#Review Boston Underground Series by A.Zavarelli

Today I have a series review of the Underground Series by A.Zavarelli. A dark contemporary romance. Check out my review below and let me know your thoughts.


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In the summer I binge read the first four books in the Boston Underground Series by A. Zaverlli back to back after seeing it over in Geybie's Book Blog. They are just so addictive! They are the type of books that aren't perfect but you just can't stop reading them.

The Boston Underground Series is a dark contemporary romance set in the world of the mafia. They are dark, violent, have a ton of sex and are just so ADDICTIVE. The character's are morally grey, the men are alphas and dominating and I just had a good time reading them. 

Each book can be read as standalone as it follows a different couple but personally I like reading series in order even if you don't have to. Now the books aren't perfect, the plot was OK, I liked some characters and disliked others and sometimes I was reading and thinking WTF but guys they where so worth it for a fun time.

Overall I would give the series overall a 3.75 rating! Check them out of you just want a series to binge and don't mind everything mentioned in the review!

Note: The series isn't finished yet.

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