My March book target update!!

Hey! So this month I had a book target of SIX BOOKS. I wanted to up the amount I read each month and in January I read FOUR BOOKS and in Febuary I read FIVE BOOKS. Well the six book target for March isn't going to be achieved, unless I suddenly develop super powers! Now being half way though the month am only starting my second book. Not to make excuses, well actually I am going to use it as an excuse :) I was on a two week course at the beginning of the month so therefore lack of me, a cup of tea and a book. So basically what am saying is am not going to be able to met my target. So am going to try and read as many of them as I can which will properly be two or three more this month and leave the rest for some other time. To make it up to you guys I have decided to publish my interview with BETH REVIS for you guys to enjoy!

Look out for the interview sometime this week!

Megan :)

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