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Interview with author Jennifer M.Eaton
Tell us about Fire in the woods.
I’d love to! FIRE IN THE WOODS is a high-paced, action-adventure, chase, science fiction, young adult romance. How’s that for a mix of genres? 
FIRE IN THE WOODS is about a seventeen-year-old girl who goes for a walk in the woods and has her life changed forever when she decides to help an injured boy she finds curled up beneath a tree.
While the story will be labeled science fiction because there are aliens in the plotline, I was really striving to write a story that transcends genre. It is undoubtedly a romance, but it is also about two people running for their lives. It is an action adventure, but it is also about people overcoming their differences. The story is high-paced, but the characters come up for air so the reader is not always on the edge of their seat. I think there is something in this story that will appeal to everyone
Describe the following characters in 140 characters or less:Jess/ David
Jess is dying to get off the Army base she lives on, but meeting an alien and running for her life from the Army isn’t what she had in mind
David is lost on a hostile planet. Alone and afraid, he places his trust in a teenage girl who will either save him or lead him to his death
Why should we pick up Fire in the woods?
I think FIRE IN THE WOODS has a very broad appeal. It is not your average action adventure, because neither one of the main characters has a military background, or any special training to get them through this adventure. They need to rely on each other. Alone, they would fail.
I also think FIRE IN THE WODS is different because David completely breaks the mold of the alpha-male norm out there in most novels these days. He is sweet, endearing, and completely helpless at times. I think that is what makes him special. He is real. I think he is someone teenagers will be able to relate to.
Title: Fire in the Woods
Publication date: September 2014
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.
Author: Jennifer M. Eaton
When a plane crashes in the woods near Jess’s home, the boy of her dreams falls out of the sky—literally. But David’s not here to find a girlfriend. He’s from another planet, and if Jess can’t help him get back to his ship, he’ll be stuck on Earth with nothing to look forward to but the pointy end of a dissection scalpel.
But her father runs their house like an army barracks, and with an alien on the loose, Major Dad isn’t too keen on the idea of Jess going anywhere. Ever. So how the heck is she supposed to help the sweetest, strangest, and cutest guy she’s ever met?
Hiding him in her room probably isn’t the best idea. Especially since her Dad is in charge of the squadron searching for David. That doesn’t mean she won’t do it. It just means she can’t get caught.
Helping David get home while protecting her heart—that’s gonna be the hard part. After all, she can’t really fall for a guy who’s not exactly from here.
As they race through the woods with Major Dad and most of the U.S. military one breath behind them, Jess and David grow closer than either of them anticipated. But all is not what it seems. David has a genocide-sized secret, and one betrayal later, they are both in handcuffs as alien warships are positioning themselves around the globe. Time is ticking down to Armageddon, and Jess must think fast if she’s to save the boy she cares about without sacrificing Earth—and everyone on it.
Author: Jennifer M.Eaton
Corporate Team Leader by day, and Ranting Writer by night. Jennifer M. Eaton calls the East Coast of the USA home, where she lives with her husband, three energetic boys, and a pepped up poodle.
Jennifer hosts an informational blog “A Reference of Writing Rants for Writers (or Learn from My Mistakes)” aimed at helping all writers be the best they can be.
Beyond writing and motivating others, she also enjoys teaching her dog to jump through hoops—literally.
Jennifer’s perfect day includes long hikes in the woods, bicycling, swimming, snorkeling, and snuggling up by the fire with a great book; but her greatest joy is using her over-active imagination constructively… creating new worlds for everyone to enjoy.

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