Calling all bloggers!


So I have been blogging for nearly a month now (*claps*) and have meet some amazing bloggers who have helped me out alot both international and UK bloggers. So I like to get to know about authors I read and I thought why shouldn't we get to know are fellow bloggers as well. So I have decided to host a sort of get to know your blogger event in May. Basically what a want to do each day is highlight a blog. So I was thinking of who ever wants to be involoved answering the same 15-20 quick fire questions and when it's you day (I will try to make a little list of days and blogs so there is no confusion) you post it on your blog and the rest of us involved will put a small post up about you and your blog and send them your way to get to know you better. Am I making sense? Maybe not I do ramble on :)

So if you maybe understand a little of what am trying to explain (good luck :) and are interested leave me a comment with your email address and I will give you a wee email to talk over it further.

Thanks Megan :)


  1. I understand about half :) my email addy: fiktshun[at]gmail[dot]com. I've never done of these things but I'm up for a try!

  2. I think I understand :) I've never done this either but my email is


  3. I think i did understand and it sounds great =)

  4. If you need more takers, I can answer some questions.


  5. I think I understand :) and it sounds like a great idea!

  6. Sounds great. Jess & I would love to help.
    Donna x

  7. I think this sounds awesome :)