My Thoughts on the 50 Shades Grey Trilogy

*WARNING: This post will contain mature content, Over 18's please*

Last month I read the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy and went and saw the movie. I have been putting this post of for so long as I wasn't sure what to write and I was also scared of people's reactions to my opinions but after many people telling me it's my opinion, go for it I have decided to.

Here goes:

I loved the 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy. They are far from my usual reads but I fell in love with them. I did at times struggle with some of the sexual aspects of the books but overall I enjoyed them. 

This book has had so much criticism especially from people saying it shows domestic abuse. Sometimes I agree it can come across a little like that, some scenes are hard to read but if it gets too much Ana says no, she's in control. Whether you agree with that or not it's up to you.

Christian Grey is a broken man. Everyone loves a "broken man", someone dark with issues to fix and Christian Grey is that if not darker. He has his issues, boy does he but he eventually after many struggles and bad decisions he realises this, he may never be completely "fixed" but he becomes a better version of himself. This I applaud, it's a story of growth and realisation of an emotionally dysfunctional man.

One aspect of the story I struggled with was Christian and Mrs Robinson. I have had this argument with various people but in my opinion even though Christian agrees to everything he does with Mrs Robinson, he was a young boy who was emotionally unstable and Mrs Robinson used him and feed on his weakness and insecurities. To me what Mrs Robinson did to Christian is worse than anything Christian did to Ana.

Ultimately 50 Shades Of Grey is a love story. If not a dysfunctional one. A man falls in love or some say obsessively with a shy inexperienced girl, said girl falls in love with the dark controlling man but together they heal and push each other to be better.

Even if you love the book or hate it. You have to admit it has the planet gripped. I for one fell in love with it and it will stau with me for a long time.

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