highly recommend this to everyone!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

#Review Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series #1) by Laurell K Hamilton

Book: Guilty Pleasures
Author: Laurell K Hamilton
Series: Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series (1)
Genre: Adult Horror/mystery/paranormal
Pages: 352
Publisher: Headline
Goodreads * Book Depository Affiliate link
Rating: ✪✪✪ .5 

Note: The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series is a long ass series. As in the first book above was published in 1993 and I think the series is on Book 22/23. As you can image there are many editions of this book but I am going to continue to buy the edition's above from headline. The covers are so pretty.


I was really looking forward to this book as I was told if you love the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris, which I do , you will love this series and I have to say I really did enjoy it but there was just something holding me off loving it. I also struggled with a rating but the last couple of chapters boosted my rating to 3.5 stars instead of 3 stars.

As I mentioned above this is the first book in a current 22 book series. This first book Guilty pleasures was published in 1993. It's a kick ass vampire book. I kept thinking this book is 21 years old how I am going to connect with it as books I usually read are only a few years old and have "modern" things in them like the internet, high Tec stuff and in Guilty Pleasures Anita has just got her first answering machine. However when reading this book I didn't feel like it was an "old" book which I was grateful for.

Guilty Pleasures is a great example of portraying a kick ass heroine. Anita Blake can take care of herself, she is super kick ass, she needs no rescuing from a knight in shining armour however I am a sucker for Knights In shining armour and romance in books. Now this book didn't have romance per say,  it is a total world building book f
or the rest of the series, learning about how these vampires work, there mythology, what other creatures exist and the main players in this world. But I can see a definite set up for romance in the next set of books which I am looking forward to.

Guilty pleasures is a mystery/horror. The mystery was good and it didn't slow down it kept going and flowed really well which I liked. This is definitely a lot more gory/a horror read than the Sookie Stackhouse books. I can understand the comparisons this gets but these vampires seem more evil if you can say that and don't have a bit of "humanity" (a lot of the vampires not all of them) and even though I love Sookie she's know heroine like Anita. (Note: I know I am going to struggle reading this series because I will keep comparing it to the Sookie Stackhouse books *bad bookworm*)

This was a good start to a series that I know I will continue with, I have ordered the next few books already. If you are looking for another vampire series, with mystery and Gore and a kiss ass heroine pick up the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series!

Waiting On Wednesday #33

"Waiting On" Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Breaking The Spine that spotlights upcoming releases that we're excitably anticipating.

Some kind of normal by Juliana Stone

What is Normal?

For Trevor normal was fast guitar licks, catching game-winning passes and partying all night. Until a car accident leaves Trevor with no band, no teammates and no chance of graduating. It's kinda hard to ace your finals when you've been in a coma. The last thing he needs is stuck-up Everly Jenkins as his new tutor - those beautiful blue eyes catching every last flaw.

For Everly normal was a perfect family around the dinner table, playing piano at Sunday service and sunning by the pool. Until she discovers her whole life is a lie. Now the perfect pastor's daughter is hiding a life-changing secret, one that is slowly tearing her family apart. And spending the summer with notorious flirt Trevor Lewis means her darkest secret could be exposed.

This achingly beautiful story about two damaged teens struggling through pain and loss to redefine who they are--to their family, to themselves, and to each other--is sure to melt your heart.

Blurb taken from fantastic 

Expected Publication: May 2015 VIA Sourcebook fire

My thoughts

I think this sounds like a really good read,  a beautiful story. 

What are you waiting for?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Top Ten Favourite Authors of ALL time

Top Ten Tuesday is an original/weekly meme hosted by The broke and the bookish.
This weeks Topic: Top Ten Favourite Authors of ALL time 

So a lot of people will find this hard to narrow it down to just 10 Authors. I had the opposite of trying to come up with 10. The reason being I don't have a lot of favourite authors. I am the type of person who just has a lot of favourite books from various authors and only a few authors who I would call my absolute favourite.

The first two are my favourite authors kinda of all time and space and universe, who wrote two of my favourite book series of all time.

