Birthday Guest Post; My Bookish Birthday party by Stephanie @ BookFever

Today I have another guest post, this time from Stephanie @ Bookfever. Check out her awesome bookish birthday party below and show her some love in the comments.

Helloooo everyone! I'm Stephanie from Bookfever and today is my turn to post my dream birthday party. I had so much fun doing this and now I wish I could really have this birthday party in December. Also, a very happy birthday to Megan, who's birthday is on October 30th *throws confentti* And thank you so much for having me on your blog to celebrate, Megan! ♥


Initially I thought the venue would be hard to pick but the first place coming to mind is the Fowl manor. For those who are not familiar with the Fowl manor, it's from the Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer a.k.a. my favorite books ever, where Artemis lives. It's huge, obviously and seems like a perfect place for a birthday party. And you never know, some fairies may visit as well. ;)


It may be a little cheesy but the theme would be: Masquerade ball. Who doesn't love fancy clothes and beautiful masks? Quite a lot of books that I have read have masquerade balls in them, like Fifty Shades Darker (If I'm not mistaken), Clockwork Prince and a whole lot of historical romance novels too. They're always some of my favorite scenes. 

What will I wear?

I would love to wear the masquerade dress that Christine (played by Sierra Boggess) wears in the 25th Anniversary of Phantom of the Opera, which is probably my favorite musical of all time. I absolutely love the dress and mask. It's so gorgeous. And hey, if the Phantom (Ramin Karimloo a.k.a my musical crush) shows up that's just a bonus. 


I would only get food in the shape of my favorite books. Any food, all food. Although I might not want to eat those because I couldn't do that to anything that looks like books, even if it's delicious food. Also strawberries with chocolate because YUM! *drools*


I have quite the eclectic taste in music. As much as I only want to play music from Phantom I wouldn't do that to my guests. I like rock, pop, country, 60's-70's-80's and of course musicals. So it would be a mix from my favorite bands and singers mostly. Muse, P!nk, Panic at the Disco, The Beatles, Fall Out Boy, Lady Antebellum, maybe even Taylor Swift's new album. Oh and throw in Usher's 'Yeah' because I danced on it on my very first real party when I was 13. Nostalgia!


Sorry to my real life friends and family but this would be a bloggers, authors and bookworms only party. Hell, bring a book so we can all gush about our favorites. This is mostly because my friends and family don't get my love for books or the book blogging community. And if I could magically make book characters appear I would make sure everyone got to bring their favorite characters as well. That would be quite the party, right?

My Date:

This is the hardest decision ever. Obviously it has got to be a book character. And I would bring... Adrian Ivashkov! Sorry, Sydney but there's no other way. For those who are unfamiliar with him, he's from the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines books (and yes he's a vampire). He actually was my very first book boyfriend. I fangirled about that guy so freaking hard for ages. I really do miss the books he was in. So yup, he's my date. ^_^ 

Thank you to Stephanie for that awesome post. Check out the other posts from my birthday guests posts here

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