Author Interview: Samantha Young

Hey Samantha, thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview. So you have written, The Tale of Lunarmorte series. Can you tell us a bit about this series.

Sure. The Tale of Lunarmorte centres around Caia Ribeiro, a seventeen year old lykan who, after ten years of separation, is returned to her pack only to discover they've been keeping secrets about her parents death and her heritage. These secrets have a huge impact on Caia, and she suddenly finds herself drawn into an ancient war that wages between two factions of supernaturals. I pulled from Greek mythology to explain the orgin of the supernaturals- lykans, vampyres, faeries, witches and warlocks (they're called magiks in the novels) and daemons. There's plenty of lore, action, and romance in the trilogy.


Where did you get the idea for The Tale of Lunarmorte series?

I was actually studying ancient and medieval history at the University of Edinburgh and I took as class in classical literature. During one of the lectures I began to see how supernaturals could easily be connected to the Greek Gods with just a little imaganation. I was looking to write something fresh in the YA paranormal genre at the time and already had Caia in mind for a heroine, so it came together quite nicely.
You are writing a spin off series for The Tale of Lunarmorte called Repersussions. How is work on it coming along?
I have all the fundamentals together for Repersussions. I know what the premise of each book will be, and I've worked out the main series plot running throughout them. I also have book one completely plotted out. However, Repersussions has been put to the sidelines until the beginning of 2012 , while I work on my other projects.
You have also written The Chronicles of the Fade series. Can you tell us about the first book in the series Slumber.
Yay, I'm really excited about Slumber. It's actually out now in E-Book and Kindle edition. The paperback edition will be available by the end of May; I'll be posting specific dates soon on my blog. Slumber is a little bit different from my other novels, it's fantasy rather than paranormal, and I got the idea from the basic concept of the Sleeping Beauty fairytale. There are quite a few fairytale retellings out in the YA market but they're usually modern retellings, sticking pretty close to the original. I wanted to create an entire world- it's called Phaedra and it's populated by mage- and I wanted the heroine to be sleeping beauty's best friend. In Slumber, the princess falls ill to a mysterious disease and her best friend, Rogan, a mage with magic that can help her to locate the plant that will save the princess, sets of across the land of Phaedra to find it. Her journey to save the princess and their world is not an easy one, and Rogan definitely discovers more than she bargained for. Slumber is marketed as YA Fantasy Romance for older readers, as it's a little darker that the average fairytale.
I love the cover of Slumber. Who designed it, how much input did you have in the cover?
I'm so pleased with the cover art for Slumber, I absolutley fell in love with it. I'm a huge fan of artist, Claudia McKinney- - and was browsing her website when I came across this piece. Claudia does do commission work but I knew I wanted this and she let me purchase it for the cover art, so I was ecstatic. Claudia doesn't do the typography. That was me on the handy old photoshop :-p
Warriors of Ankh is a new series you have coming this summer. Can you tell us a little about this series?
Warriors of Ankh came into existance because I wanted to create a heroine who had a dark side. I think morally ambiguous characters are so interesting and I wanted a character I could really develop over the trilogy- that character is Eden. Eden is a soul eater ( a race of creatures originating from ancident Egypt, who feed on people's souls to survive). Although Eden is a little different from her kind, in general soul eaters are mortal but super strong and super nasty. Enter the Warriors of Ankh. The Ankh are rare immortal warriors created to hunt soul eaters, and they work along side their greater populated mortal brethren the Warriors of Neith. Noah is the youngest of the Ankh and his next assignment is to test Eden for possible redemption....because she's special... Blood Will Tell is the first novel and is due for release in July!
You also have a novella called Drip Drop Teardrop. Can you tell us a little about this book?
Well Drip Drop Teardrop, a novella is entirely inspired by the song "Overload" by the Cardigans. I was driving down the motorway listening to it and the lyrics helped me create the story. It tells the tale of Avery, a nineteen year old girl from New York, whose only living family member is dying of cancer. In her desparation to save her, Avery makes a deal with Brennus, a reaper with a romantic interest in her. This is marketed as YA Paranormal for older teens.
You write YA pararnormal & fantasy book's is there any other genre you would like to write?
I'd love to write an historical epic and also turn my hand to a dystopian novel. For now I'm concentrating on the YA side of writing but I'm definitely not discounting moving into adult fiction.
Do you like reading YA yourself, who are some of your favourite authors?
I love YA. Not only do I read a ton of it to keep up to date with what's out there, but I'm slightly addicted to the genre. My favourite authors are Richelle Mead, Rachel Caine, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, Amanda Hocking, Suzanne Collins, Patrick Ness, Maria V.Snyder, Melissa Marr, Lauren De Stefano, Melissa de las Cruz, Tabitha Suzuma, Kiersten White, Jenna Black, and Andrea Cremer. LOL. I could go on... there are just too many to name!
Is there any books you are looking forward to reading this year?
I cannot wait for Dearly Departed by Lia Habel, Supernaturally by Kiersten White, Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer, Sirensong by Jenna Black, Bloodlines by Richelle Mead and Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare. There are loads more but we would be here all day... :-p
Do you have any advice for upcoming/aspiring authors?
Write. It seems so simple but that is the best advice I could give. Just write and write and write. Your writing improves the more you do it and the entire process becomes easier once you have your style and your structure locked down. Also, there are some great sites out there now, like Wattpad, where you can put your work in a public forum and get feedback. This is a free and easy citique from the masses, and it really will help you become a better writer, and determine whether or not people are going to like your work. Criticism and rejection are a big part of being any kind of artist, and my advice is to take the constructive and use it to help you, and just keep pushing though. That old cliche is true for a writer. Never give up.
You can buy Samantha's books at this link here:

