Review: Sprite by Leigh Micheal

Sprite (Annabelle's Story Part One)Book: Sprite (Annabelles Story Part One)
Author: Leigh Micheal
Self Published
Pages: 150
Obtained a paperback copy for review via author

"Sprite was an amazing adventure beneath the sea with characters I feel in love with."

In Sprite the main protagonist Annabelle has it all, a great boyfriend, loving family, is the star of her swim team and is heading to UCLA in the fall to study medicine. She would tell you herself she has a great life but suddenly her world is turned upside down when she is kidnapped and thrust into the ocean, only to release she can actually breath underwater and isn't exactly human. What Annabelle discovers is that she is a half Sprite/half human and is prophesied to be the only one to be able to save the Sprites and mankind.

Throughout the book Annabelle struggles to believe that she is the one prophesied to save everyone. But all the facts are coming together and she must decide whether to go on a mission to save everyone or decide everything is a lie (even though she is show how breathing underwater). I have to point out I really liked that even though Annabelle is half Sprite she didn't all of a sudden sprout fins, she was still human even underwater.

I also really liked that the story was quick of the mark that we didn't have to wait around forever to get into the story and kick of the adventure. I loved that Annabelle is learning everything as we as the reader are learning with her. I liked learning about all the different types of Sprites, merfolk, water fairies and nixies. I especially liked the though of the nixies who are in fact shape shifters. We also get a Greek mythology lesson when learning about the prophecy which I really enjoyed. Also Tritonis the city that the merfolk live in sounds awesome and magical. It reminded me of the where the Little Mermaid would have lived  : )

The other characters in the book where great. I loved Adrian and I loved the connection between him and Annabelle, I can't wait to see where there relationship goes in the next book. I also like Natasha a guardian who accompanies them on the mission, I would like to hear more from her and her story.

Overall I highly recommend Sprite. It's a quick, exciting adventure that will leave you wanting more. You will fall in love with the characters and the world. A great book! I can't wait for part two.

5/5 Stars: A quick paced story with a great story and characters

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  1. Sounds like an awesome read. I don't think I've ever read a book about Sprites.