I am so excited for these books!

There is loads of AMAZING books to be released this year but I have three in particular that am SO excited for! *jumps up and down*

The first is DEAD RECKONING by CHARLAINE HARRIS! This is the eleventh book in Sookie Stackhouse novels. I have read all ten of the previous Sookie Stackhouse novels and I couldnt put them down.

 Release date: May 3rd 2011

Synopsis from goodreads.com

With her knack for being in trouble's way, Sookie witnesses the firebombing of Merlotte's, the bar where she works. Since Sam Merlotte is now known to be two-natured, suspicion falls immediately on the anti-shifters in the area. But Sookie suspects otherwise and she and Sam work together to uncover the culprit - and the twisted motive for the attack. But her attention is divided. Though she can't 'read' vampires, Sookie knows her lover Eric Northman and his 'child' Pam well - and she realises that they are plotting to kill the vampire who is now their master. Gradually, she is drawn into the plot -which is much more complicated than she knows. Caught up in the politics of the vampire world, Sookie will learn that she is as much of a pawn as any ordinary human - and that there is a new Queen on the board

For more on the Sookie Stackhouse novels check out Charlene's website: http://www.charlaineharris.com/

The second book am excited for is DARK ANGEL by EDEN MAGUIRE. I loved Eden's Beautiful Dead series so much I even stayed up till the early hours reading them because they were just that good. Once I had finished one I couldnt wait for the next one and was sad when the series finished. Now am really excited for her next series of books!

Release date: 4th August 2011

 Synopsis from goodreads.com
Tania's heart belongs to Orlando. Nothing can rip them apart. Until the seduction begins in a flurry of glamour and magic, music and parties all orchestrated by the mysterious and mesmerising Zoran, an iconic rock star who has retired to a remote ranch in the nearby mountains. And there Tania meets the dark side. Can she resist temptation?

The last book am so excited for *drum roll please* is ANGEL FIRE by L.A. WEATHERLY the second book in the Angel Triology. I am in love with this series! Angel book one in the triology was my favourite book of 2010 and am counting down the days till Angel Fire is released. Keep your eye out for my review of Angel (Book 1) by L.A. Weatherly some time next week!

Release date: 1st October 2011

Synopsis from goodreads.com

This is the thrilling second chapter in the electrifying "Angel Trilogy". Angels will never be seen in the same way again. Gorgeous, charismatic Alex has the courage and skill of a trained Angel Killer. Unique, dazzling Willow has the beauty and power that comes with being half-angel. As the power of the malevolent Church of Angels grows, now it's up to Alex and Willow to train a new team of Angel Killers. Willow soon finds her half-angel identity met with hostility by some of the other AKs, while privately, she must wrestle with the knowledge that her father, Raziel, is a depraved, evil angel. However, while life in the AK training camp is tough, at least Alex and Willow are together. But when Alex discovers that the death of his brother and fellow Angel-Killer, Jake, was linked to a secret CIA mission to defeat the angels, he is forced to leave the camp to complete his brother's work without Willow. Alex promised Willow he would never leave her, but with the fate of the human race at stake, destiny has ruled that Alex and Willow must be parted once more.

Question: What books are you looking forward to that are being released this year?

Megan :)

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