Author Interview: Chrystalla Thoma

Today on the blog we have author Chrystalla Thoma. Chrystalla is the author of Eli's Chronicles. Enjoy the interview and show some comment love below!

Can you please tell us a little about yourself and how you got into writing?

Well, Im Greek (Greek of Cyprus, an island-country in the eastern Mediterranean close to Turkey, Israel, Lebanon and Egypt). I am married to a Costa Rican I met in Germany (true story) and work as a freelance translator and text editor here in Cyprus.

I got into writing early in my life. I started writing when I was about ten (in Greek of course, I didnt even know English back then) and wrote my first novel at thirteen. A huge epic fantasy with knights. I still have the book! As to *how* I got into it my father was a poet. I grew up surrounded by books and tales.

Can you tell us a little about your book, Rex Rising, the first book in Elei's Chronicles?

My novel "Rex Rising" is a dystopian science fiction novel for a mature Young Adult public (by this I mean that there is some profanity, some nudity and a scene of non-explicit sex - my protagonist comes across it, not much is seen). I'd say 16+. There is also a GLBT element in it, warning you from the start, although it's not very evident in book one.

"Rex Rising" is book 1 in the series Elei's Chronicles (book 2 is already out - it is called "Rex Cresting")


In a world where parasites create new human races, Elei leads a peaceful life -- until a mysterious attack on his boss sends him fleeing with a bullet in his side. Pursued for a secret he does not possess and with the fleet at his heels, he has but one thought: to stay alive. His pursuers aren't inclined to sit down and talk, although that's not the end of Elei's troubles. The two powerful parasites inhabiting his body, at a balance until now, choose this moment to bring him down, leaving Elei with no choice but to trust in people he hardly knows. It won't be long before he realizes he must find out this deadly secret - a secret that might change the fate of his world and everything he has ever known - or die trying.

Where did you get the idea for Elei's Chronicles?

I have a fascination with certain things which came together in this book.

The first one is the sea: I come from an island and the ocean is a mysterious creature, producing storms and washing out whole towns, while being a source of food and a pathway to other countries.

Then there are parasites, which are almost magical in a creepy, fascinating way. The idea basically started after reading a wonderful book called “Parasite Rex” by Carl Zimmer on all the crazy things parasites can do, how they can change our behavior, our abilities and our very nature.

Finally, I was also interested in the idea of trusting people you think you know and people you just met how true are our perceptions of others and how much we can trust our gut instinct when it comes to important decisions.

Book two, Rex: Cresting of Elei's Chronicles is also released. Do you plan on writing anymore in the series?

I have already released Book 2 and a novelette set in this world, called “Hera”. I am currently writing book 3 (Rex: Equilibrium) and am planning some short stories and maybe even another trilogy (from Kalaes point of view) set in this world.

Your books are dystopian/sci fi. Is this the genre you prefer to write in or would you like to write in another genre?

I like dystopian fiction very much, be it sci-fi, fantasy or other. Its in the settings, the post-apocalyptic feel of it. That said, I also write epic and urban fantasy.

What are some of your favourite dystopian books?

I did love the Hunger Games (the first book only, Im afraid), and more recently I read Legend by Marie Lu. Im currently reading Divergent by Veronica Roth.

Why should we read the Elei Chronicles in one sentence?

In a world where parasites create new human races, Elei is torn from his quiet life and sent fleeing with a bullet in his side and the fleet at his heels wanted for a secret he does not possess. 

Final word from the author.....

Book 3 will be released in the fall. To keep up to date with the series, check my blog: 

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