In My Mailbox (#4)

In my mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren were everyone puts up the books they have bought, received or got from the library!

This week I received some more E-books for review. I received:

*Click: An online love story by Lisa Becker

I'm going to review this book in June. Lisa is also kindly going do an interview with me next month and is going to offer a giveaway of an E-book of Click: An online love story! Come back in June for the interview, review and giveaway!

*Anathema by Megg Jensen

So for all you regular readers of my IMM, you know I have been trying to put myself on a book buying ban theses last few weeks. Well this week it completely when down hill. I ended up buying quite a few books. BUT the good thing is alot of the books I bought are for upcoming giveaways for you guys!


*Tomorrow when the war began by John Marsden: I have been wanting to read this book for a while ever since I saw the trailer for the movie. I didn't realise till I got the book that it is the first in a series!

*Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini: I was really excited to get this book. It has just been released in the UK this past week. I'm not sure if I prefer the UK or USA cover. Next month be on the look out for a giveaway of this book on my blog.

OK so I bought the next books for giveaways in June and July! So I'm wanting to have a fairytale/ fantasy week hopefully in June. I love fairytale/fantasy books! Especially classics. So I bought TWO of each of the following books for giveaways:

*Black Beauty by Anna Swell
*The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
*A little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

*Note: I'm looking for some guest posts for my fairytale/fantasy week in late June. I want some guest posts about, your favourite fairytale or classic book. If your interested contact me on my email. Email is in the contact section above*

I also bought some L.J Smith books for a giveaway! I bought:

*The Secret Circle: The Intation and the captive part one by L.J Smith
*Vampire Diaries: The Awakening by L.J Smith
*Nightworld: Book One: The Secret vampire by L.J Smith

What did you get in your mailbox?

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Introducing: YA author Keira Lea (YA Feature #2)

Hey everyone! Welcome to my weekly feature introducing new/upcoming YA authors every Friday! Up this week is author Keira Lea. I'm so excited to have Keira on Reading Away The Days. Enjoy the interview and show Keira some love by commenting and checking out her novel Replay!

*Title of book: Replay

*Release date: April 2011

*Genre: Humorous YA paranormal 

*A short description of Replay:

What if you could rewind time? Kelsee Lewis has a new school, a prima donna best friend, and one week to write a hit play. Throw in a self-obsessed mom and an absent executive dad, and it’s no wonder she has panic attacks—complete with time-warp special effects. When Kelsee meets comic book maven Quinn, she realizes the attacks give her the ability to rewind time.Replaying life seems like the best way to erase mistakes. But will second chances leave Kelsee flailing in the orchestra pit alone?

Keira's writing journey so far:

I haven't told anyone this story yet. Be warned, it's a little bizarre. When I was a kid, I didn't read much. I always wanted to watch TV instead of write. One morning (after I grew up, had a baby, and got a job), I couldn't get the voice of a character out of my head. I sat down at the computer to work, but I ended up writing all day instead. And the next day. And the next. After three days, I had the complete manuscript of Replay sitting on my computer. What, you don't believe me?
The truth is I've been a total book geek since before I could read. I would sit in a chair with my dad's copies of Reader's Digest and pretend I could read them. Yes, that makes me a reading poser. I wrote my first short story in third grade and sent my first query to a publisher when I was twelve. Authors like Madeleine L'Engle, Ursula K. Le Guin, Judy Blume, Anne Rice, and Stephen King raised me. Storytelling is the constant in my life.
*Where did you get the idea for Replay?

For the first draft of Replay, I wrote about a girl who has a mystery illness. Critique partners liked my main character's voice, but I could tell the story bored them. I started over with a new mystery illness: the ability to manipulate time.

