Author Interview: Suzy Turner

Hey Suzy. Thanks so much for taking the time out to do this interview with me. Raven is your first YA fantasy novel. Can you tell us a little about it?

Hi Megan! Yes, sure. Raven is about Lilly, a girl whose parents mysteriously disappear from their London home, leaving her no choice but to move to Canada to a family she never even knew existed. Whilst there, she discovers intriguing and frightening family secrets as well as the terrifying truth that she isn't who she thought she was... or what.

I like the cover of Raven it's quite mysterious, it makes you think what is in that forest, what the person is walking into. Who designed the cover, did you have input into the design of the cover?

Thank you. I did it all myself!! The figure in the forest is actually me (but it's been seriously photoshopped to make it look like a teenager!). I wanted to make it look eerie and mysterious which I think I've achieved.


Raven is set in British Columbia, Canada. I have always wanted to visit Canada, have you ever visited it yourself and why did you set the book in Canada?

My husband and I (and some friends) visited British Columbia and Alberta in 2009 and we totally fell in love with it. The forests, mountains, lakes, waterfalls and the Pacific Ocean were so breathtaking that they inspired me to write a book based there. I chose Powell River specifically because there was one day when we sat on some huge pieces of driftwood and had a picnic as we watched fish jump out of the water. It was the most perfect setting. It made my imagination run riot!

Raven is the first in a series, how is the writing of December Moon, the sequel coming along?

Although I have set a date for December Moon to be released (September 2011), I have only written about a fifth so far, but from this week, it's all systems go.

You also write in the chick lit genre. Do you prefer chick lit or urban fantasy? Is there any other genres you would like to tackle?

I love to write both genres but I have to admit a fondness for urban fantasy... I have such a crazy imagination and it can really let go when I'm writing fantasy. I'll probably be giving sci-fi a go at some point. I do love all that alien stuff too!

Who are some of your favourite authors?

Well, there are the obvious ones like JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyers but more recently I've picked up some equally fabulous books by Becca Fitzgerald, Kiersten White, Rachel Caine, etc. There is an indie author I must mention though. I read her book, Hidden, a little while back and I was totally blown away by it. It was one of the best YA books I've read. Her name is Shalini Boland. I also like chick lit authors like Sophie Kinsella, Miranda Dickinson, Jenny Colgan, Wendy Holden, Belinda Jones, etc. 

Is there any books you are looking forward to reading this year?

Well, now I've got my kindle I'm looking forward to reading books by both known and unknown writers. The sequels to Paranormalcy and Hush Hush are on my TBR list. Having said that, I think that list is currently in the 100s!! Shalini has a sequel coming out too, which I can't wait to read!

Do you have any advise for new/aspiring authors?

Never give up on your dream. If you can, write every single day, even it's just 100 words or so. Give yourself weekly goals and to help stick to them, treat yourself each time you've reached that goal.

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  1. Suzy, I totally agree with your "write every day" advice. Not that I'm doing it right now, ha! But when I did, I wrote a novel in just over a month. The momentum you build translates into extreme productivity.

    Nice interview! :)

    Oh, and PS, I'm following your blog now, Suzy. :)

  2. Great interview. I'm not an author who finds the inspiration to write every day, unfortunately. The advice is good, though. :) I love the book cover for Raven, too.

  3. Wonderful interview! Raven sounds really intriguing!

  4. I have a fondness for the Pacific Northwest as well! This is a must read for me!

  5. I really enjoyed the interview. I have been seeing this book around the blogs, it looks very good!!! I already have it on my TBR list.


  6. awesome interview and the nbook sounds awesome ty for posting

    I think i will be followingthe write everyday advice and maybe someday ill have something worth reading too

  7. Great interview! Raven sounds like my kind of book, definitely checking it out!

  8. Great interview! I would love to checkout British Columbia...I apparently have some long lost cousins there and I would kind of like to meet them lol

  9. Great interview, this sounds like a really good read

  10. Thanks so much for interviewing me, Megan! And thanks to everybody for all the lovely comments.
    Andra... if you get the chance to visit BC, you must. It's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. It's very inspiring!
    Hope you're all having a brilliant week! Now I need to get writing December Moon!

  11. Great interview! :) Raven sounds like my kind of book, added to my ever-growing TBR shelf! :)

  12. I loved reading this, especially since Suzy is one of my clients. I will be editing December Moon! :D