Sunday Post #46- Excited for Autumn!

The Sunday post was created by Caffeinated Book Reviewer this is a post where we recap on the going on's on the blog the week previous and the week coming up as well as the awesome books we have received, bought or been gifted for review!

I am so excited it is September, that means Autumn. I love Autumn it is my favourite time of the year and I can't wait for the leaves to start changing colour and cold days where I can sit in curled up with tea and a blanket reading. Autumn also means a million book releases. There are so many books coming out this fall, I just posted September Releases I Am Excited for which you can see below and there is a ton still to come over the coming months.

So here is what has been happening on my blog the last few weeks:

Things I have been loving

I have been loving watching Midnight Texas based on Charlaine Harris, book series. I started the first book in the series and didn't finish it, I just didn't get a feel for it but I am loving the TV Show. So I am just going to leave the books and watch the TV Show.

I have also been really loving Taylor Swifts new song, it is amazing and the video, is absolutely incredible. 

I have also been loving Instagram again. I have been taking plenty of bookstagram photos and I can't wait to take part in some challenges this month. Check out my Instagram account here

What have you been to this week?


  1. I got insanely excited at your post title, lol. I LOVE autumn. I'm so excited it's now September. This week I've been binge reading the last three books of the Kate Daniels series and trying to convince my son the world isn't ending because school starts back on Monday!

  2. I think October, November, and December are my FAVORITE months of the year. Autumn is great. I also ADORE winter too (and I am totally in the minority there...). I enjoyed Taylors new song too but I had to go look up all the references because I can't keep track of who she has beef with anymore.

  3. I loved the post showing your bookshelves. I think it's time I did the same, as it might help me decide if I need to purge again.

    I, too, put little trinkets in with my books, and also photos.

    Enjoy your week, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. I love this time of year with all the leaves changing and falling. It's so pretty. I am enjoying the show Midnight Texas too. :)

    Jenea's Book Obsession's Sunday Post

  5. I also love autumn :) it's mostly the colors...whenever it stops raining, lol. Have a great week!

  6. Yeah!! September means that more book titles will be released! I can't wait!

    Here’s my Sunday Post!

    Ronyell @ Rabbit Ears Book Blog and join in this week’s Book Photo Sundays!

  7. I can practically smell autumn coming LOL. I CAN'T WAIT!

    Wow! You sure do have great looking bookshelves! #bookshelvegoals XD

    Hope you have a great week! ~Aleen

  8. I love fall and an totally ready for it! I mean I'll miss summer, just not that much lol. And I've heard a lot about that new show. I should check it out...

  9. Glad to hear you love Instagram again. It took me some time to really enjoy it. I do now. Have a wonderful week and happy reading, my friend. I need to check out your posts since I missed a lot last week. ❤️:)