Calling all upcoming and new YA authors!!

Calling all YA new authors and upcoming authors!

Yes, you! *waves* Am talking to you! All the amazing upcoming young adult writers!! I want you!

Am hoping *fingers crossed* to start a weekly blog post on upcoming and new authors to help get word out there to the masses on their awesome novel(s)! I haven't decided exactly how the post will go but am thinking of some ideas, any import would be grateful. What do you want to know from some of the new upcoming YA authors out there, busily typing away, drafting and re-drafting to get their amazing stories out to us eager readers? Let me know!

So if any awesome peeps are up for being apart of my new weekly posts. Let me know via email , heading Weekly Author post!

*You don't have to have finished your novel and be published to feature, just that you are currently working on a novel*

Megan :)

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