Top Ten Books I'd love to see as Movies/TV shows

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This weeks topic: Top Ten Books I'd Love To See As Movies/Tv Shows

Note: I am currently having issues with every YA book being made into a movie lately, why can't a book just be a book but am going to be a hypocrite and name books I want to see made into a movie/TV show. Some books are that good they need to be made into a show but books being optioned for a movie before the books even released is pretty annoying!

I decided to pick books I have read last year and this year as there would be too many to pick from otherwise. Also there may be a little cheating with some of the books I pick :) as you will notice.

TV or MOVIE?: If you follow my blog you will know how much I love this series of books. I mention it in a lot of my top ten posts LOL. Now I can't decide if it would be best as a movie or TV Show. A movie wouldn't get all the details in as its a really complex storyline but in a TV show I feel it may lose its feel. Either way I want it to be turned into something. Check out my All Souls Trilogy Discussion here

TV Show; This book is a two book series so far and it has aliens in it. We had an alien TV show called Star crossed that has a simliar feel to Alienated that didn't manage more than a series. But Alienated has more depth to it we get to see both places in the series earth and the alien planet. This is a series that could make a good TV show. Check out my Alienated & Invaded reviews.

Movie: Now this is already being made into a movie (see I told you I would cheat) I just had to mention this book as its incredible, it is in my favourite book list and I can't wait to see it come to life. I hope the movie does the book justice. Check out my All The Bright Places review

TV show:  Cheating again. I know this is a movie, I liked the movie, didn't love it but I would love to see this as a TV show. I think it would be epic as a TV show. There's so much going on to make a great TV show and I think even with TV show creators changing and adding things, adding more to this series would make it OK in my book I wouldn't be annoyed knowing they had to add some more storylines to make it a TV show.

Movie: I recently read this and loved it. It would make such a great movie. It would give you all the feels. 

Movie: Cheating again. I know this is being made into a movie and I am super excited for this. I only discovered this series this year and I loved it so much. Bring on the movie. Check out my The 5th Wave Review here & my review of The Infinite Sea here

TV show or Movie? I recently read this book and loved it. It's one of my favourite books of the year. When I was reading it I could imagine it as a movie. It was so well written and descriptive. I can't decide which it would be better as a TV show or movie. I just want to see it come alive.

Movie: I'm thinking movie for this book. It is another epic book I read this year. You can check out my review here

Movies: I would love to see this on the big screen. Each story is an epic romance and would make great summer movie releases. I can just picture the epic locations, the characters, the romance. Ahh give me it please.

TV show: Yes I know what you thinking, Megan have you lost your mind. This has already been a TV show. Yea I know it has but in my opinion the adaptation was terrible. It was nothing like the books. An adaptation should at least represent a little of the  books but it went way off track. This is one of my favourite series and it really pissed me off it didn't stick a bit more to the books.

Which books would you love to see as movies or TV shows?


  1. I haven't read the Sookie Stackhouse series but was curious about how closely the TV show resembled the books. Not very closely I'm guessing! Have you read the Sisters Grimm series by Buckley? It's MG but lots of fun. The Stephanie Perkins and Deborah Harkness books are all on my TBR and from what I've hard would be fantastic. Great list!

  2. I agree that Vampire Academy deserves a second chance as a tv show. I'm really looking forward to The 5th Wave movie and I can't wait to get started reading Undertow. Great list!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

  3. news to me! interesting list!

  4. Great list! I would love to see the All Souls Trilogy turned into a mini-series or television show.

    I didn't mind that True Blood was so different from the Harris's books--I could separate them out from one another in my head. I loved the first season of the show--and even liked the second. I wasn't quite so pleased after that. The ending was horrible. I definitely prefer the books.

    I'm looking forward to The 5th Wave movie. :-)

  5. I would so enjoy Stephanie Perkins novels as movies, I just think they lend so easily to a summer rom com type of thing! I am looking forward to the fifth wave movie, as well as all the bright places!

  6. The idea of Alienated sounds so interesting to me. I used to love that show Roswell that was ages ago about three aliens attending high school. I didn't hear great things about Star-crossed...

  7. I haven't read any of those but Undertow is sitting on my kindle to read this month and I'm glad to hear that you loved it. I will have to bump it up the pile I think.

  8. Haha!!! I completely agree with you on Sookie Steakhouse. True Blood was a horrible adaptation. I quit watching after the first season. It needs the author's involvement to succeed!