The concept of time travel as a physical condition inspired me. One well-known example of this is The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. When I adapted the idea for Replay, I explored what it would be like to try to control an extraordinary ability like this while surviving the first year in a new high school.

*I really like the cover of Replay. How much input did you have in the cover, who designed it?

Thank you! I created the cover. Finding an image that worked so well with the book was pure luck. It was ridiculous how happy it made me.

*In Replay, Kelsee can rewind time. If you could rewind time, would you? Any time you would rewind back to?

I would rewind to my freshman year of college. When I was in high school, everyone expected you to go to college, but no one told you what to do when you got there. I ended up on the five-year bachelor's degree plan because I was clueless the first year. Some would argue I was just drunk … on the excitement of being on my own.

*Why do you write YA?

I worked on "adult" novel ideas for a long time before realizing my heart belongs to YA. What do I love about YA books? Everything: the humor, characters, emotional truth. The "anything goes" attitude.

*Do you have any advice for new or aspiring writers?

Write only the stories you want to read.

*Why should we read Replay?

You should read Replay because my mother thinks it's the best book ever written, and Mother is always right.

*Are you working on any projects at the moment?

I tend to work on several ideas at the same time. One of my current projects is a sequel to Replay.

Finally some quick fire questions:

*Summer or Winter? Winter, as long as I'm near fire.

*Night or Day? Night

*Movies or music? TV is not an option?

*Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction

*Tea or coffee? Dr Pepper

*Favourite colour? Burgundy and ice blue

*Favourite writing place? My bed

*Favourite destination? My bed

*Favourite book? A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle

*Favourite author? This is a trick question, right?

*If you were stranded on a desert island what things would you bring?

I'd bring my MacBook Pro, a generator, gasoline for the generator, a satellite connection for the Internet, and my cats. Oh, and maybe my family.

Thanks to Keira for taking the time to answer my questions!

You can buy Replay at these links:
Smashwords link:

Follow Keira on her:
Twitter: @keiraleabooks

Also check out the Replay blog tour:
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*If you missed last week's YA author interview, you can check it out here: Introducing YA author Courtney Cole

Author Interview: Suzy Turner

Hey Suzy. Thanks so much for taking the time out to do this interview with me. Raven is your first YA fantasy novel. Can you tell us a little about it?

Hi Megan! Yes, sure. Raven is about Lilly, a girl whose parents mysteriously disappear from their London home, leaving her no choice but to move to Canada to a family she never even knew existed. Whilst there, she discovers intriguing and frightening family secrets as well as the terrifying truth that she isn't who she thought she was... or what.

I like the cover of Raven it's quite mysterious, it makes you think what is in that forest, what the person is walking into. Who designed the cover, did you have input into the design of the cover?

Thank you. I did it all myself!! The figure in the forest is actually me (but it's been seriously photoshopped to make it look like a teenager!). I wanted to make it look eerie and mysterious which I think I've achieved.


Raven is set in British Columbia, Canada. I have always wanted to visit Canada, have you ever visited it yourself and why did you set the book in Canada?

My husband and I (and some friends) visited British Columbia and Alberta in 2009 and we totally fell in love with it. The forests, mountains, lakes, waterfalls and the Pacific Ocean were so breathtaking that they inspired me to write a book based there. I chose Powell River specifically because there was one day when we sat on some huge pieces of driftwood and had a picnic as we watched fish jump out of the water. It was the most perfect setting. It made my imagination run riot!

Raven is the first in a series, how is the writing of December Moon, the sequel coming along?

Although I have set a date for December Moon to be released (September 2011), I have only written about a fifth so far, but from this week, it's all systems go.

You also write in the chick lit genre. Do you prefer chick lit or urban fantasy? Is there any other genres you would like to tackle?

I love to write both genres but I have to admit a fondness for urban fantasy... I have such a crazy imagination and it can really let go when I'm writing fantasy. I'll probably be giving sci-fi a go at some point. I do love all that alien stuff too!

Who are some of your favourite authors?

Well, there are the obvious ones like JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyers but more recently I've picked up some equally fabulous books by Becca Fitzgerald, Kiersten White, Rachel Caine, etc. There is an indie author I must mention though. I read her book, Hidden, a little while back and I was totally blown away by it. It was one of the best YA books I've read. Her name is Shalini Boland. I also like chick lit authors like Sophie Kinsella, Miranda Dickinson, Jenny Colgan, Wendy Holden, Belinda Jones, etc. 

Is there any books you are looking forward to reading this year?

Well, now I've got my kindle I'm looking forward to reading books by both known and unknown writers. The sequels to Paranormalcy and Hush Hush are on my TBR list. Having said that, I think that list is currently in the 100s!! Shalini has a sequel coming out too, which I can't wait to read!