1) Charlaine Harris

Ms Harris has been my favourite author for the last 4 or 5 years. I absolutely love her writing and aim to read everything she wrote/writes. She wrote one of my favourite book series of all time, the Sookie Stackhouse books and I am so grateful to her for having introduced Sookie and Co to my life. I highly recommend you check out the first book in the series Dead Until Dark if you haven't already. For you who don't know (where have you been *stares*) this is an adult PNR with vampires, Eric,werewolves, Eric, fairies, ERIC *signs* Note: the book  series is way better than the TV show, I don't like the TV show.

2) Deborah Harkness

Now Ms Harris has been my favourite author for years but Deborah Harkness is taking over that position. I didn't think a book series could ever take over my love for the number one spot of Sookie Stackhouse, but this woman has done it in writing, the All Souls Trilogy!!! This is the most amazing series EVER. It's an adult PNR (historical), ( you can see a theme of books I love PNR anyone) I can't get enough of this authors writing. I need more!. It's not just that it's a PNR and has amazing characters but because MS Harkness's writing is phenomenal. I could read this series over and over!! I highly, highly recommend you check out this series starting with, The Discovery of Witches above. Check Out My Discussion on the All Souls Trilogy

3) J.K Rowling

I think you have to have J.K Rowling in your list of all time favourite authors. If your asking what books she wrote, *go bang your head against a wall* Harry Potter defined a book generation. It's just a literary piece of art. I would love J.K Rowling to write more YA, please do Ms Rowling!

4) L.A Weatherly

L.A Weatherly writes another of my favourite series, the Angel series. This is an author's work I will continue to check out. 

5) Kelly Hashway

Ms Hashway writes great books and I have come to love her as person. She is great at interacting with us who love her books and I really appreciate that. Check out my Touch Of Death Series talk

6) Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer is an author, like J.K Rowling that kinda needed to be on the list. Stephanie's books aren't literary masterpieces like J.K.Rowling's books but I fricking love her stories. I really would love more books from Stephanie.

7) Cassandra Clare

This is author I recently fell in love with. I loved the Mortal Instruments series, however not the Infernal devices but I am excited for more books from this author. Check out my post on my journey with the Mortal Instruments series

8) Ednah Walters

I discovered this author when I first started blogging and I fell in love with her Guardian Legacy series, I haven't checked out any more of her work but Ms Walters is definitely in my list of authors I really rate.

9) Stephanie Perkins

I fell in love with this author last year. I read the Anna and the French Kiss Trilogy and I loved it. I am super excited for more books from this author.

10) Cecilia Ahern

This is an Irish author who I love. I loved P.S. I love you and especially Where Rainbows end. This author is a fantastic adult contemporary writer. I just love her work.

Who are your favourite authors?

Monday, 20 April 2015

The Consequences of Loving Colton Release Week Promo & #Giveaway

RELEASE DATE: APRIL 21, 2015 (tomorrow) 

      It’s all fun and games…until someone’s heart is broken.

They’re not kids anymore, but Milo Caro is certain that

Colton Mathews will only see her as his best friend’s little sister for the
rest of their lives. After all, he made that clear the night before she left
for college. But four years later, her brother is getting married and Colt’s
the best man—and guess who is the best man’s last-minute date?

Milo vows to use the wedding to either claim the smoldering
firefighter’s heart or douse this torch for good. When Max—her best friend from
college, who may be carrying a torch of his own—crashes the party, they devise
a plan to make Colt see what he’s missing. But after Colt catches on, he
decides to cook up his own revenge.

Now it’s personal. Colt and Milo are at war, and between
Max’s questionable acting methods, an unfortunate trip to jail, and a maniacal
fiancée, what could possibly go right?

