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I wanted to make this quick post to tell you guys all about an awesome even coming up in April. From April 13th-17th 2011 there will be a Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference. Yes, you don't have to leave your house or even your bedroom to attend. The whole Conference is ONLINE! Now as you all know am new to blogging (nearly a month *claps hands*) and I have never heard of this Conference before, then I started to see posts on some awesome blogs about attending this conference and I was intrigued to see what it's all about, so I did. And I have to say it sounds awesome and I encourage people to attend if they can because all the panels sound awesome and really helpful to bloggers new and old. (Sadly I can't attend lack of funds)

So your properly wondering what is she blabbing on about. Well here is the low down on what it's all about. Basically it's a ONLINE gathering of bloggers and publishers that all come together to listen to awesome panels on all things blogging and it's also a good way to network. Some of the panels that sound awesome that are in the works are:

What Publishers Look For in a Blog - find out what publishers want to see in a review site.
Promoting Your Site - Discussion on both passive and active marketing ideas.
Attending Live Events as a Blogger - Hear from bloggers who have attended Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention, Authors After Dark, and the Book Expo of America.

And loads more to boot! This is a great conference to attend as it seems to be a really informative and helpful conference for bloggers to develop and make their blog great and keep it safe with all the legal issues. The conference isn't free but if you have the money it looks like a great event to go to.

Are you attending?

For more info:

Megan :)

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  1. Thank you for the great post!
    Sorry you will not be joining us this year, but I really appreciate the post.
    Have a great weekend everyone!
    Terry Kate
    BBPOC Organizer