Do you have any advise for new/aspiring authors?

Never give up on your dream. If you can, write every single day, even it's just 100 words or so. Give yourself weekly goals and to help stick to them, treat yourself each time you've reached that goal.

To purchase a copy of Raven, please visit 

You can also check out Suzy @:

Splash Into Summer Giveaway Hop!


Splash into Summer Giveaway hop is hosted by I am a reader not a writer & Page Turners Blog

This is my first giveaway hop and really excited to be particpating! My giveaway Hop is INTERNATIONAL !

My giveaway is of a copy of Die For Me by Amy Plum! Am really excited to give this book away. I bought a copy for myself as well so am really excited to read it!

 My life had always been blissfully, wonderfully normal. But it only took one moment to change everything. Suddenly, my sister, Georgia, and I were orphans. We put our lives into storage and moved to Paris to live with my grandparents. And I knew my shattered heart, my shattered life, would never feel normal again. Then I met Vincent.
Mysterious, sexy, and unnervingly charming, Vincent Delacroix appeared out of nowhere and swept me off my feet. Just like that, I was in danger of losing my heart all over again. But I was ready to let it happen. Of course, nothing is ever that easy. Because Vincent is no normal human. He has a terrifying destiny, one that puts his life at risk every day. He also has enemies . . . immortal, murderous enemies who are determined to destroy him and all of his kind.
While I'm fighting to piece together the remnants of my life, can I risk putting my heart—as well as my life and my family's—in jeopardy for a chance at love?


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Author Interview & Giveaway: Michelle Leighton


Hey Michelle, thanks so much for taking the time out to do this interview with me. First of how did you get into writing, have you always wanted to be a writer, who inspired/inspires you to write etc?  

Actually, it's kind of funny.  I had just finished reading the Twilight series (I was a late Twihard bloomer) and I was so bummed that all my new "friends" were gone that I decided I was going to create some of my own, friends with freaky abilities and scary personality flaws, but lovable just the same.  I wrote that first book (as yet unpublished) in 14 obsessively driven days.  Once I sat down to begin the tale, the characters and their lives came to life.  THAT was what I found most addictive about writing.  And I'm still addicted.  It's as much an adventure for me, an unveiling, as it is to my readers.

To date you have written 4 books. The Reaping, Caterpillar, Wiccan and Blood Like Poison.  

*Could you tell me a bit about The Reaping your YA Paranormal Romance.

The Reaping is the story of a girl who's life is nothing like what she thought it was.  In fact, she, herself, is nothing like what she thought.  This book is the first in the series and introduces you to Carson Porter as she once was and hints at the Carson Porter that she will soon become as she discovers things about her life, her destiny and her powers.

*The Reaping is the first novel in The Fahllen Series. How is the writing coming along for the sequel?

I have yet to begin the sequel, though I have it slated for work beginning in June of this year.  I think it's going to be extremely interesting, especially since so much of the groundwork was laid in the first book.

*Caterpillar another of your novels is an adult book. Could you tell us a little about Caterpillar?

It is the story of a woman, Cat Deen, who begins to discover bodies at the houses that she's selling, bodies that are linked to a diabolical killer of a supernatural origin.  Throw into the mix a vampire with a demonic history, an angelic back story and a curse that promises Cat will live nine different lives and you have the beginnings of the Nine Lives series.
Caterpillar (Nine Lives, Book 1)

*Which do you prefer to write Adult or YA and why?

I prefer YA for the voice. I love that time in life.  It's much more casual and easy-breezy.  Plus, the expectations are different. I think there's less pressure to include certain elements.

*Wiccan your YA Paranormal book, is one of your books I really like the sound of and would love to read. Can you tell us a little about it.

It is my foray into more of a murder-mystery kind of book.  It's still YA and it has a paranormal element that becomes more pronounced as the story goes on and Mercy, the main character and girl who sees murders, matures, and so does her blood.

*Blood like Poison is your latest book. Can you tell us a little about it?

It is an epic romance about Bo, a vampire who, in the course of seeking revenge for the death of his father, meets and falls in love with a girl he can't get out of his head.  Ridley's taken with Bo as well, but she doesn't realize that he has a death wish that could take him from her in the very near future.#
Blood Like Poison: For the Love of a Vampire
All your books are all Paranormal. Is this a genre you think you will continue writing in or would you like to branch out into a different genre?

Something paranormal seems to creep up in every book that I write, no matter how it begins, so I think I will be writing paranormals for some time to come.

Paranormal books are very "in" at the minute. We all love to read a good book with a vampire, werewolf ,witch etc in it. What do you think is it that draws the readers into these sort of books.

