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Thanks to everyone that entered my giveaway for a Handmade Book Mark! Thank you for all your lovely comments about them, am glad everyone thought they were nice. Here is the boring stuff to tell you how I picked my winners. The winners were determined by looking at the UK entries and checking o see how many times everyone got to be entered into the giveaway. Once I had checked I wrote down every one's names and if you for example commented and followed on twitter your name would be wrote down twice on a piece of paper, one for commenting and one for following me on twitter etc. I then placed them in a cup
and my mum and sister each picked a piece of paper out of the cup and they were the winners. The same was done for the International entries. Overall 7 followers from the UK entered and 14 INTERNATIONAL followers entered the giveaway. Sorry for blabbing I hope that made sense I just wanted everyone to know I tried to be fair and it was random. So here are the WINNERS:


*Bloomers Sadly the this winner didn't get back to me. Another winner was choosen and that winner is Kulsuma! I have sent an email already to Kulsuma. Please check your spam box as well. You have till April 6th @ 5PM GMT to get back to me! Congrats!


*Diana (Diana can you please email me as the email address given is not working for some reason. Email me @ meganmcdade2008@yahoo.co.uk Thanks

Congrats! Email's have been sent to all winners. Please check your Spam boxes as well. The winners have till April 3rd @ 5.00pm GMT to email me back with their address.

Thanks again to everyone who entered if you liked this giveaway and want me to have another bookmark giveaway comment below!

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Calling all bloggers!


So I have been blogging for nearly a month now (*claps*) and have meet some amazing bloggers who have helped me out alot both international and UK bloggers. So I like to get to know about authors I read and I thought why shouldn't we get to know are fellow bloggers as well. So I have decided to host a sort of get to know your blogger event in May. Basically what a want to do each day is highlight a blog. So I was thinking of who ever wants to be involoved answering the same 15-20 quick fire questions and when it's you day (I will try to make a little list of days and blogs so there is no confusion) you post it on your blog and the rest of us involved will put a small post up about you and your blog and send them your way to get to know you better. Am I making sense? Maybe not I do ramble on :)

So if you maybe understand a little of what am trying to explain (good luck :) and are interested leave me a comment with your email address and I will give you a wee email to talk over it further.

Thanks Megan :)

Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference!


I wanted to make this quick post to tell you guys all about an awesome even coming up in April. From April 13th-17th 2011 there will be a Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference. Yes, you don't have to leave your house or even your bedroom to attend. The whole Conference is ONLINE! Now as you all know am new to blogging (nearly a month *claps hands*) and I have never heard of this Conference before, then I started to see posts on some awesome blogs about attending this conference and I was intrigued to see what it's all about, so I did. And I have to say it sounds awesome and I encourage people to attend if they can because all the panels sound awesome and really helpful to bloggers new and old. (Sadly I can't attend lack of funds)

So your properly wondering what is she blabbing on about. Well here is the low down on what it's all about. Basically it's a ONLINE gathering of bloggers and publishers that all come together to listen to awesome panels on all things blogging and it's also a good way to network. Some of the panels that sound awesome that are in the works are:

What Publishers Look For in a Blog - find out what publishers want to see in a review site.
Promoting Your Site - Discussion on both passive and active marketing ideas.
Attending Live Events as a Blogger - Hear from bloggers who have attended Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention, Authors After Dark, and the Book Expo of America.

And loads more to boot! This is a great conference to attend as it seems to be a really informative and helpful conference for bloggers to develop and make their blog great and keep it safe with all the legal issues. The conference isn't free but if you have the money it looks like a great event to go to.

Are you attending?

For more info: http://bbpcon.blogspot.com/

Megan :)

Review: Bloodline by Kate Cary

Thirty-five years have passed since the death of the Master. But now a new evil walks among the living. . . .
When nineteen-year-old John Shaw returns from the trenches of World War I, he is haunted by nightmares—not only of the battlefield, but of the strange, cruel and impossible feats of his regiment’s commander, Quincey Harker. Harker’s ferocity knows no limits, and his strength is superhuman.
At first John blames his bloody nightmares on trench fever. But when Harker appears in England and begins wooing John’s sister, John must confront the truth—and stop Harker from continuing Dracula’s bloodline.

