Top Ten Book For Readers Who Like Amazing Romances

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This weeks Topic: Top Ten Book For Readers Who Like Amazing Romances

I love romances. Below are my top ten favourite books with a romance story I love. Most of the books have some of my favourite couples.

All Souls Trilogy: I am in love with this trilogy. The Romance is so good. Matthew and Diana are one of my favourite book couples. Adult PNR/ historical 

The Mortal Instruments Series: There are various romances in this series. The main one being Jace and Clary but my favourite by far is Alec and Magnus.

Angel Trilogy: Williow and Alex's romance is great, I love the storyline in this book as well as the romance. YA PNR

Anna and the French Kiss trilogy: In each book there's a different romance my favourite by far is Isla and Josh.

Fifty Shades Trilogy: Some may say it's not a romance but I love Anna and Christian. 

Sookie Stackhouse Series: Many romances in this mega series but my favourite is Sookie and Eric.

Twilight Series: Bella and Edward that is all.

This is one of my favourite romances, Rosie and Alex I heart. This is one of my favourite books. ( This is the movie Love Rosie)

After Series: Yay I am currently on the third book of this series. Hardin and Tessa I heart so much.

Alienated Series: Aelyx and Cara have a romance I love.

What book would you recommend with a great romance?


  1. I don't know that I like romance too much, but I ADORE Magnus and Alec's relationship! I also really liked Stephenie Perkins' first two books so I definitely still want to read Isla. And Alienated has BEEN on my list for a while - still want to read that, too!

  2. Who doesn't love romance!! I'll be checking put more of your titles on Amazonn. Here's my link to my TTT post for the week:

  3. All Souls Trilogy and Alienated is two series that I really need to get around and read (and I love the covers :) )

    I also just love Magnus and Alec's relationship, definitely the most interesting in TMI and Sookie and Eric is definitely an thumbs up.

    When it comes romance, my all-time-favorite dystopian/ post-apocalyptic (YA) couple is Penryn and Raffe in Penryn & the End of Days, talk about insurmountable obstacles to overcome.

  4. I want to read more Cecelia Ahern. I love her characters. Most of my favorite roommates are teen romances. First love is the best.

    1. My favorite ROMANCES are teen romances. I don't even know how I made that typo.

  5. Great list. I Love seeing Cassie, Stephanie Perkins and SM on your list.

  6. Fantastic topic! I've been wanting to read the Deborah Harkness trilogy so now that I know the romance is wonderful I'm really excited. Anna and the French Kiss has been on my TBR for ages. It's probably about time I fixed that and actually read it!

  7. City of Bones is in my to-read list, I think I'll begin it as soon as possible!

  8. Great picks Megan! I can't believe how many we have in common! I love the Sookie series and finally have a copy of the final book that I need to read!! I am loving the After series too! I just got the Audio for book 3 and plan on starting it ASAP!

  9. I want to read Where Rainbows Ends :)

  10. Great topic choice! I love the All Souls trilogy but haven't read any of the others. The Cassandra Clare books are on my someday list, though.

  11. Awesome topic for this week's top ten! I'm not huge into romance but I have read some of these and others are on my shelves at home waiting to be read.