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Hey everyone thanks for coming back and checking out my blog. So you all know that I love reading but did you know that one of my other fave things to do is watch Youtube videos. Yes, I can safely say I am addicted to youtube! I started watching Youtube videos back in early 2009 and that's were I discovered The Hillywood Show. I really enjoyed the Twilight series and was looking for interviews and videos on Twilight when I came across The Hillywood Show's Twilight Parody. The first time I saw the Parody I couldn't beilieve how much the Hillywood cast looked like the Twilight cast but, not only that, they had taken the Twilight movie and made it into an awesome parody with a great song choice of Katy Perry's Hot & Cold , with amazing replica costumes and a great dance routine packed into just over nine minutes of incredible work but with months of hard work put in by The Hillywood Show behind the scenes. From then on I was hooked and had to find out more about The Hillywood Show!

I discovered that The Hillywood Show was created by two sisters Hannah & Hilly Hindi. Their story goes, that a few years back Hilly entered AOL's "Be a red star" contest and came in at a respectable third place out of nearly 100,000 entries into the contest. Even though Hilly didn't win she was encouraged by the support of fans who has seen her AOL video and wanted to see more. Thus The Hillywood Show came to life and with the help of her sister they are now interent sensations.

Hilly's AOL entry

So after the AOL contest The Hillywood Show continued and they make fifteen entertaining webisodes before they even imagined The Twilight Padory. Their webisodes are funny, creative and fun to watch with Hilly protraying many Johnny Depp characters such as Jack Sparrow.

With the success of their webisodes and their Twilight parody, The Hillywood Show have gone on to make even more amazing pardodys including a parody of New Moon & Eclipse. Both of the parodys were incredible, with the settings and costumes being exact and the music being perfect and you can see the hard work that has gone into the making of all their parodys. (They even went to Forks Washington to make some of the Eclipse parody) I have to admit I was even more excited for the release of the Hillywood Show's Eclipse parody that I stayed up till 4AM to wait till it was released on the web :) (Just so you all know The Hillywood Show is all self funded, the money for their parodys come out of their own wages and helpful fan donations.)

The Hillywood Show have made other amazing production's including The Dark Knight parody & The Runaways parody which are both incredible. I encourage you to check them out:

The Hillywood Show's latest production is The Vampire Diaries parody! I was really excited to see this padory and wasn't disappointed! I have to admit I have properly watched it 20+ times and it is still amazing every time. Again the music is perfect, the casting is perfect & Hilly does an amazing job as Elena/Katherine, I actually thought it was Nina Dobrev to start with. Nina must think the Hillywood show did a great job because she even tweeted about their amazing Vampire Diaries Parody. You have to check out the amazing parody below:

The success of The Hillywood Show is continuing with The Twilight parody having over 4 million views and with The vampire parody having over 300,000 views with it only being released a week ago I can say that this figure will rise into the millions over the coming months.

Hannah & Hilly Hindi

I encourage you all to check out The Hillywood Show & support such amazingly talented and warm hearted sisters. I know I will!

Where to find The Hillywood Show:

Follow them on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/HillywoodShow


Megan :)

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