Birthday Guest Post: Emily's Party by Parker Swift

On the eve of my birthday I am so excited to have author Parker Swift on my blog. I read Parker's Royal Scandal books this year and loved them. Royal Affair the first book in series is one of favourite books of the year. You can check out my review here Without further ado here is Emily's Birthday by Parker Swift and show her some comment love below.

The Royal Scandal series, by Parker Swift, follows Dylan Hale, a British alpha aristocratic architect, and Lydia Bell, the American fashion assistant who cracks his steely heart. 

Royal Affair
Royal Disaster
Royal Treatment

The Party:

Our host: Lady Emily Hale 

Age at time of party: 22

Who she is: Fashionable “it girl” in London and the younger sister of Dylan, the Duke of Abingdon. She’s always been in her big brother’s shadow and lived under the heavy weight of her parents’ expectations, but there’s a firey girl inside, and a party is a safe place to let her loose. 

Where she hails from: England, specifically Humboldt Park, a grand ducal estate a couple of hours outside of London 

Occupation: College student at Oxford University, studying art history. That is until she starts to study business. And then she. . . (you’ll have to read the books to find out!) 

Who she has her eyes on: Not telling, but if you read the books then you know 

The scene: An over-the-top Roaring Twenties themed cocktail party in honor of Emily’s graduation from university. Lydia helped her plan, and they’ve been daydreaming about the “Bright Young Things” (insert link: of London’s 1920’s, Gatsby, Hemingway, and all of the incredible hats, shoes, and the carpe-diem attitude that Emily is craving. 

Venue: The Connaught Bar at the Connaught Hotel in London – Emily would notice that not only is it thematically on point, but there are sufficient hidden corners where sinful things might happen. 

What she’s wearing: A custom Jenny Packham twenties-themed cocktail dress, beaded fringe and all. She’s topped it off with a feathery headband in her long dark hair, high heels, and long dangly tear-drop earrings to match.

What you’re wearing: She hopes that everyone comes dressed in 1920’s theme, but Emily is too polite to turn you away for not complying. 

Who’s there: Dylan & Lydia (of course!), Prince Richard and Princess Caroline, Fiona and Josh, Will Arden (Dylan’s best friend), and fifty or so of their closest friends.

Music: A live band covering Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and other jazz standards. Technically the party wasn’t supposed to have dancing, but people can’t help themselves. It all starts when Dylan, who hasn’t been able to take his eyes off of Lydia, pulls her into an uncrowded space in the room and begins swaying her without thinking.  Within minutes there’s a makeshift dancefloor, and one brave couple even attempts to swing dance when Benny Goodman comes on. 

Signature drink: The Clover Club

Presents: No presents please!  

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