I'm Not This Girl Blog Tour- Guest Post

Welcome to my tour stop on the I'm Not This Girl Blog Tour. I'm Not This Girl is an adult fiction book however I think it can cross into the older YA genre, 16+. Check out a guest post from the author Nina Marie Gardner to find out who would play the characters in her book if it was adapted into a movie!

If your novel was going to be a movie could you tell us which actors would play your characters and why you choose them?

Ha! I think maybe a lot of authors fantasize about who would play who if their book was made into a film. Well, Kristen Stewart would be amazing as Lulu. All the vampire blockbustery hype aside, she is truly an incredible actress. Someone a little goofy might work too, maybe a television actress--except I don't watch much TV these days so I can't really name anyone off the bat.

Dean would have to be someone a little tormented but teddy-bear like. A young Philip Seymour Hoffman? Maybe that guy Joshua Jackson who used to be on Dawson's Creek.

Philip Seymour Hoffman might make a good Sherm. And Max could be any classy blonde. Sienna Miller or Blake Lively...

"Gardner's writing is ridiculously addictive."

A cautionary tale of love and loss—beautiful, raw and heart-wrenchingly honest. "I'm Not This Girl" chronicles the hair-raising journey of shy outsider Lulu, who with her faithful mutt Trouble seeks for meaning, identity and redemption in a world turned upside down by her own catastrophic personality. From the hipster enclave of Hollywood's Silver Lake Hills, to Manhattan at the peak of the dot com boom and bust; through the aftermath of 9/11, to a psychiatric hospital in the Arizona desert, only when Lulu finds her way back to London, the city where she was born, does she come to terms with the truth she's been running from.

Website: http://www.ninamariegardner.com
Twitter: @ImNotThisGirl

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