YA Feature: Danielle Kazemi

This weeks YA author is Danielle Kazemi author of the Dragon's Fire Series. Enjoy the intervie with Danielle and don't forget to check out her books!

Can you tell us a little about yourself and how you got into writing?

I'm one of those people who always wanted to write. I started when I was really little, writing short stories which usually were me in a fantasy world from television. I wrote very Mary Sue things. Then as I got older, I realized it was a creative way to express myself and come up with new worlds for people to explore.

Can you tell us a little about your book?

New Breed (#1) (Dragon's Fire)

It's a novella (about the size of a Baby-Sitters Club book if that helps people get an idea how long it is) which deals with modern day dragons. In the series, there are basically three factions fighting each other: the Unseen which are dark creatures intent on killing humans, dragons who protect the humans because they are the only ones who can see these creatures, and the knights who notice when dragons arrive at an area, there tends to be a rise in the body count. I focus more on the four main dragons (Crispin, Sera, Henry, and Jules) and the problems they deal with along with a human girl named Annabel who finds herself entangled in this ongoing problem.

Where did you get the idea for the book?

A few years ago, I tossed around with a friend the idea of dragons having to spend time with humans to learn how we behave as part of a RPG game. Then one day, while talking with one of my friends about the future trend we can look for, I decided maybe it would be time to bring them out. So I spent most of the summer fleshing out the “season” and then started writing.

Why shapeshifiting dragons?

Almost every culture in the world mentions dragons at some point in their history. So you have to wonder how did everyone come up with this idea and then all of a sudden, they dropped off the face of the world. I changed it up a bit, making them take on the guise of being human to deal with the antagonistic approach of the knights towards them. And it never hurts to say your hero is hot

Why should we read your book in one sentence?

Theres humor, action, romance, and dragons all in one book.

Some bookie questions:

Fave book as a child?

The Babysitters club (All of them)
Fave YA author?

Rachel Caine
Fave YA release this year?

 Divergent (Divergent, #1)
Fave book of all time?

A Little Princess
If you could invite two characters from a book to dinner who would it be and why?

Richard Cypher Rahl (he is so sweet, nice, perfect gentleman) and The Doctor (from Doctor Who. They have books so hopefully that counts.)

Last word from the author.....

It was great having the opportunity to be interviewed by you. These were some great questions and I really hope everyone gets a chance to read my books. The first ones free so theres no harm there.

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