I Am Number 4 Movie Review!

John is an extraordinary teen, masking his true identity and passing as a typical high school student to elude a deadly enemy seeking to destroy him. Three like him have already been killed ... he is Number Four.

Hey! So last night I went and saw the movie I am number 4 based on the book by Pittcaus Lore. I was really excited too see the movie as in January I read the book and really enjoyed it. There were some aspects of the movie I really enjoyed and some I didn't.  I have to admit I was a little disappointed with the movie.

At first I wasn't sure if the casting of Alex Pettyfer to play John Smith because in the book John was fifthteen. However as with movies, aspects of characters change and John was now a senior in high school so he would have been seventeen or eighteen which made more sense to the casting of Alex. I have to admit I really think Alex did a great job of bringing John to life. I loved how they showed how John felt like he didn't have a place to call home and that, that is what he wanted most. The romance between Alex's character John and Dianna Agron's character Sarah wasn't as intense as it felt in the book. I think Dianna was a really good choose for Sarah I just wished we could have seen more of the romantic love story develop between the two characters.

Callan McAuliffe who played Sam was great as John's "geeky" UFO obessesed friend. Callan is exactly as I pictured Sam and I think Callan did a great job. However Jake Abel who played the football player/bully/x-boyfriend of Dianna's character Sarah was a big disappointment. Don't get me wrong he played a total bully and sorry about the language but a total asshole well but in the book he gets to redeem his character in the end. However in the film it felt he didnt seem to redeem himself apart from five seconds at the end of the movie were he retrieved the Lorion Box for John.

Now the Mogadorian's I did like they are the enemies of the Lorian people, they destroyed their planet and are now trying to do the same on Earth while hunting down the Lorian nine. I have to admit the Mogadorian's weren't how I pictured them but I did like them I thought they were really creepy.

The other two main character's in the movie were Henri plays by Timothy Olyphant who is John's Guardian and Teresa Palmer who plays Number 6. I have to say I loved the character  number 6 she was so badass and even better than I had imagined her to be. I also like Timothy as Henri however I really wish we had seen more of his relationship with John, we saw a little but not as much as I would have liked.

Overall I thought the movie was good it was fast paced and full of action however I still prefer the book. With the movie I don't think we got to see the relationships develop between the characters and we didnt learn alot about the past on Lorien which I really enjoyed learning about in the book.

So have you read the book or saw the movie?? What do you think of I am number 4?

Megan :)


  1. Having not read the book I LOVED the movie. Just the right amount of everything and it made me want to read the book, so that's always a good thing.

  2. The book is even better in my opinion! I did enjoy the movie but to me the this time the book was the best!