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Top 10 of 2017 is hosted by Rachel of Fiktshun

Day two of Top Ten is best book covers of 2017. A rule is it must have been released in 2017 and would be best if you had read it, but it's not required. 

I could pick so many beautiful book covers that I haven't read but I'm going to stick to the rules and give you 10 of the best book covers of books I have read in 2017!

This year I read the first three books in KA Linde's adult contemporary romance series and I really enjoyed it. I also really like these covers but in particular The Wright Brother cover as I love the pink in the title. I have to say all of them look so good together.

I love all of Jodi's books and I have read everyone. I love the cover of The Forbidden, I love the simplicity of it.

Another adult contemporary romance book cover. I really like this cover. I usually don't like covers with people on them but I like this one because you don't see there full faces and it just really appeals to me for some reason.

This is by far one of my favourite covers its just so beautiful. I love how the man is merges with the forest. Its just such a beautiful cover and the story is really good as well.

This is another beautiful cover. I love the blue and again I really like the people on the cover even though I usually don't. 

This whole series has beautiful covers but this is my favourite out of them. They are just so striking and I loved this story.

Both the covers above really caught my eye. I think its because of the simplicity and the striking colour.

I just love this cover it represents the book so well. And the inside is amazing.

Finally Mind The Gap is a cover that again simple but really represents the story. 

What are some of your favourite covers? Leave me a comment below. Also if you haven't saw my top ten best books of 2017 check it out here


  1. The Forbidden's cover is stunning! I also love the cover of Drift.

  2. That series by K.A. Linda looks amazing together!

  3. I like the cover of The Forbidden! I got an ARC of the book but I've not read it yet. Jodi Ellen Malpas's books are pretty awesome. :D Great choices!

    Happy holidays. =)

    Check out my Top Ten post!

  4. The Wright Brothers are definitely nice to look at. Mind the Gap is really awesome! I have not heard of that one, but the cover is great.

  5. I loved All or Nothing at All. The Wright Brothers are great covers and on my TBR.

  6. Love your pics of the two yellow (and blue) covers with the colored pencils. So pretty!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction