Cover reveal of Immortal beloved by Katie John (Knight Trilogy BK 2)

Hey guys check out the cover of Immortal Beloved, book two in the Knight Trilogy series by Katie John!

What do you guys think? I think it is a really nice cover. I love the use of the dark colours. 8/10 for a beautiful cover.

Release date is early Autumn 2011 for e-book and Spring 2012 for paperback
This time the damsel must rescue her knight in distress...
As Mina Singer nurses a broken heart, Morgan Le Fay is gathering ancient and dark forces in the land of the Pharaohs, and they have only one thing in mind ... death.
Facing a seemingly impossible race against the clock, Mina must undertake her own desperate quest to recover the heart of her beloved; but her journey takes her deep into the underworld and neither Blake or Mina come out quite as they went in.
Questions will be asked, judgement will be given and forgiveness in not guaranteed.
The adventure continues...
If you want to check out the first book in the Knight Trilogy series, Forest of Adventures you can check it out here:
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Follow author Katie John on twitter:!/KnightTrilogy
I was really happy to recieve a copy of Knight Trilogy: Forset of Adventures in a giveaway from Katie John. It is added to my to read pile for April so look out for a review next month sometime.
Megan :)


  1. Great cover. I have to say, I much prefer the cover of book 1 but still a nice addition. :) Donna x

  2. This cover is actually fantasticc. I love the cover for Forest but this is so much more, dramatic, if you know what i mean!