My review:

Bloodline is a unique take on the vampire as it's set during the First World War, during a time of blood, death and carnage and to add a vampire into the mix was in my opinion genius. Especially a vampire descended from the original vampire, Dracula! At first I couldn't get into the book but I didn't want to give up on it so I continued and am glad I did as I really got into it and grow to really enjoy it.

The story is narrated though various people's journal's starting with Captain Quincy Harker, the mysterious, handsome "creature of the night." When I first read of Quincy Harker I didn't know what to make of him, however as I read on I grow to dislike him a lot. Through Lieutenant John Shaw we see for ourselves the tragedy and bloodiness of war mixed with the evil creature that is Quincy Harker. Through other people's journals such as Lily Shaw and Mary Seward the story unfolds.

In short Quincy Harker is a descendant of Dracula and the meeting of him and John Shaw on the battlefield is not a pot luck but has been manipulated by Quincy Harker himself, which raises the question of why? Quincy falls for John's sister Lily and together they leave England and go to Transylvania to wed. I do believe that Quincy does really love Lily you can see he does want to protect her, but you ask yourself is turning her into what he is love, an evil monster that craves one thing the most. When John and his fiance Mary realise what Quincy really is they set of after them with secrets being revealed along the way that had me gripped to the book and secrets that I didn't see coming!

In the end my opinion of the two male characters, John and Quincy, changed from liking John Shaw to hating him and from hating Quincy Harker to some what liking him a little. To find out why my opinion had a complete flip go and grab a copy of Bloodline and see for yourself, you will be gripped by Kate Cary's world.

I can't wait to read the Reckoning the sequel to Bloodline to see what happens next!

3/5 Butterflies :)

Megan :)

Giveaway! Across the Universe by Beth Revis (GIVEAWAY ENDED)



I have now hit 52 followers and so that means am going to launch my giveaway of Across The Universe by Beth Revis! I am giving away a new paperback copy of Across the universe, sadly this is a UK ONLY giveaway! But don't worry I currently have a International giveaway going on at the minute link at the bottom of this post!

So the rules! (Don't you hate rules)

*You must be a GFC follower
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*When you have done that, comment on this post with your GFC follower name and your email address so I can contact you if you win!


For extra entries:

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Contest ends on 15/4/11 @ 12PM GMT
Winners will be announced on soon after
Winner will have 3 days to send me their address once they I have sent the email out
The book will be sent out ASAP after I have recieved the winners address

*I have the right stop this giveaway at any time if a problem occurs*
*This giveaway is sponsered by me!*
* I am not responsible for damage of the book or if it gets lost in the post once I send it*

Review: Life as we knew it by Susan Pfeffer

 Miranda’s disbelief turns to fear in a split second when a meteor knocks the moon closer to the earth. How should her family prepare for the future when worldwide tsunamis wipe out the coasts, earthquakes rock the continents, and volcanic ash blocks out the sun? As summer turns to Arctic winter, Miranda, her two brothers, and their mother retreat to the unexpected safe haven of their sun room, where they subsist on stockpiled food and limited water in the warmth of a wood-burning stove. Told in journal entries, this is the heart-pounding story of Miranda’s struggle to hold on to the most important resource of all--hope--in an increasingly desperate and unfamiliar world.

I love "end of the world" type movies, the one's were natural disasters are destroying earth such as Volcano, Twister, Dante's Peak and even 2012 to name a few. So when I came across Life as we knew it and read what it was about I knew I would love it.

Life as we knew it is about an asteroid that hits the moon and the impact knocks the moon closer to earth causing natural disasters around the world. Earthquakes, volcanoes that have been dormant for thousand of years suddenly erupting, tsunami's causing flooding, wiping out towns and cities.

The story is narrated though a sixteen year old's journal, Miranda, and the struggles her and her family go though to survive after the devastation's. I really liked Susan's style of writing and how she got into the mindset of a sixteen year old. The start of the book sounds like any typical sixteen year old's journal, complaining about school, exams, arguing with her mum, worrying about dates and her friends. When suddenly life changes in that one moment. Now suddenly it's everyone for themselves, stocking up on food supplies, having no electricity, no hot water, being back to basics.

I liked that Susan let some of the characters pass away as realistically in the situation it's a natural occurrence but it was still sad when some of the characters died. I really couldn't put the book down and I wanted to know what happened next. I can't wait to read the next book to find out what happens to Miranda and her family.

4/5 Butterflies

*On a side note I started reading Life as we knew it after the tragic earthquakes and tsunami's in Japan. Even though I can't imagine the horrors happening in Japan seeing the disaster and reading Life as we knew it made me think that one minute life can be fine and the next the powerful nature of earth can cause such sadness and death. My thoughts go to the many families that are hurting and suffering in Japan and around the world*

Megan :)

Handmade bookmark Giveaway!



First off I want to say a big thank you to all 32 of my amazing followers. Thanks so much for the support so far, I hope your liking the blog. So I thought I would have a little giveaway. I have made some bookmarks that I think are quite cute and I want to give them away. (You can see the bookmarks in the above picture) I hope you guys like them, I thought they would be a nice thank you for the support so far. So I have 4 to give away, 2 for my International followers and 2 for my UK followers so thats 4 winners altogether.


To win you much comment below and answer this question: What book are you currently reading/or what book you are going to read next?

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Contest ends on 31/3/11 @ 12PM GMT
Winners will be announced on 2/4/11
Winners will have 3 days to get back to me with their addresses
Bookmarks will be sent out A.S.A.P after I have recieved addresses

*I have the right stop this giveaway at any time if a problem occurs* *This giveaway is sponsered by me!*

Author interview: Beth Revis

Hey Beth. Thanks for doing my first author interview with me. Across The Universe your debut novel just launched in the UK. Can you tell me a little bit about your book?

It's a murder mystery...in space! Amy is cryogenically frozen to be with her family on an intersteller space journey. When she's woken fifty years too early, she's got to figure out who's unplugging (and thereby killing) the others...before he gets to her parents.
What is a typical writing day for you?

It depends on what stage of writing I'm at. If I'm writing the first draft, then everything shiny and I jump out of bed and write all happy-like. If I'm revising, I crawl out of bed late like a slug and growl at the world and hack away. If I'm near a deadline, then I've probably procrastinated too much and now I'm late and I spend all day pounding away at the keyboard in a panicked frenzy.
Across The Universe is the first book in a trilogy. Are you currently writing the second book and do you have a possible date for the release of the second book?

I just turned the second book into my publisher; it should be released sometime next year. The title is A MILLION SUNS. Soon, I should also start writing the third book, and then a next project!

Across The Universe is science fiction/fantasy novel. Do you like reading this genre yourself?

I do! I don't particularly like hard sci fi, but the lighter stuff, that focuses more on the fiction side than the science side, has always been a favorite of mine. I was introduced to it with ENDER'S GAME, HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE and even THE GIVER, but my fave TV shows of all time are FIREFLY and DOCTOR WHO.

I saw Doctor Who holds a special place in your heart. The same with me, am a big fan. Is there any other Sci-fi movies/programmes you enjoy watching?

FIREFLY is by far the absolute best--I adore that show, even if it was so short lived. I'm also a fan of the old school STAR WARS and the new school STAR TREK, and I've just begun watching BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA.

There are loads of great books released this year. Is there any you would reccommend?

So many! Veronica Roth's DIVERGENT is an amazing dystopia, but I loved it for the love story. I'm looking forward to sequels, too--Carrie Ryan's THE DARK AND HOLLOW PLACES, Kiersten White's SUPERNATURALLY, and so many more!

Is there any book you wish you had thought of and wrote?

Harry Potter! Not for the fan and fortune (although that'd be nice) but mostly because I would love to live in the world in a way only JK Rowling can.
Finally I saw your favourite author of all time is C.S. Lewis. I personally adore C.S. Lewis. What makes him your favourite author of all time?

I first discovered THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE in my local library. They had these really great stairs that I would sit under and read--I remember reading that book when I was rather young, like seven or eight, and realizing that there was another story in the book--that the characters represented other things, that the plot paralleled bigger ideas. It was revolutionary to me, like a magic puzzle box in the story, and I spent the rest of my life trying to discovery the magic in other stories, including my own.

I just want to say a big thank you to Beth for taking the time to do this awesome interview with me. I hope you guys like it!
If you want to buy Beth's book: http://www.bethrevis.com/books/
To follow Beth on twitter, facebook etc:  http://www.bethrevis.com/contact/
*Don't forget when I reach 50 followers I will have a giveaway of a paperback copy of Beth's book Across The Universe. (UK Only as I am buying and posting the book)*


My March book target update!!

Hey! So this month I had a book target of SIX BOOKS. I wanted to up the amount I read each month and in January I read FOUR BOOKS and in Febuary I read FIVE BOOKS. Well the six book target for March isn't going to be achieved, unless I suddenly develop super powers! Now being half way though the month am only starting my second book. Not to make excuses, well actually I am going to use it as an excuse :) I was on a two week course at the beginning of the month so therefore lack of me, a cup of tea and a book. So basically what am saying is am not going to be able to met my target. So am going to try and read as many of them as I can which will properly be two or three more this month and leave the rest for some other time. To make it up to you guys I have decided to publish my interview with BETH REVIS for you guys to enjoy!

Look out for the interview sometime this week!

Megan :)

Book Review: Angel by L.A. Weatherly

*This is my first book review, if you have any advise on writing book reviews leave me a comment*

Book: Angel by L.A. Weatherly
Published: 2010
About: Willow knows she’s different from other girls. And not just because she loves tinkering around with cars. Willow has a gift. She can look into people’s futures, know their dreams, their hopes and their regrets, just by touching them. She has no idea where she gets this power from… But Alex does. Gorgeous, mysterious Alex knows Willow’s secret and is on a mission to stop her. The dark forces within Willow make her dangerous – and irresistible. In spite of himself, Alex finds he is falling in love with his sworn enemy.

My review:

Where do I start with how amazing Angel is. Once I picked it up I couldn't put it down, I was immediately sucked into Alex and Willow's lives. (Am so happy this is the first in a trilogy as I needed more of this story once I had finished Angel, as will you when you read it)

This is my first Angel book and I LOVE the concept of these angels. In L.A Weatherly's world Angel's are not your typical version of heavenly Angels, they are creatures that are feeding of humans auras in order for them to survive. The affect it has on humans is fatal, it drains their life force and if a human is feed on too much they are left either mentally unstable or will develop a terrible disease and die. In short these Angels are not a good thing. The Angel's live among humans disguised as humans. The few Angels that have "shown" themselves have been accepted by society as they don't understand the affect the Angels are having on them, they find the Angel's irresistible. They even have churches for them know as the Church of Angels throughout the country.

Maybe I should tell you a bit about Alex and Willow. Alex is a 19 year old AK who works for the C.I.A. An AK is an Angel Killer. Basically Alex travels around the country killing Angels. I fell in love with Alex straight away. He is a character that you can easily fall in love with.

The leading lady of the book is Willow. Willow is a 17 year old Psychic. She can touch a person and see the different paths they can take in their lives, their hopes, dreams and regrets. Alex meets Willow when he is assigned to kill her as she is supposed to be an Angel. However it turns out that she isn't an Angel she is in fact a half angel/half human the first of her kind.

The Angel's are planning for more of their kind to come to earth and this will eventually kill the human race.
Alex and Willow end up having to go on the run together from the Angels as they are intent on killing Willow as she is the key to defeating them.

The story is fast paced and exciting as Willow and Alex go on the run. Alex at first hates the idea of being with Willow as she the thing he despises. However this tuns to love, and I loved seeing the relationship grow between them, especially when they spend time together for a few weeks isolated together in the mountains in a cabin.(This was one of my favourite parts of the book!) They connect with each other on so many levels. They both have had hardships in their lives so can connect on that level.

Overall I loved this book. It was my favourite book of 2010 and the next book in the trilogy Angel Fire is one of my most anticipated books of 2011. The beautiful love story between Willow and Alex, the fast paced action and the uniqueness of the Angels makes for an amazing read!

5/5 Butterflies :)

Megan :)

Beautiful Covers!

I love covers of books! When I go into a book store or the Library it is the cover that attracts me, and makes me want to pick up the book and read what it is about. Sometimes I even buy books just because I love the cover without reading what it is about. In my opinion if a cover is bright and attactive and beautiful the book is always good. There is some really great books released this year that have amazing covers but one that really attracts my attention is Ally Condie's new book Crossed.

Last year I saw Ally's book Matched on loads of blog's as a book to read and I got really excited because  the cover instantly attracted me, the vivid green was beautiful, the girl being trapped in a "bubble" with the beautiful dress on was just so pretty. I had to buy it! When it was released in the UK I went out and got it straight away. As I predicted the story sounded awesome. I have to admit I haven't read it yet as I am currently loaded under with books but I have decided to read it in the 24HR reading marathorn am doing next month!

Now the second book in the series is out later this year. It is called Crossed and this cover is as beautiful as the Matched cover. I just love the way these covers are. The choice of beautiful colour used. I just cant express how much I LOVE these covers.

Do you like book covers? Is the cover what attracts you to pick up the book & read it?

Megan :)

Cover reveal of Immortal beloved by Katie John (Knight Trilogy BK 2)

Hey guys check out the cover of Immortal Beloved, book two in the Knight Trilogy series by Katie John!

What do you guys think? I think it is a really nice cover. I love the use of the dark colours. 8/10 for a beautiful cover.

Release date is early Autumn 2011 for e-book and Spring 2012 for paperback
This time the damsel must rescue her knight in distress...
As Mina Singer nurses a broken heart, Morgan Le Fay is gathering ancient and dark forces in the land of the Pharaohs, and they have only one thing in mind ... death.
Facing a seemingly impossible race against the clock, Mina must undertake her own desperate quest to recover the heart of her beloved; but her journey takes her deep into the underworld and neither Blake or Mina come out quite as they went in.
Questions will be asked, judgement will be given and forgiveness in not guaranteed.
The adventure continues...
If you want to check out the first book in the Knight Trilogy series, Forest of Adventures you can check it out here:
Check out The Knight Trilogy website:
Follow author Katie John on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/KnightTrilogy
I was really happy to recieve a copy of Knight Trilogy: Forset of Adventures in a giveaway from Katie John. It is added to my to read pile for April so look out for a review next month sometime.
Megan :)

Coming this week!

Hey guys just a short post to tell you that I have my first book reviews coming this week. The first book review will be of White Crow by Marcus Sedgwick and the second book review will be of Angel by L.A. Weatherly! I may also have another movie review this time of The Last Song based on the book by Nicholas Spark, starring Miley Cyrus, Kelly Preston, Greg Kinnear and Liam Hemsworth.

Dont forget am trying to get to 50 Followers to have my first giveaway of Across the Universe by Beth Revis and at 50 followers I will release an interview I did with Beth Revis!

Megan :)

I love The Hillywood Show!!

Hey everyone thanks for coming back and checking out my blog. So you all know that I love reading but did you know that one of my other fave things to do is watch Youtube videos. Yes, I can safely say I am addicted to youtube! I started watching Youtube videos back in early 2009 and that's were I discovered The Hillywood Show. I really enjoyed the Twilight series and was looking for interviews and videos on Twilight when I came across The Hillywood Show's Twilight Parody. The first time I saw the Parody I couldn't beilieve how much the Hillywood cast looked like the Twilight cast but, not only that, they had taken the Twilight movie and made it into an awesome parody with a great song choice of Katy Perry's Hot & Cold , with amazing replica costumes and a great dance routine packed into just over nine minutes of incredible work but with months of hard work put in by The Hillywood Show behind the scenes. From then on I was hooked and had to find out more about The Hillywood Show!

