Q & A with Esty Store creator Made By Birdies & discount treat!

Today I have a special treat for you all. An interview with Sarah Jane creator of Made by Birdies, an online store specialising in hand made book and TV fandom jewellery. Check out the interview and a special discount code treat below, so you can buy all the awesome pieces. 

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! My name is Sarah-Jane, I run Made by Birdie’s and I also have a YouTube channel called The Book Life, where I talk about all things bookish! I have a slight obsession with Urban Fantasy books, and I’m also a little bit obsessed with a certain television show called Supernatural. Basically, I love fandom.

Tell us a little about your store Made By Birdies.

My store is called Made by Birdie’s, and I think it was my Mum who actually came up with the name. My last name is Bird and I’ve always kind of hated it, but this way it became something I loved. I specialise in creating fandom and bookish inspired pieces of jewellery. Sometimes it’s quotes, sometimes it’s created with charms, it all depends. While I love creating items for the popular fandoms, I also enjoy making jewellery based on slightly lesser known books too.

Have you always been into creating pieces of jewellery?  What has been your favourite piece to make?

When I was little, I made myself a Little Mermaid necklace from an old ribbon and a conch shell, so I’ve always wanted to show off the things I love through my own personal style. But a few years ago I developed ME/Fibromyalgia, and I found making jewellery helped pass the time, and it helped me cope with how much my life changed. I don’t make often, it looks a lot when you see the shop but it’s the end result of lots of five minutes here and there when I feel well enough. My favourite pieces at the moment are anything Grisha related, I love those so much, and also my steampunk By The Angel necklaces, they took a long time but I’m very proud of them.

Is there any other bookish worlds you would like to create pieces for?

I’d really like to create some more pieces inspired by The Winners trilogy by Marie Rutkoski, I absolutely adore the world and I’d love to create something really special, inspired by those books.

I love all your pieces and you love all your pieces. But if you had to choice a favourite set of ear rings, necklace and bracelet's out of all your pieces which would they be?

Oooh, my favourite earrings are definitely the Angelic Rune ones, I love those so much. My favourite bracelet would have to be a Supernatural themed one, and as far as necklaces go, that’s really difficult because I have so many to choose from. But, I’m going to go with the “make me your villain” Grisha inspired necklace. Because I do love villians!

Thanks so much to Sarah Jane for taking the time to do the interview. Now for the even more awesome bit you can get 10% of your order by putting in the exclusive promo code READINGAWAY this is open to INTERNATIONAL shipping and is valid till March 31st 2016.

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  1. I love this little etsy store and am so taking full advantage of the discount treat! Just need to decide what to purchase now... hmmm....

  2. Just had a look just now, she has some gorgeous pieces! Thanks for sharing!