Birthday Guest Post: Emily's Party by Ashelyn Drake

Today is a week to my birthday, and I thought I would get some of my favourite authors and bloggers to write me a guest post, with the topic of arranging a party for themselves or a character from their book. Today's post is from author Kelly Hashway writing as Ashelyn Drake. Kelly is an author I first was introduced to back when I first started blogging and since then has moved into adult and new adults works under Ashelyn Drake.

Check out Kelly's party for Emily a character in her upcoming book, I Belong With You.

I Belong With You is the second book in the Love Chronicles series. Why didn’t I choose the first book? Well, the main character Aria Carmichael has a birthday party in that book, so I already threw her a party. I thought it would be more fun to throw a party for Emily Richards, the main character in book two. As you can see, this is a companion series, and each book stands alone.

First, here’s a little about I Belong With You:

Emily Richards and David Burke are the best of coworkers—pretending they’re over their hot yet short-lived romance.When Emily finds herself without a place to live, David jumps to her rescue, offering a room in his apartment. But how can two people who are very attracted to each other survive being in such close quarters, sharing everything including a shower? David is ready to settle down, but that’s the last thing on Emily’s mind. Will the lies and jealousy between them be the end of their relationship for good?

A little about Emily:

Emily is a twenty-three-year-old opinions editor at a small paper called For the Record in a fictional town that is like a small-scale New York City.


Emily wouldn’t think of having a party anywhere but Last Call, the bar everyone she knows frequents. She’d rent out the party room in the back, and since she knows the owner, Caleb, she’d get a great deal on it.

Guest list:

Tara Luca—best friend
David Burke—coworker/roommate/best male friend
Aria Carmichael—boss/coworker
Nate Dixon—coworker
Sharonda—former roommate
The rest of the cast at For the Record.

The entire cast of Supernatural. Did I mention Emily has a thing for Dean Winchester? No idea where she got that from. It’s not like I drool over him or anything. So my birthday present to her (and me) is to have the entire cast attend her birthday party. Let’s just pretend they’re in town filming a new episode of the show and decided to crash the awesome party at the best bar in Priority.


Emily loves Amstel Light, so there will be plenty of that to go around. She also likes simple food: pizza, garlic knots, giant roast beef subs, German potato salad, etc. So there would be a buffet of all kinds of classic foods everyone loves.

Emily’s Date:

Well, Emily would definitely show up with David, but only because they carpooled. They are technically exes, and even if they are both still very attracted to each other, they wouldn’t push the limits of their friendship by being each other’s dates. What happens after the party might be a different story, though. I guess it depends on how things go after Dean Winchester crashes the party. ;)

Thanks for letting me plan this party for Emily, Megan! Happy birthday to you!

Thank you to Kelly/Ashelyn for that awesome post. You can check out Kelly on all her social media platforms below.

Which book character without you have as your number one guest? Leave me your answer in the comments below.

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