I discovered that The Hillywood Show was created by two sisters Hannah & Hilly Hindi. Their story goes, that a few years back Hilly entered AOL's "Be a red star" contest and came in at a respectable third place out of nearly 100,000 entries into the contest. Even though Hilly didn't win she was encouraged by the support of fans who has seen her AOL video and wanted to see more. Thus The Hillywood Show came to life and with the help of her sister they are now interent sensations.

Hilly's AOL entry

So after the AOL contest The Hillywood Show continued and they make fifteen entertaining webisodes before they even imagined The Twilight Padory. Their webisodes are funny, creative and fun to watch with Hilly protraying many Johnny Depp characters such as Jack Sparrow.

With the success of their webisodes and their Twilight parody, The Hillywood Show have gone on to make even more amazing pardodys including a parody of New Moon & Eclipse. Both of the parodys were incredible, with the settings and costumes being exact and the music being perfect and you can see the hard work that has gone into the making of all their parodys. (They even went to Forks Washington to make some of the Eclipse parody) I have to admit I was even more excited for the release of the Hillywood Show's Eclipse parody that I stayed up till 4AM to wait till it was released on the web :) (Just so you all know The Hillywood Show is all self funded, the money for their parodys come out of their own wages and helpful fan donations.)

The Hillywood Show have made other amazing production's including The Dark Knight parody & The Runaways parody which are both incredible. I encourage you to check them out:

The Hillywood Show's latest production is The Vampire Diaries parody! I was really excited to see this padory and wasn't disappointed! I have to admit I have properly watched it 20+ times and it is still amazing every time. Again the music is perfect, the casting is perfect & Hilly does an amazing job as Elena/Katherine, I actually thought it was Nina Dobrev to start with. Nina must think the Hillywood show did a great job because she even tweeted about their amazing Vampire Diaries Parody. You have to check out the amazing parody below:

The success of The Hillywood Show is continuing with The Twilight parody having over 4 million views and with The vampire parody having over 300,000 views with it only being released a week ago I can say that this figure will rise into the millions over the coming months.

Hannah & Hilly Hindi

I encourage you all to check out The Hillywood Show & support such amazingly talented and warm hearted sisters. I know I will!

Where to find The Hillywood Show:

Follow them on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/HillywoodShow


Megan :)

First giveaway when I reach 50 followers!

Hey guys am so happy with the response so far to my new blog and the amazing welcome I have had from all you other amazing bloggers! I have 16 amazing followers so far and it has only been FIVE DAYS since I started this blog. So I have decided once I reach 50 followers I will have my first follower giveaway! The giveaway will be a paperback book of  ACROSS THE UNIVERSE BY BETH REVIS! Sorry to all you Intenational followers but this giveaway will be UK ONLY as I am buying the book & sending it using my own money! So if you want the chance to win follow my blog and spread the word the faster we get to 50 followers the sooner the giveaway can begin!

Megan :)

I Am Number 4 Movie Review!

John is an extraordinary teen, masking his true identity and passing as a typical high school student to elude a deadly enemy seeking to destroy him. Three like him have already been killed ... he is Number Four.

Hey! So last night I went and saw the movie I am number 4 based on the book by Pittcaus Lore. I was really excited too see the movie as in January I read the book and really enjoyed it. There were some aspects of the movie I really enjoyed and some I didn't.  I have to admit I was a little disappointed with the movie.