I think that paranormal story lines are so far out of the ordinary from the things we see in our day-to-day lives that they provide a particularly inviting and effective escape for many of us.

Do you like reading Paranormal books yourself, if so what is some of your favourites?

Yes.  YES!  Of course, I loved the Twilight series.  I also enjoyed the Vampire Academy series, Sookie Stackhouse novels, and The Breed novels from Lara Adrian.

Do you have any advise for upcoming/aspiring authors?
Don't quit writing!  No matter how discouraging it sometimes seems, never EVER give it up.  You can't fail until you quit.

Thanks to Michelle for taking the time to do this interview. You can check out Michelle's blog where you can read more about all her books and links to where you can buy them:

Michelle has kindly offered a Ebook copy of Blood Like Poison, her lastest novel.

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In My Mailbox (#3)

 In my mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren were everyone puts up the books they have bought, revieved or got from the library!

This week I recieved quite a few E-Books for review. I recieved:

*Replay by Keria Lea
*Dream Smashers by Angela Davis
*Violet Midnight by Allie Burke
*The Understorey by Fisher Amelie

This week I tried to resist the urge to buy any book, I managed to do this last week but this week I did buy one book, but it is a book I have wanted to read for a while. I bought Die For Me by Amy Plum! I'm really excited to start this book.

I also borrowed a book of my friend called Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham. I have read this book before and I loved it, I recently won the second book via British Babes facebook page, so I borrowed the first book to refresh my mind.

What did you get in your mailbox?

*If you have time please check out my recent interviews with some amazing new YA authors!*

Author Interview: Jenna Kay

Hey Jenna, thanks so much for taking time out to do this interview. Can you tell us what your debut novel Clarity is about?

Yes. It's about a seventeen year old girl living the normal teenage life, but normality flies out the window when she meets Sam and finds out she's a Seer (Biblical Seer, not fortune teller). She tries to turn away from her Seer gifts but finds it hard to do, especially since demons find out what she is and try to take her out. Basically, this first book in the Seer Society Series is an introduction. The reader follows Clarity and friends though all types of struggle, including real life teen issues. My goal is to get the reader thinking on the unseen war going on, the spiritual battle that is not only being fought around us, but the fight inside us as well.

Where did the idea for Clarity come from?

After writing it three different times and changing all the charcaters names and setting, it just sort of came- it just fit!

The cover of Clarity is beautiful. Did you have any input into the cover? Who designed it?

Thanks you, but my husband Rocky deserves all the credit on the cover. The cover is actual a scene from the book (Thanksgiving Dance) and the girl is my beautiful niece, Hannah. My husband took pictures... did whatever it was he did to make it come together. I'm really bad when it comes to designing stuff.

How does it feel to have your novel out there for the whole world to critique?

At first it was a little nerve racking, because I know there is going to be alot of haters out there. I know there's people that will point out ever little mistake and try to bring me down, but I take comfort in the fact that God is with me and am doing what He wants me to be doing. Actually, I'm glad it's already out there, and I'm working hard on the second book as we speak!

Do you have any advise for new or aspiring authors?

Just to not give up. Surround yourself with positive people and just do what you feel is right. It's your story, no one elses.

What sort of books do you like reading yourself?

Love any thing YA, paranormal, fiction, romance, horror.

Who are some of your favourite authors?

The list is huge but I will name a few: Bree Despain, Lauren Kate, Becca Fitzpatrick, Stephanie Meyer, Maggie Stiefvater, Cassandra Clare... really, the list goes on!

What was your favourite book as a child/teenager?

As a teenager I loved anything by R.L.Stine.

Is there any books that you are looking forward to reading that are released this year?

Um, lots!

Fianlly is there any new projects you are working on at the minute?

Yes, I'm almost finished with the first draft of Broken, the second book in the Seer Society Series. The reader will learn more about the Seer Society and learn a whole lot more on Clarity's life and family. I plan to have it published sometime in the fall. I'm really really really excited about it!!!!

Clarity is now available in ebook and paperback though Amazon, books-a-million, and Barnes & Noble websites and also on Smashwords.

You can follow Jenna on twitter and facebook:

Clarity Facebook page

Jenna is also on Goodreads & Shelfari!

You can also check out Jenna's blog and website:

Introducing : YA Author Courtney Cole (YA Feature #1)

Hey everyone! I would like to welcome you all to my new feature that does exactly what it says on the tin, it introduces new/upcoming YA to all my readers every Friday. Am so happy to introduce to you to the first author taking part in my new feature, author Courtney Cole.*claps hands* Courtney is so awesome for wanting to take part and am excited to have her on Reading Away The Days! Enjoy the interview and show Courtney some love by commenting and checking out her novel Every Last Kiss!

