Author Interview: Brina Courtney

Check out my interview with author of the Cryptid Tales Series, Brina Courtney!

Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into writing?

I began writing only a year ago because I lost my teaching jobs due to cut backs at my urban school district. I was then called back and have been teaching 1st grade this school year. Starting next week I will be writing full time though. I also coach high school cheering and I used to be really involved in the Miss America Organization. My husband and I just celebrated our one year anniversary and we have two small (but noisy) dogs.

Can you tell us a little about your novel Reveal (Cryptid Tales 1) ?

The story is from the perspective of Shay, a hugh school senior who has a secret. She can speak to ghosts. Her best friend is actually a ghost himself. In Reveal, she learns more about herself and who she is meant to be. Not to mention her hottie boyfriend, Hugh. In Capture we learn more about her past, and Shay struggles to save her future from the destructive Malsumis, an evil being seeking to destroy all cryptids, the race of beings Shay has to save.

Reveal (Cryptid Tales)

Where did you get the idea for the Crypid tales series?

From a Bones episode actually... lol. They were studying a chupachabra, which is a type of cryptid, or animal not yet recognized by western culture. I'm pretty sure it drinks goat's blood and eats people, that would totally gross Shay out, don't tell her that's where I got the idea, k?

Who designed the cover of Reveal and how much say did you have in the designing of the cover?

SMReine, an amazing YA dark paranormal author. Isn't it fabulous? I got a model who I knew through pageants, and the rest of her movie magic. I got a whole lot of say thanks to my designer, she's fab.

Capture the second book in the series is also released with the third book Elevate expected to publish this fall. Where that be the last book in the series?

Capture is doing so well, so much that Elevate will not be the last book in the series. Elevate will follow Lacey, a character from Capture (can't tell ya what she is until you read Capture!). The last (eh? maybe?) book is currently being called Settle, and it will be the last to follow Shay. There may be a spinoff series... can't give away too much just yet. Watch my blog for details.

Are you currently working on any other projects?

I'm at the beginning stages of Summer in Salem, an Electi novel. This will be my next set of books due out later this summer. Wait until you meet Teagan, she is so different from Shay!

Why should we read the Crypid tales in one sentence?

So I don't really know what to say, so I asked a few readers and this is what one said, "Reveal is a totally EPIC and mind blowing read that will have you all swooning and tearing through the pages." Thanks Tiff! (She's a special kind of awesomesauce)

Thanks so much for having me today!

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