#Review - One With You ( Cross fire #5) by Sylvia Day

Book: One With You
Series: Cross fire #5
Author : Sylvia Day
Pages: 464
Bought Paperback
Rating ✪✪✪

One with you is the last book in Sylvia Day's Cross fire Series and sadly I was disappointed. I picked up this series last year and fell in love with it, it was one of those books to read after reading fifty shades. The first three books I gave 5 stars, and then the fourth book 4 stars. Sadly for the last book my rating has dropped to 3 stars for the finale. 

I still really don't know how I feel about it. Am really conflicted! The first half started of great and then things just started going weird. I think when a certain incident happened and some things where revealed I was just like, have I been reading a totally different series than I thought. I don't think what Sylvia Day did to a character was needed it just felt so out of sync with the story.

I also found that the second half just rushed so much and was trying to tie everything up that it went too fast. Sometimes a finale doesn't satisfy everyone and this certainly didn't for me. Some strange things happened in my opinion and I just needed it to slow down and give me a bit more.

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