Every Last Kiss (The Bloodstone Saga)

*Title of Courtney's book:  Every Last Kiss (Book One of the Bloodstone Saga)
*Genre:  YA Paranormal Romance
*Release date:  It is available now on Kindle and Paperback! 
*A short description of Every Last Kiss:
Every Last Kiss is about a girl who, for thousands of years, has been a Keeper of Fate in the ancient organization, the Order of the Moirae. She literally holds fate in her hands. But, this is something that she forgets because her memories are wiped clean in every life, leaving her to figure everything out over and over again. 

In Every Last Kiss, fate is threatened and the main character, Macy, is left to return to ancient Egypt to fix it… to a life where she was Cleopatra’s handmaiden, Charmian.  She is meant to repair the fabric of time, but unless she interferes with fate, the one thing that she was born to protect, her soul mate will die. Again. 

Courtney's writing journey so far:
I’ve known that I wanted to be a writer from the time I was a little girl.  I read stacks of books and if I didn’t like the ending in one, I just wrote my own.  But when I grew up, I felt like I should get a ‘real job’ because I was afraid writing couldn't pay the bills... and this girl likes to eat! :) 
I majored in Business in college and worked in the corporate world.   But trust me, the corporate world is not nearly as much fun as writing.  Writing is what I’m good at it, it is my talent—and  I’m at a place in life where I can chase that dream and do what I love.
I’ve met so many inspiring people along this journey.  Writers are a really awesome group of people.  So encouraging and supportive.  I think it’s because we know what it is like to wake up at 2am and suddenly know that the chapter four that we just wrote wasn’t nearly good enough- and race downstairs in your pajamas to re-write it.  At 2am.  Writers understand and because of that, we want to help each other. 
Two writers in particular who are just made of awesome are Michelle Leighton and Wren Emerson. Two very talented writers who you will be seeing a lot more of in the future, trust me on that. 
 *Where did the you get the idea for your novel, Every Last Kiss?
Well, I was pondering fate one day and thinking about tragic people who might change their own fates if they could.  That led me down the path of thinking about Cleopatra… and from there, my idea just developed a life of its own. I added some mythology, some romance, some magic.  You know, the good stuff.   

*The cover of Every Last Kiss is beautiful. Did you have any say in the direction of the cover? Who designed the cover?  
The cover is exactly how I wanted it.  I was very pleased with it.  The wildly talented Christel Michiels from Darkyria Design created it. 
*In your book the main character is forced to return to a previous life, one where she was Cleopatra's handmaiden, Charmian. Is this an era you like?
I do find the ancient Egyptian culture fascinating… just as I find ancient Greece and Rome fascinating.  That will come to play in later books as mythology takes more of a leading role in the plot. 
 *Why do you write Young Adult?
There are soooo many reasons I write YA.   Young adults are passionate…about everything, including the book characters that they love.  It is awesome to write for an audience that truly, truly appreciates your work and falls in love with your characters.  Also, I just happen to have a great YA voice.  YA sort of chose me. 
*What is the hardest thing about being an author?
Hmm.  You know, this is the first time anyone has asked me that!  Um.   There are a lot of challenges… you have to network and market and that means spending a lot of time on-line where you run into distractions (as in getting sucked into blogs, Twitter or Facebook for hours).  
But I think the absolute hardest thing is just putting your work out there for people to judge.  Reading and writing is a very subjective thing.  Not everyone is going to love everything—and as writers, we really have to remember that so that we don’t take negative comments personally.
*Any Advice for upcoming authors?
Write.  Every day.   It sounds like a silly thing to advise a writer to do, because writers write, right?  But it is so easy to procrastinate it, get sucked into the Internet in research, networking, etc.  Keep writing.  Don't get discouraged.  Write what you love and write often. 
*Are you working on any novels at the minute?
Yes!  I just finished my first contemporary YA.  I usually hang out in paranormal worlds, but thought I would try my hand at contemporary.  That novel, Princess, will be released this summer.   Incidentally, another novel, Guardian, a paranormal YA will be released in July from Whiskey Creek Press. 
But right now, I am hard at work on the sequel to Every Last Kiss.  My characters keep surprising me and I love that. 
Finally some fun quickfire questions:
*Summer or Winter?  Summer.  I hate the cold!

