Top Ten ALL TIME Favourite books with supernatural beings

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Topic:  Top Ten ALL TIME Favourite books of X genre

This weeks topic was all time favourite books of a certain genre. Unlike a lot of people I find picking my favourite books easier than most. You can check out my top ten favourite books of all time here I decided to pick my top ten favourite books with supernatural creatures as I love all things paranormal. 

Supernatural Creatures: Vampires/ Werewolves (shapeshifters)

You can not have a list of favourite books with supernatural creatures in it without having Twilight. I was a die hard Twi Hard back in the day and I loved the series. I do admit the writing isn't amazing but the story is so addictive.

Supernatural Creatures: Werewolves, Warlocks, Vampires, Faeries, Angels, Demons

The Mortal Instruments series has a plethora of supernatural creatures so its a perfect book to add to the list.

Supernatural Creatures: Vampires

I think my favourite supernatural creature is vampires and both the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series has some awesome vampires.

Supernatural Creatures: Aliens

I am cheating a little here as aliens aren't really supernatural creatures but this book is kick ass and I just loved reading a book with not the usual time of "supernatural" creatures in them. 

Supernatural Creatures: Alphas ( I would say there kinda mermaids)

I read this book last year and loved it so much. The "creatures" in this are kinda like mermaids but way cooler. 

Supernatural Creatures: Ghosts

I read this series a few years back and loved it so much. Its set in a world where due to something called the shift anyone who was born after this time can see and talk to ghosts. Its a series I highly recommend.

Supernatural Creatures: Angels

This is one of my favourite trilogy's of all time. The angels in this story are not your typical good angels, they are in fact hurting humans without there knowledge while looking like their good. Its such a fast paced story with a romance you will love I guarantee.

Supernatural Creatures: Mythical creatures

I love this trilogy. It has mythical creatures in it, descendants of Medusa and I just love it. It's the first book with these type of creatures I have read and it won't be the last. 

Supernatural Creatures: Vampires, Faeries, shape shifter's and some more

I of course couldn't not mention this in a list. Its my second favourite series of all time. Its just amazing and has so many supernatural creatures.

Supernatural Creatures: Vampires, Witches and Demons

Again of course this trilogy has to be mentioned. Its my favourite book of all time. It just gives me so much feels. If I could just read about one world for the rest of my life it would be the world Deborah Harkness created.

What is your favourite Supernatural Creature?


  1. I LOVED the Southern Vampire Mysteries/True Blood books! They're not in my usual genre so I thought they'd be duds for me but I own them all!

  2. Ooh supernatural beings! Yes please ha ha. I think vamps and werewolves are a great combo, and merfolk too (I haven't read that book but I like mercreatures). I'd like to read more about shapeshifters too.

  3. Great list! So many good books and beings out there. I really enjoy Kelly Hashway's writing, so it was awesome to see her book on the list! :)