My Bookish Birthday party

Today is my birthday!! I love birthdays but I hate getting older. Today am 29, and I intend to spend my last year in my twenties having fun with my family and friends and being surrounded by books, books and more books. Over the last week I have had guest posts from authors and bloggers of their ideal bookish birthday parties, today it's my turn!The catch is I will be having guest’s from some of my favourite books, picking some yummy food from again my favourite books and everything that is required for a party taken from books. Grab a cupcake and check out my bookish post below!


Venue is important, if there is no venue there is no party. My venue for the party is Neverland. Now I know your thinking Neverland, really. But all my friends and family call me a female version of Peter Pan because I don’t want to grow up. And that is true but sadly I have grown up, being 29 this year. However in my heart I will always be young at heart. So Neverland is the perfect place, however am not sure if I will invite Peter or the lost boys!


I think my theme would be, big surprise, come as one of your favourite book characters. Easy as that!

What will I wear?

So I have to come as one of my favourite book characters. So I would come as Hermione circa the Yule Ball dress.


I love food! A bold statement but it’s true. I have no other choice but to choose the food from Harry Potter. Come on, what other food would I pick. I want Hagrid to make me a birthday cake, then I would have every food I could get. From Chocolate frogs to Bertie Botts Every Flavour beans. So, basically everything of no nutritional value.


I am going of page with this and picking some of my favourite bands to play me some sets. I would pick 30 seconds to mars, Panic at the disco and going of genre, Taylor Swift because I am obsessed her new music.


Because this is my party I can make it the weirdest party that doesn’t make sense, by inviting some of my favourite authors and well as characters. I know I don’t know what planet this would make sense. Maybe, Neverland! So apart from my family and friends, I would invite some of my favourite authors, Jodi Ellen Malpas, EL James, Anna Todd, Tiffany Reisz, Charaline Harris, Deborah Harknes, Cecelia Ahern and JK Rowling. The list could go on! For characters, all the Slater brothers from LA Casey’s Slater brother series, we need these hot American alphas. I want Gallowglass and Marcus from the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness.  We have to throw some Harry Potter characters in there, let’s make it interesting, how about Luna and Dobby. And to top it off let’s throw Mr Grey in. I swear this is the weirdest combination of people!
My Date:

My date would be none other than Eric Northman. I love Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse Series so much. If I couldn’t have him I would love to have Alexander Skarsgard as my date because, it’s Alexander Skarsgard!

So that's my ideal bookish birthday party. What would yours be?

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  1. Sounds like a fun party to me Megan! Happy birthday, and 29 isn't old! I swear you will look back on this post someday and wonder at how young you were, and what happened all the years :D Or maybe that's just me wishing I was 29 again!