*Night or Day?   I love the night...because it is so mysterious and romantic.  But I can’t write at night—my mind works the best during the day when it is fresh.
*Movies or Music?   Oh, man.  This one is hard.  Movies.  No, wait.  Music. 
*Fiction or Non-Fiction?  Fiction
*Favourite colour?   Hot pink
*Favourite place?  My home.  Or standing on the shore of Lake Michigan with my toes in the water. 
*Favourite Holiday destination?  My next vacation will be Hawaii.  Although I love, love Disney World.  (I’m really just a large child)
*Favourite Book?  “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” by Mitch Albom
 *If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 items would you bring?
Okay- I’m assuming you don’t mean people.  Hopefully my fave people will be stranded with me…and we’ll make it a party.  Woo-hoo!  So, if my family and best friends are already with me, then I would bring:
1.  A solar powered laptop
2.  Twelve million cases of fresh water.  Or margaritas.  No, I should probably stick with the water.  Boo.
3.  And… a cell phone with really awesome reception.  J
Thanks to Courtney for taking the time to answer my questions!

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Author Interview: Tracey Lee Campbell

Hey thanks for taking the time for this interview. Can you tell us a little bit about your book Starcrossed: Perigee?
Starcrossed: Perigee is the first book in a trilogy. I class it as paranormal romance, but I guess it crosses over into sci-fi too. It is the story of Lucy, a relatively normal 17 year old girl who is unaware of her interest to the sinister 'Innaki' alien race. She falls for Aric Brennan - a perfectly engineered alien/human hybrid who was created specifically by the Innaki to charm and seduce. As she learns about the true state of reality, she has to put her trust in Aric to help her escape the Innaki, a shadowy military agenda and other creepy, paranormal creatures.

Where did you get the idea for Starcrossed: Perigee?
I've been very interested in all things 'highly strange' for years and strongly suspect there's more to this existence than meets the eye. I saw a UFO as a young child which helped peak my interest. Starcrossed: Perigee is really my attempt at gathering different theories about the paranormal, adapting them and weaving it all into a story so that it all makes sense.

The cover for Starcrossed: Perigee is a very interesting cover. Even though it is an all black cover there is something so eye-catching about it, in the detail of the branches around the sides and the silhouettes of the boy and the girl. Did you have any input into the cover? Who designed it?
My daughter, who has plans of becoming a graphic artist, designed it. I made a vague attempt at it, using the silhouette idea, but it was terrible. She asked me if she could have a go at it. I said 'yes', and was gobsmacked at what she came up with - all in around 15 minutes!

Paranormal YA novels are very popular at the minute, the whole aliens, vampires, werewolves type of novels are very popular. What do you think is the reason we are so drawn to paranormal genres at the minute. What makes these creatures of the "dark" so appealing to us?

Throughout the ages humans have always had a fascination with the paranormal. Researchers say humans believed in the paranormal through ignorance - a way of explaining everyday occurrences. Nowadays, we are supposed to be 'enlightened', educated. I don't think we can blame our fascination on ignorance any more - if anything, our abilities to think, reason and research have gotten better. Perhaps the reason we're still so interested in 'dark creatures' is that they provide an explanation for the mayhem in fictional worlds, which satisfies a craving for an explanation as to why our own, real world is in a shambles right now. Or perhaps, we are fascinated because we sense, deep in our psyche, there really is something to this existence other than our mundane, everyday world!

When you start writing a book do you know exactly were the plot is going to go/ and does it surprise you when the book takes a whole different direction that you thought it would go?

 I know the beginning, the end, and a loose idea of what will happen in the middle, but usually extra ideas come to me as I'm writing and, luckily, they seem to fit right in as though they were meant to be there all the time.

Starcrossed: Perigee is the first in a trilogy! How is the writing on the second book going?

I'm up to chapter two and have some really exciting ideas which I'm itching to write in! The relationship between Lucy and Aric will have more tension in the second book, and I'm adding some extra (spooky) supernatural characters to the mix as well. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they get up to.

You write YA is this a genre you like reading yourself?

I like anything 'paranormal', so the only YA I've read is in the 'paranormal YA genre'. Meyers, Lauren Kate etc.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

Keep at it, read about the craft of writing and apply what you learned to your writing - there are tons of free writing sites on the net so you don't need to pay for a writing course. It is all a learning process and you will get better the more you practice, take advice etc. Learn how to take constructive criticism and use it to your advantage. My book is so much better than before because I listened to my beta readers. Be ruthless when you're editing - cut out superfluous stuff which doesn't allow the book to flow and bogs down the reader. Best advice I can give? Just finish it! It is the best feeling ever to know you have completed an entire manuscript, even if it doesn't become a best seller - it is yours, and you wrote it!
Thanks to Tracey for taking the time to do an interview with me. Starcrossed: Perigee is avaiable now:

Buy the paperback version: Amazon Paperback
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Also you can check out the Official Starcrossed website: & the Starcrossed: Perigee Trailer: Book trailer

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Have you heard about my new upcoming feature?

