Review: Shade by Jeri Smith Ready & Giveaway

Where can I start with how awesome Shade by Jeri Smith Ready is. First off I have to admit Shade has been on my TRL for a while and the main reason I got around to bumping it up the TRL was via contact with the author on twitter. She kindly replied to my tweets and I saw all the love she was getting about her series that I thought why not check it out of the library straight away and start it, and am so glad I did. Once I started reading it I was engrossed by the story.

The story surrounds Aura a girl who can see ghosts. However she is not the only one. On the Winter Solstice over sixteen years ago something happened meaning that anyone born after this can now see ghosts. Anyone born before that time can't see ghosts (even if they could see ghosts before) The ghosts are of people who have died suddenly not of those who knew they where going to die.

Aura is a normal sixteen year old girl (who hates seeing ghosts) with normal teenage issues. Like is she ready to have sex with her "rockstar" boyfriend Logan. Aura decides the time is right and decides that their special night will be the night of Logan's seventeenth birthday. Logan is in a band called the Keeley Brothers with his brother Mickey, sister Siobhan and his friend Bryan. And on the night of Logan's birthday his band plays a gig in front of major record labels. The gig goes well and his band gets an offer. Back at Logan's house everyone is celebrating and Logan gets drunk and when he and Aura got to have sex, lets just say he can't perform. He doesn't want to let Aura down and does something stupid to try and help the situation and dies!

Logan is now a ghost. Aura now thinks maybe its a blessing she can see ghosts as a ghost Logan is better than know Logan at all. Step in handsome Scottish exchange student Zachary. Zachary and Aura have to work on a school project together and from the start you can see that Aura and Zachary has a connection. Thus starts the boy drama. Along with the boy drama Aura is trying to figure out why the Shift happened (when everyone started seeing ghosts) and there is shocking surprises and revelations along the way.

I really enjoyed Shade and loved the concept of Jeri- Smith Ready's ghosts, they weren't your typical scary ghosts. Ghosts can "go bad" though if they Shade like which can get quite scary and deadly for the ghost seeing generation.  The characters were relateable and it wasn't all about the shift and the ghosts even though this is the mean story but there was teenage and moral issues as well. I think Jeri Smith Ready is an amazingly talented author and I can't wait to read more of her books.

Overall Shade was an exciting, amazing and engrossing story.

5/5 Butterflies

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    How appropriate a story of Ghosts in the month for all things scary....This book had me at Scottish exchange student.....LOVE IT!

  2. Really Want to read this now lol :) Amazing Review :) xxx

  3. I really need to read this! Its been on my pile for ages and I've seen so many great reviews

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  12. Wow! What a great giveaway!

    I've just finished devouring the audiobooks for both Shade and Shift - and boy, did I fell in love! Not only the stories are great, the voice actress aces it as well. I mean, I slept barely 4 hours for a couple of days, because I was busy listening to Jeri's tales!

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