My Top Ten (eight) Favourite Songs

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Topic: All About Audio freebie

As I don't listen to audio books I can't recommended any. Therefore I am going to tell you my top eight favourite songs. I have many favourites but this is just a handful of them.

Aerosmith- I don't want to miss a thing

I love movie soundtracks. Sometimes I love the soundtrack more than the movie and Aerosmith's song from Armageddon is my favourite movie song of all time. Love it!

Pink & Nate Ruess- Just give me a reason

I love, love, love this song. Its one I sing badly and get lost in it. Its so good.

Katy Perry- Firework

I love all of Katy Perry's songs but her older stuff is my favourite, especially Firework.

Panic At The Disco- This is Gospel

I only started listening to Panic At The Disco over a year ago and now I love them. My favourite song is This is Gospel.

Fall Out Boy- Young Volcanoes

I love Fall Out Boy. There Save Rock and Roll album is my favourite album of all time. I love all the songs but Young Volcanoes is one of my favourite on the album.

30 Seconds to Mars- Queens and Kings

I love 30 seconds to Mars music. My favourite song is Queens and Kings!!

Ellie Goulding- Love Me Like You Do

Ellie Goulding is just such an amazing singer. One of my favourite songs from her is Love Me Like You Do from 50 Shades Of Grey.

Labrinth FT Tinie Tempah- Earthquake 

Love it!

What is your current favourite song?

My Most Anticipated Fall Releases

It's the time of year I love, I love seeing all the leaves fall of the trees. I love sitting in with a good book, with candles lit and a nice cup of tea. I love the cosiness of fall and of course I love all the new releases! Here are my most anticipated fall releases.

Releases: October 4th / Goodreads

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I fell in love with Jennifer's 2015 release All The Bright Places so much. Its one of my favourite books of all time. So I am highly anticipating Jennifer's next book and I was so lucky to get an early copy which I have read and adored. A review is coming soon.

Releases: November 3rd / Goodreads

I read Nicola's debut novel last year and really enjoyed it. At first I wasn't sure how much I did love it. I read it in e arc format to start with and I think my copy was corrupted as everything seem jumbled and it put me of a lot so when I decided to re read it in paperback I had such a better experience. 

I am now very excited to read Nicola's next book. The story sounds really good, about chance meetings, families and first love.

Releases: October 4th / Goodreads

This story really gives me vibes of Bicentennial Man, the movie starring Robin Williams which I love. Read the blurb, if you saw that movie you will definitely get the same vibes.

Releases: September 13th / Goodreads

This book actually released yesterday but its one I still wanted to feature. This is YA contemporary from the author of Gossip Girl. The goodreads description describes it as "a dark, psychologically complex update of Black Beauty replete with jealousy, romance, mystery, and redemption."

Releases: October 6th / Goodreads

I have only read one other Lauren Oliver book and I DNF it. But I am really intrigued by this one. I don't really know what the story is about but I am interested in the way it is written. Its two stories in one that you can read various ways. One way is reading a chapter of Lyra's story then turning it over to read a chapter of Gemma's story and go back and forth till they meet in the middle. I am definitely excited. 

Releases: October 4th / Goodreads

The blurb interests me with this one. In this world you can erase your memories and it follows a girls journey to find out why she has a boy erased from her memory. It just sounds very mysterious and it really has me intrigued. 

Releases: November 8th / Goodreads

Goodreads says it all "From New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Young comes a heartrending new novel about a girl struggling to deal with anger issues while taking care of her younger brother with special needs."

Releases: November 8th / Goodreads

Its set in New Orleans my favourite place in the world, its dark, mysterious and has a secret society. What is there not to like. 

What are some of the fall releases you are excited for?

Top Ten ALL TIME Favourite books with supernatural beings

Top Ten Tuesday is an original/weekly meme hosted by The broke and the bookish.

Topic:  Top Ten ALL TIME Favourite books of X genre

This weeks topic was all time favourite books of a certain genre. Unlike a lot of people I find picking my favourite books easier than most. You can check out my top ten favourite books of all time here I decided to pick my top ten favourite books with supernatural creatures as I love all things paranormal. 

Supernatural Creatures: Vampires/ Werewolves (shapeshifters)

You can not have a list of favourite books with supernatural creatures in it without having Twilight. I was a die hard Twi Hard back in the day and I loved the series. I do admit the writing isn't amazing but the story is so addictive.