At first I wasn't sure if the casting of Alex Pettyfer to play John Smith because in the book John was fifthteen. However as with movies, aspects of characters change and John was now a senior in high school so he would have been seventeen or eighteen which made more sense to the casting of Alex. I have to admit I really think Alex did a great job of bringing John to life. I loved how they showed how John felt like he didn't have a place to call home and that, that is what he wanted most. The romance between Alex's character John and Dianna Agron's character Sarah wasn't as intense as it felt in the book. I think Dianna was a really good choose for Sarah I just wished we could have seen more of the romantic love story develop between the two characters.

Callan McAuliffe who played Sam was great as John's "geeky" UFO obessesed friend. Callan is exactly as I pictured Sam and I think Callan did a great job. However Jake Abel who played the football player/bully/x-boyfriend of Dianna's character Sarah was a big disappointment. Don't get me wrong he played a total bully and sorry about the language but a total asshole well but in the book he gets to redeem his character in the end. However in the film it felt he didnt seem to redeem himself apart from five seconds at the end of the movie were he retrieved the Lorion Box for John.

Now the Mogadorian's I did like they are the enemies of the Lorian people, they destroyed their planet and are now trying to do the same on Earth while hunting down the Lorian nine. I have to admit the Mogadorian's weren't how I pictured them but I did like them I thought they were really creepy.

The other two main character's in the movie were Henri plays by Timothy Olyphant who is John's Guardian and Teresa Palmer who plays Number 6. I have to say I loved the character  number 6 she was so badass and even better than I had imagined her to be. I also like Timothy as Henri however I really wish we had seen more of his relationship with John, we saw a little but not as much as I would have liked.

Overall I thought the movie was good it was fast paced and full of action however I still prefer the book. With the movie I don't think we got to see the relationships develop between the characters and we didnt learn alot about the past on Lorien which I really enjoyed learning about in the book.

So have you read the book or saw the movie?? What do you think of I am number 4?

Megan :)

I am so excited for these books!

There is loads of AMAZING books to be released this year but I have three in particular that am SO excited for! *jumps up and down*

The first is DEAD RECKONING by CHARLAINE HARRIS! This is the eleventh book in Sookie Stackhouse novels. I have read all ten of the previous Sookie Stackhouse novels and I couldnt put them down.

 Release date: May 3rd 2011

Synopsis from goodreads.com

With her knack for being in trouble's way, Sookie witnesses the firebombing of Merlotte's, the bar where she works. Since Sam Merlotte is now known to be two-natured, suspicion falls immediately on the anti-shifters in the area. But Sookie suspects otherwise and she and Sam work together to uncover the culprit - and the twisted motive for the attack. But her attention is divided. Though she can't 'read' vampires, Sookie knows her lover Eric Northman and his 'child' Pam well - and she realises that they are plotting to kill the vampire who is now their master. Gradually, she is drawn into the plot -which is much more complicated than she knows. Caught up in the politics of the vampire world, Sookie will learn that she is as much of a pawn as any ordinary human - and that there is a new Queen on the board

For more on the Sookie Stackhouse novels check out Charlene's website: http://www.charlaineharris.com/

The second book am excited for is DARK ANGEL by EDEN MAGUIRE. I loved Eden's Beautiful Dead series so much I even stayed up till the early hours reading them because they were just that good. Once I had finished one I couldnt wait for the next one and was sad when the series finished. Now am really excited for her next series of books!

Release date: 4th August 2011

 Synopsis from goodreads.com
Tania's heart belongs to Orlando. Nothing can rip them apart. Until the seduction begins in a flurry of glamour and magic, music and parties all orchestrated by the mysterious and mesmerising Zoran, an iconic rock star who has retired to a remote ranch in the nearby mountains. And there Tania meets the dark side. Can she resist temptation?

The last book am so excited for *drum roll please* is ANGEL FIRE by L.A. WEATHERLY the second book in the Angel Triology. I am in love with this series! Angel book one in the triology was my favourite book of 2010 and am counting down the days till Angel Fire is released. Keep your eye out for my review of Angel (Book 1) by L.A. Weatherly some time next week!

