February Wrap Up 2017

Another month gone! I can't believe we are already in March. As always the year is flying in. This month was an OK reading month. Compared to my January Wrap up where I read 11 books this month I only read 4 books, well nearly five I have about 10% of a book to go that I could have read in February but I kinda gave up. But I will finish it in few days. 

I had a bit of a slump this month for a few reasons, firstly a book put me in a slump because I loved it so much and it was the first in a trilogy and I needed the next one and nothing else would do. Secondly I felt like I have been reading too many New Adult and Adult contemporary romance books over the last while and they where all starting to merge. And thirdly I kinda got the writing bug and reading got behind. After all that this get to the books I read in February!

Hope (less) - Judgment of six #1 by Melissa Haag (3.5*) - I needed  little bit of a PNR in my life after so many contemporary romances and I found it in Hope (less).

*The Iron King (The Iron Fey #1) by Julie Kawaga (3.5*) - I have had this on my book shelf for years and just got the urge to pick it up and I really surprised myself with enjoying it as fantasy is a genre I struggle with, especially ones with Fey.

All reviews for the books above will be up on my blog this month.

I still haven't found my 5 star book this year but hopefully this month will be the month. 

I also had a good blogging month again not as good as January but a good one none the less. Here is the posts encase you missed them:

How was your month?


  1. Hey, getting distracted by writing instead of reading isn't so bad! I keep saying I'm going to work on my own writing, but life, reading, blogging, etc. tends to get in the way.


  2. it was actually the opposite for me. February was much better than January :) Wow you were a busy blogger in February! look at all those promotions, reviews and giveaways. Good for you Megan :)