Hey guys,

This is just a quick post to tell all you about a new feature am starting on the blog this Friday called Introducing new/upcoming YA authors. What is this you say? Well it's exactly what you may think it is, it's a new feature introducing you guys to a new YA author's and their book's. So far I have had so much response from new YA authors wanting to get involved and this makes me very happy : ) The new feature will be every Friday starting this Friday the 20th with author Courtney Cole.

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Megan :)

In My Mailbox ( #2)

In my mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren were everyone puts up the books they have bought, received or got from the library!

Received in the mail:

This week I resisted the urge to buy any books, even though there is a few I want to buy, as I have so many to read still and to be honest am running out of room to store them he he. I also didn't see any I fancied in the library, so all in all this week I just got what I received in the mail and it was quite a few goodies I received:

* RedHeart by Jackie Gamber: I received Redheart via Seventh Star Press for review plus they also sent me a few Redheart bookmarks and some collectible cards with drawings by Matthew Perry, relating to the books. You can check out an interview I had with Jackie Gamber, the author of Redheart here: Interview with Jackie Gamber Look out for a review of Redheart later in the month.

*Hex Hall (Hex Hall #1) by Rachel Hawkins: I won this book a few weeks ago and just received it in the mail this week. I got to pick my choice of book and this is what I choose. I have been wanting to read this book for a while.

*Slowburn by Ednah Walters: I won this over on Ednah's facebook fanpage, during the launch party of Slowburn. I really am excited to read this book. I have read Awakened by Ednah and loved it and I think am going to like Slowburn. P.S. Slowburn is an adult book whereas Awakened is a YA book. I also received a signed Slowburn bookmark and a signed Betrayed bookmark, the next book in her YA trilogy.

*The Liberation of Alice Love by Abby McDonald , Holly's inbox Scandal in the city & A crowded marriage a novel by Catherine Alliot : I won all three of these books during the British Babes royal wedding celebrations on facebook. I was able to choose three books out of the British Babe list of authors and I got a bit of Kate & William memorabilia as well. I choose the above book's as I thought they sounded interesting. They are Adult books and am really excited to read Holly's inbox Scandal in the city as I read the first one a few years back and loved it.

What did you get in your mailbox?

Megan :)

Author Interview: Tiffany King

Hey Tiffany. Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview with me. Firstly, I just want to send congrats your way on selling 339 copies in your first month. Thats awesome. For everyone that doesn't know what is your debut novel Meant to be about.

Meant to Be, is a classic love story which is something everyone can relate to, but with a mysterious twist. Krista, the main character, is not exactly your everyday teenager. She has never been able to connect with anyone in her life, and she is un-naturally consumed by the emotions of others, to the point that she becomes ill. The only boy that she has ever been in love with doesn't even exist. He visits her each night in her dreams. After a tragic event, Krista moves west hoping for a fresh start, but her world is turned upside down when she meets a girl that shares her same traits and a boy that claims to know about her dreams. Krista must overcome her fears and find the strength within her that she never realized she had to solve the mystery behind the connection that binds them together.

Where did you get your inspriation for Meant to be?

My daughter was my biggest inspiration for Meant to Be. I wanted to give her a book that she could lose herself in. I wanted a great love story to share with her. So many books deal with triangle situations that I wanted to give her something different. No team Edwards or Jacobs here hehehe.

The cover art is so beautiful for Meant to be. A shout out needs to go to the cover artist Brittany M. King. How much input did you have in the cover process and design?

 I LOVE the book cover for Meant to Be and think Ms. King did a fabulous job on it. I was able to add my input on the entire cover and I am so glad she saw my vision. I am already looking forward to working with her again for the next book.

How does it feel to have your book out there for all to see and of course critize?

It is unreal to see my book out there and to see all the fabulous reviews. On the other hand it's extremely hard to hear it criticized. When you write a book it becomes a part of you like another child and it pains you to see others hate your new "child." Thankfully almost everyone has been fabulous with their reviews and I am very grateful to all of them.   

Is there any books releasing this year that you are looking forward to reading?

There are two books I cannot wait to get my hands on; the first is Half-Blood by Jennifer Armentrout and the second is Ashfall by Mike Mullin.

Which book do you wish you could have written?

Ohhh fabulous question, I wish I had written Harry Potter. Not for the $$$ but because of the fact JK is a flippin' genius and I wish I was a genius like her hehehe.

What was some of your favourite books to read when you were a child/teenager?

I loved all the books that Judy Blume wrote. I was also a fan of Where the Red Fern Grows and The Outsiders.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

To never ever give up!! For every writer there is an audience and you should live your dream :o)

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