Virtual U.S. Road Trip- Day 2 Alaska


Welcome to are 2nd stop on our U.S. Road Trip. Yesterday we where in Alabama with Ginny , you can check out the post here along with a giveaway. 

Today we are in Alaska with author Jolene B Perry. So let's see what awaits us in Alaska.

So. Virtual roadtrip. I looove this idea.

I'm from Alaska. Born here. Raised here. Left for college and some living. Came back...

I love Alaska about 2/3 of the time and the other 1/3, I really wonder why I chose to move back. 

Now when people ask me where I'm from, I always hear Sandra Bullock from The Proposal saying, "Alassssska..." When she's caught totally off guard after telling Reynolds they're engaged.

And nowwwww, on to the good stuff:

PLACES TO VISIT AND EAT, since they often go together.

Yes, most of them are food, don't judge. I like food. We need it to survive.

1. ANCHORAGE - Moose's Tooth Pizza. Worth the wait. And there's always a wait. Bear Tooth Restaurant and Theater Pub. Yes, they're owned by the same evil cooking geniuses.

2. The end of Northern Lights Blvd. You can see over the ocean to the city, watch planes land, and walk the trail and beaches along the water. Win. Win. Win.

3. WHITTIER (an hour south of Anchorage). First off, the drive is gorgeous. Second, you'll get to drive through the largest tunnel in the Western Hemisphere (at least it used to be) and third, it's the home of FANTASTIC homemade fudge, and Swiftwater Cafe, which makes the best fish and chips I've ever eaten. There's an abandonned housing building left over from WWII, and like 90% of the town's population lives in the other building left over from WWII. If that's not a book waiting to happen, I don't know what is.

4. Hatcher's Pass near Palmer and Wasilla. These are the mountains I see behind my house and where I play with my kids all summer. April Bowl Trail is my favorite - follows a small waterfall to a lake where I sit in the sun and the kids get soaked.

5. If you're in Wasilla, and need food, The Grape Tap is a house turned French restaurant. I dream about their appetizer nuts. Sounds weird, but they're dream worthy.


(Yes, this picture is real)

Alaska has more coastline than the rest of the US combined. In the northern-most parts of Alaska they have over a month in the winter where they never see the sun, just get twilighty dimness, and then in the summer, the sun never goes down, just circles overhead. It's not quite that dramatic where I live, but the sun is still up for 20 hours, leaving no time of day where I'd need a flashlight to read a paperback outside. Alaska also has a smaller percent of white people than any other state. You can't drive to the Alaska state capitol. You need a boat or a plane - as is true of a lot of Alaskan cities.

There are no snakes in Alaska. No lizards in Alaska. No scorpions or dangerously poisonous spiders. Everything that can kill you, you can see or smell coming ;-)


Tommy Moe - was famous for the olympics. He used to come over and jump on my cousin's trampoline when I was small and was totally the rudest kid there.

Sarah Palin - Um... I'm not even sure famous is the right word. 

Wyatt Earp - Unexpected, right? He came up for the goldrush like soooo many other peoples.

Chris Kuper - Go Broncos! (not really)

Holly Madison - famous for being with Hugh Hefner and... not much else.


Well, I set two in Alaska, does that count? Out of Play and Has To Be Love.

Marc Cameron writes suspense novels.

Boone Brux writes romance.

Most of the books I know about that are set in Alaska, are total "Alaska" books and not great for commercial consumption, lol.

This was so fun!!!! THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME!!

You can find Jolene:

Thanks Jolene. I am a food loving girl myself so I would love to check out all your foodie places. What do you all think of Alaska? Leave me and Jolene a comment below.

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  1. What a fun look at Alaska. I must admit my main knowledge of the state is through Deadliest Catch. I have read a few mystery series that are set there (Dana Stabenow has a couple) but I don't know how accurate they are.

  2. I always wanted to visit Alaska. I think I may get to do it this fall :)

  3. Great post! Enjoyed learning thinhs about Alaska I didn't know. And Moose Tooth pizza- that just sound like it would be a good place. :)

  4. Great post! Alaska is so beautiful!

  5. I've had an interest for Alaska ever since I watched The Proposal! Haha :) I love those facts - makes me want to visit Alaska more!!