Introducing: YA author Cidney Swanson interview & giveaway (YA Feature #6)

Hey Everyone! This week's YA author is Cidney Swanson, author of Rippler, the first book in the Ripple Series. Please everyone welcome Cidney, by showing some comment love and checking out her YA novel Rippler.

Rippler (The Ripple Series, #1)

A short description of Rippler (1st book in the Ripple series):

Samantha Ruiz has a freak gene that turns her invisible. She can’t control it, and it’s getting worse. Afraid of becoming a lab-rat, Sam keeps her ability secret, until fellow runner Will Baker sees her vanish into thin air. Will promises secrecy and help, and Sam begins to fall in love.

Together, the two discover there are worse things than being a scientific curiosity. Someone’s been killing people who possess Sam's gene. A mysterious man from France sends letters that offer hope for safety, but also reveal a sinister connection with Nazi experiments.

The more time Sam spends with Will, the less she can imagine life without him. When Sam uncovers secrets from her past, she must choose between keeping Will in her life or keeping Will safe.

Cidney's inspirations on her journey to be a writer:

I have wanted to be a writer since I could first hold a pencil and spell words out with it. I was think I was about seven at that point. My dad taught literature and my mom made sure we always had library books available, so they definitely influenced me. Louisa May Alcott inspired me when I was very young; I loved reading about her character "Jo March" who wanted to be a writer so desperately. I identified with Jo pretty intensely! Later influences include, Tolkien, Jane Austen, George Eliot, Frank Herbert, oh, I don't know who all...there are so many wonderful books out there, you know? Recently authors who are also moms (mum's right? like Rowling and Meyer) made me realize I had no excuse to wait til my kids were grown. My son has also been a big inspiration, and I dedicated my first book to him.

*The Rippler is the first book in the Ripple series. Where did you get the idea for this series?

I had an image in my mind of a girl, standing by the Merced River, which is this stunning snow-melt river in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Anyway, I saw her looking at the water and feeling so peaceful and suddenly she disappeared from view (although she didn't know she was invisible.) So then I had two questions I needed to find answers for: (1) why does she turn invisible (2) why doesn't she notice, she has turned invisible. The story grow from there.

*I love the cover of Rippler, it's beautiful. Who designed the cover/ how much say did you have in the cover art?

Oooohhhh!! Isn't my cover gorgeous? That is the work of Claudia Bertoli -McKinney or phatpuppydesign. I looked though her extensive stock and found an image of a girl that was just perfect. I told Claudia I needed the girl to be looking at the water, and with lots of back- and- forth, Claudia created this dazzling image for me.

*Samantha your main character has a freak gene that makes her turn invisible. Would you like to turn invisible for the day/ Who would you spy on he he?

Oh, I'd love to "ripple" or turn invisible if I could do it like Sam does. I'd spend more time walking through things than spying, though, I think! (In my story, walking through walls and other things is very, very cool.)  I always think about poor Lucy in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, who gets an unpleasant earful when she spies.

*The Rippler is an Urban Fantasy Romance Novel. Is there any other genre you would love to tackle?

I'm working on a YA novel that is sci-fi, a genre I have always loved. I was part of the Star Wars/Star Trek generation, so zipping around in space has always appealed to my imagination!

*How is work coming on the next book in the Ripple series/how many books will be in the series?
Well, I'm avoiding book two at the moment, aren't I? *winks* I am done with the first draft and into my rounds of editing and revising. Which is actually my favourite part! The series will have three titles, but I do have alot of "additional material" that didn't make the final cut, so perhaps that will show up in short stories or something if people are interested.

*Do you have any advise for aspiring authors?

Yes. READ. And then read some more. Read the classics for syntax and grammer so that you develop good habits and clarity in your writing. Read heavily in your genre. That is, if you want to write paranormal thrillers, read a hundred a year in that category.

My second bit of advise is, "Butt in Chair." That is, you can't write by daydreaming about it. You really have to sit down and just write. Even when it feels you don't have anything there. Interview your characters if you feel stuck. You'll be surprised by what they have to say for themselves!

*Why should we read your book, The Rippler?

Honestly, I hope people will  read it to find out what happens to the girl on the cover. She has such an intriguing journey from loneliness and being uncertain about her own strength to finding how tough she really is. And of course, learning to love and protect someone is a huge part of her journey. I really admire her strength!

Finally some quickfire questions:

*Summer or winter? Summer, summer, summer! I get happy just repeating the word!

*Night or day? Can I say dusk? (Or Sham-sundar, as one of my character's would say!)
*Music or movies? Movies. With great soundtracks.

*Fiction or non-fiction? That would be fiction!

*Favourite colour? Blue.

*Favourite holiday destination? Orlando, Florida or Cornwall, UK.

*Favourite place to write? At my cosy little desk in the cornor.

*Favourite book? Seriously? How can this possibly be a quick question. Out of the silent planet or Persuasion would make the list today.

*If you could bring three items with you to a desert island, what would they be?

My lover, my library and my list of coconut recipes!

Rippler is now available to buy! You can buy your copy here:

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