Sunday Post #23 - Its good to be off!

The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post was created by Caffeniated Book Reviewer this is a post where we recap on the going on's on the blog the week previous and the week coming up as well as the awesome books we have received, bought or been gifted for review!

It's good to be off...

I am off work now until 1st September and you don't know how good that is. I am not doing anything too exciting but to be able to relax and read and hopefully try and sleep in will be great. While am off am also going to get some things made for a new birthday board in work for the kids. I was going with an underwater theme. Do you have any good birthday board ideas? Have you seen some in your kids classes that look good? Let me know am open to ideas!

It's been a quiet week...

Nothing out of the ordinary has happened. It's been a quiet week in real life and book wise. I only received one book this week that I will put below and I like it that way. I have way to many books to currently read so to just get a book here and there is good.

Are quirky knick knacks. I discovered a shop in the city called Doris & Jeannie and it has the most amazing bits and pieces. The button heart I got below I love. I wanted to buy everything in the shop.

I am also addicted to Twitter, I always have been but it's getting out of hand now. I think it's my favourite social media platform. Shameless plug if you want to follow me you can @teamwolf1988

I love music and I am addicted to listening to a set Martin Garrix's had at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Like obsessed! I have listened to the whole set about 10 times in the last few weeks.

Blog posts I have enjoyed this week.....

Lisa @ Lost in Literature chatted about A Pound of flesh by Sophie Jackson
Jess @ Stuck in books did the Burn, rewrite, re read tag
Sasha @ abookutopia had a video on books she's bringing to college
Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes did the Bookish Beginning's tag with her dad
I love Cait @ Paper Fury's Esty Store. She has cute mini book necklaces.

Finally the book I received this week was an e- arc from Soho Teen VIA Edelweiss.

How has you week been? Let me know in the comment below.


  1. Enjoy your week off! I love time off even if I'm just hanging around, it's just such so rejuvenating.
    That button heart is super cute and looks great on your shelf. I used to love twitter but nowadays I find I'm on it less and less. I found I was spending too much time on social media and it was eating in to my blogging time.

  2. Enjoy your time off! It's always nice to just have some me time to relax and read! The book you got looks interesting. :)

    Week in Review

  3. Happy Holiday!!! Are you in between year round school? I so wish we had that here in Michigan.

    OMG... I love dance/trance - what a fun set! That Martin guy is a little cutie but he needs better fitting pants if he's gonna dance around like that (yes, I'm that shameless!!!) I'll have to check his stuff out!!

    Enjoy the rest of your time off!! No more "thinking" on bulletin boards!

  4. Enjoy the time off, that's always good (and sleeping in, too!). I enjoyed your US road trip, that has been fun to follow. :)

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  5. Have fun on your time off :)

    I used to be obsessed with twitter as well... it passed quickly though ^^'

    And this is the first time i'm hearing of this book... think i'll check it out as well!

    Kisses :*:*

    Naga Sanctuary

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

    I love the button heart! Buttons are a love of mine, I always wish I was more sewing-capable (I'm not, at all lol!) so I could put buttons on everything lol!

    Fake Paranormal Investigator seems to be popping up on a few blogs this weekend. I hadn't heard of it before that, but it does sound interesting!

  7. Time of is wonderful..endless days of possibilities. The heart pin is adorable! Enjoy and unwind.

  8. Enjoy your time off! Having a nice relaxing time sounds absolutely wonderful. I hope you get lots read and go back to work feeling refreshed. Good luck with birthday board ideas. I'm no help when it comes to ideas but I'm sure whatever you do will look great. Have a great week!

  9. Twitter can be a lot of fun, just ignore the drama llamas.

    Enjoy your time off! Reading and sleeping will be wonderful. :)

    For the birthday boards at my school, we do close up photos of the child with their first name and birthdate, high up on the wall all around the room or their name and birthdate on a cupcake, posted around the room. Pretty boring, but the kids like it.

  10. Have fun on your time off, I have a public holiday on Monday 31st and I can't wait for it!

  11. I always enjoy stopping by your blog.

  12. Have a lovely break and I hope you get lots of relaxing and reading done.

    I love the heart shape. It's gorgeous!

  13. Enjoy your time off! I hope you get lots of reading done :)