Supernatural Creatures: Werewolves, Warlocks, Vampires, Faeries, Angels, Demons

The Mortal Instruments series has a plethora of supernatural creatures so its a perfect book to add to the list.

Supernatural Creatures: Vampires

I think my favourite supernatural creature is vampires and both the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series has some awesome vampires.

Supernatural Creatures: Aliens

I am cheating a little here as aliens aren't really supernatural creatures but this book is kick ass and I just loved reading a book with not the usual time of "supernatural" creatures in them. 

Supernatural Creatures: Alphas ( I would say there kinda mermaids)

I read this book last year and loved it so much. The "creatures" in this are kinda like mermaids but way cooler. 

Supernatural Creatures: Ghosts

I read this series a few years back and loved it so much. Its set in a world where due to something called the shift anyone who was born after this time can see and talk to ghosts. Its a series I highly recommend.

Supernatural Creatures: Angels

This is one of my favourite trilogy's of all time. The angels in this story are not your typical good angels, they are in fact hurting humans without there knowledge while looking like their good. Its such a fast paced story with a romance you will love I guarantee.

Supernatural Creatures: Mythical creatures

I love this trilogy. It has mythical creatures in it, descendants of Medusa and I just love it. It's the first book with these type of creatures I have read and it won't be the last. 

Supernatural Creatures: Vampires, Faeries, shape shifter's and some more

I of course couldn't not mention this in a list. Its my second favourite series of all time. Its just amazing and has so many supernatural creatures.

Supernatural Creatures: Vampires, Witches and Demons

Again of course this trilogy has to be mentioned. Its my favourite book of all time. It just gives me so much feels. If I could just read about one world for the rest of my life it would be the world Deborah Harkness created.

What is your favourite Supernatural Creature?

Review: The Memory of Things by Gae Polisner

 Pages: 288
Published: 6th September 2016
Received eBook VIA Netgalley for honest review.


The powerful story of two teenagers finding friendship, comfort, and first love in the days following 9/11 as their fractured city tries to put itself back together.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, sixteen-year-old Kyle Donohue watches the first twin tower come down from the window of Stuyvesant High School. Moments later, terrified and fleeing home to safety across the Brooklyn Bridge, he stumbles across a girl perched in the shadows. She is covered in ash and wearing a pair of costume wings. With his mother and sister in California and unable to reach his father, a New York City detective likely on his way to the disaster, Kyle makes the split-second decision to bring the girl home. What follows is their story, told in alternating points of view, as Kyle tries to unravel the mystery of the girl so he can return her to her family. But what if the girl has forgotten everything, even her own name? And what if the more Kyle gets to know her, the less he wants her to go home? The Memory of Things tells a stunning story of friendship and first love and of carrying on with our day-to-day living in the midst of world-changing tragedy and unforgettable pain—it tells a story of hope.


Everyone around the world remembers when and where they where the day of 9/11. For me, I was 12 years old and I was in my high school in Northern Ireland at a afterschool club and the teachers told us what had happened. It was shocking, hard for a 12 year old to understand what was really happening at first. In Gae Polisner's, A Memory of things we are witnessing the struggles, unity and grief of the tragedy though the eyes of 16 year old Kyle. The opening scenes throw you straight into the nightmare of Kyle trying to get out of New York after the planes hit the towers where he meets a girl on the Brooklyn Bridge covered in ash and wearing Angel wings seemingly disoriented and confused. From there the story begins. We follow Kyle and the girl who can't remember who she is over the coming days after the tragedy.

The story is a coming of age story of a young boy who's lost and feeling like he isn't living up to his families standard's to a boy who shows hope, strength and love though a terrible time, coping with looking after his disabled uncle, the angel winged girl and worrying about his family. His mum and sister who are across the country to his police service father down at ground zero trying to rescue the thousands of people from the rubble. 

I really enjoyed this story it definitely isn't my type of story, and I struggle with male POV's but this story felt so real and authentic and the author did an amazing job of displaying the feelings of the people of New York during that time. It is a character driven story that is made possible though a strong lead in Kyle. 

Finally I enjoyed the overall mystery of who the angel winged girl was and her story of grief and forgiveness amongst tragedy and its a book that will stay with me. As the author said it is not a 9/11 story but a coming of age story, of resilience and hope, of humans ultimately pulling together not just for themselves but others. A story that happens around the world daily.