“Aw, sweetie.” Max laughed and pulled me in for a hug. I winced

as my pounding head made contact with his chest. “Believe me, if we would have slept together, you would remember, even drunk, you would remember.” “Someone’s cocky.” "Confident.” He released me. “So are we upset or are we okay?” “We?” “Partners.” He winked. “For life. You and me, we’re a we.” He lifted the coffee to his lips. “Hey, that rhymed, how badass am I, after getting drunk last night?” He nodded his head. “Sharp as a tack.” The coffee slid out of the cup and onto his hand. Lots of cursing followed. Then flailing. “Yeah.” I took the coffee away. “Sharp as something. “So.” Max reached behind him and pulled out my diary. “Curious minds want to know, when you drew that picture of the house you and Colton were going to live in once you got married in front of the queen of England, did you purposefully draw the dog without a tail or were you just confused?” “Give me that!” I lunged for the pink diary. “How the hell did you find it?”

Max held it above his head and took a sip of coffee. “People always hide interesting stuff under their mattresses, though I had you pinned for more of a signeN Sync poster, considering all the stupid hearts around JC Chasez’s face on the torn-up poster in your closet.” The freak had gone in my closet too? “This is just as good. Though I have to admit, I’m a bit disappointed that you chose Prince Harry to walk you down the aisle. Do I mean nothing to you?” “I had a thing for royalty!” I shouted, my headache making a fierce pounding in my temples.“Mmm.” Max set his coffee down but kept the diary above his head. “One last question.”
“If I answer, will you give it back so I can burn it?”“I’ll give it back.” He held up his hand. “But burning this would be a crime. It’s like reality TV only worse, I seriously cried real tearsand it wasn’t because the story was sad. Oh, and P.S. It took you five years to spell nightmare right, just thought I’d let you know.”

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she's not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her Husband and their snoring Boxer, Sir Winston Churchill. She loves to hear from readers! You can follow her writing journey at


Wedding Haters by Melissa Baldwin Book Blast #Giveaway

wedding haters


The exquisite dress, the dazzling menu, the family drama . . . It’s the day every girl dreams of, and Madison Wales is no exception. Her wedding plans seem to be going perfectly thanks to her very talented wedding planner, Sienna Harris. That is, until her grandmother and her two overachieving, bullying cousins suddenly want to become very involved in her big day. But . . . why? Madison’s perfect wedding dreams are dashed as things slowly start to unravel. With family drama in her midst, she wonders if her cousins are behind each disaster or if she has truly become a paranoid bridezilla. Will Madison be able to withstand all of the pressure and finally stand up for herself? The idea of eloping with her fiancĂ©, Cole, is looking better everyday, even if it means leaving her dream wedding behind. Will she make the right choice?

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“There you are. Why did you run off so abruptly?” She sounds very concerned. I contemplate explaining everything to her, but I’m not sure I want to share the skeletons in my closet just yet.
“I’m sorry. I’m just a little nervous about seeing my cousins. I haven’t seen them in a while,” I explain.
“Don’t you worry! When it comes to family, it doesn’t matter how much time goes by,” she says as she pats my arm.
This woman has no clue what is about to take place. My grandmother alone is a piece of work; thankfully, they have met and really got along well. I’m secretly hoping that the Ellie I spoke with on the phone is the Ellie that shows up tonight. Susan and Cole leave as I take a few more minutes to myself. As I stand, there in Susan’s perfect guest bathroom it occurs to me that maybe I’m completely over-reacting. Ellie and I did have a good conversation, and ultimately they have gotten their way by being asked to be in the wedding. That should be enough for them to be on their best behavior and not make themselves look bad in front of my new family.
Just then, I hear the doorbell ring and hear several female voices. Cole knocks on the door.
“All hell is about to break loose, are you ready?” he says, raising his eyebrows. He grabs my hand.
“I’m ready, but the question is, are you?” I lean up on my tippy toes to give him another kiss, and we head to the living room as if we are walking into a lion’s den.


Author Bio

Melissa graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications; she has always had a love for writing. An avid journal keeper, she fulfilled her dream with her debut novel, An Event To Remember . . . Or Forget.
Melissa resides in Orlando, Florida, with her husband and young daughter. She is a master at organization and multi-tasking. Her daily jobs include mother, chauffeur, wife, PTA President, Fitness Trainer, and now Author.
When she has free time, she enjoys traveling, fitness, decorating, fashion, and taking a Disney Cruise every now and then.


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