Release date: 1st October 2011

Synopsis from goodreads.com

This is the thrilling second chapter in the electrifying "Angel Trilogy". Angels will never be seen in the same way again. Gorgeous, charismatic Alex has the courage and skill of a trained Angel Killer. Unique, dazzling Willow has the beauty and power that comes with being half-angel. As the power of the malevolent Church of Angels grows, now it's up to Alex and Willow to train a new team of Angel Killers. Willow soon finds her half-angel identity met with hostility by some of the other AKs, while privately, she must wrestle with the knowledge that her father, Raziel, is a depraved, evil angel. However, while life in the AK training camp is tough, at least Alex and Willow are together. But when Alex discovers that the death of his brother and fellow Angel-Killer, Jake, was linked to a secret CIA mission to defeat the angels, he is forced to leave the camp to complete his brother's work without Willow. Alex promised Willow he would never leave her, but with the fate of the human race at stake, destiny has ruled that Alex and Willow must be parted once more.

Question: What books are you looking forward to that are being released this year?

Megan :)

I got so many books in Febuary!

In Febuary I won loads of giveways, so I thought I would share with you the books I have won and which I will review at a later date.

First off I won http://inside-dog.blogspot.com/ Follower love giveaway hop were I won $25 worth of books from the Book Depository. I choose:

The Secret Circle: The Initiantion & The capive part 1 by L.J.Smith

Pretty Little Liars (Book 1) by Sara Shepard

Vampire Academy (Book 1) by Richelle Mead

I also won a signed ARC copy of The Forset of Adventures, book one in The Knight Trilogy by Katie M John http://www.theknighttrilogy.com/

I also won Ednah Walters Follower love blog hop were I won a signed ARC copy of Awakened the first book in the Guardian Legacy series plus swag! http://ednahwalters.blogspot.com/  (Waiting on recieving it, I cant wait)

I also won the international part of the Books with Love giveaway over @ http://imreading-goodforme.blogspot.com/ I won $15 dollers worth of books from the book despositary. I choose:

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Bran Hambric: The farfield curse by Kaleb Nation

Over @ http://jenniferlaurens.blogspot.com/ I won a copy of Heavenly via her surprise tweets on twitter:

I won $15 from http://suzanne-johnson.blogspot.com/ for commenting on her Department 56 readers choice giveaway. I picked Invasion by Jon .S. Lewis. Am really excited to receive this book I have been wanting to read this book for ages.

I also won a copy of Married with Zombies by Jessie Peterson over at http://www.bookchickcity.com/ UK publiser month!

Last but not least I won a signed copy of Allison Pang's A Brush of Darkness via http://www.mybookishways.com/

Finally I won a copy of Exodus by Julie Bertagna over @ http://www.mykindabook.com/

Am really excited to read all these book and can't wait to tell you all what I thought of them. Alot of books I have won will be my April & May reads :)

Megan :)

My March Book Goal!!

In January I read three books:
  • I am number 4 by Pittacus Lore
  • Beautiful Dead: Book one-Jonas by Eden Maguire
  • Beauitful Dead: Book two-Arizona by Eden Maguire
In Febuary I read four books:

  • The Foreshaowing by Marcus Sedgwick
  • Beautiful Dead: Book three-Summer by Eden Maguire
  • Beautiful Dead: Book four-Phoneix by Eden Maguire
  • White Crow by Marcus Sedgwick

So this month my aim is to read six books, am trying to up my book reading each month. I know it may not seem alot of books, I know some people read way more but I need to start somewhere :). So here is the six books am going read this month!

What do you think of my selection of books to read this month?

Megan :)

My First Post!

Hey! So this is my first blog post and am really excited to be joining the blogging world! I thought I would introduce myself to all you amazing bloggers out there. My name is Megan and am 22 years old and I LOVE books. I cant go a day without reading. At the minute and into YA books and have been reading alot of books with vampires, werewolves, Angels, witches etc in them which I am loving.

I dont know how my blogging is going to go. Hopefully I can get some tips from all you amazing bloggers out there. I hope I dont give to much away when I do reviews!

Megan :)