March 2017 Releases

I can't believe we are so close to heading into March. I don't know where the year has gone already. In March I celebrate 6 years blogging. I am not prepared for the celebration so I think I am going to leave it until later in the year to celebrate I am not quite sure yet. What I do know is that there are some awesome books releasing in March and I am here to chat about them. Lets go!

*One Wild Night (One and Only Texas #3) by Melissa Cutler - Adult Contemporary Romance- Releases March 7th VIA St Martins Paperback - This is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. I actually have this for review and will be getting to it in March, the great February Slump has put me behind review books :(

*Things I Should Have Known by Claire La Zebnik - YA Contemporary Romance- Releases March 28th VIA HMH Books for young readers- This sounds like a great book full of diversity and I will definitely be reading this next month.

*Hearts and other body parts by Ira Bloom - YA fantasy (possibly urban fantasy) - Releases March 28th VIA Scholastic

*The Night Mark by Tiffany Reisz - Adult Historical Romance with some time travel thrown in- Releases 28th March VIA MIRA

*The Make Up Test by Vanessa M Knight- Opps it seems like this releases in April not March (I am too lazy to change my graphic lol )

*Waking In Time by Angie Stanton - YA/New Adult Sci Fi, time travel (Maybe time travel is this months theme) Releases March 1st VIA Capstone

*Optimists Die First by Susin Nielsen -YA Contemporary (mental illness) Releases March 2nd VIA Andersen - I have read this book, review to come later in the week

*See You In The Cosmos by Jack Cheng - Middle Grade/YA Fantasy- Releases March 2nd VIA Puffin

*You're Welcome Universe by Whitney Gardner - YA Contemporary (MC with a disability) - Releases March 7th VIA Knopf  Books For Young Readers 

*Sevens Days Of You by Cecilia Vinesse - YA Contemporary Romance- Releases March 7th VIA Little, Brown Books For Young Readers

*Confessions Of A High School Disaster by Emma Chastain - YA Contemporary- Releases March 7th VIA Simon Pulse 

What books are you looking forward to releasing in March?

The Struggle's Of A Possible Writer

Note: This is a ramble, a ramble of the most rambles, you may want to skip it if your not a fan of rambles :) I am kinda a poet and I didn't even know *seriously stop*

I have always been a reader as far back as I can remember and even when I was younger and couldn't read on my own I remember my mum reading me stories and a lot of the time making stories up for me. I have NEVER thought of myself as a writer, I never had the passion to write or felt the need to, I left that up to my sister. However something strange happened this month. I had a book idea and it stuck and it wouldn't leave my head to the point that it gave me a reading slump and I couldn't read anything. I am kinda still in that slump.

So I thought what will I do, will I try to ignore it or try to write it, or at least write something down. I went with trying to write something down. I wrote a few characters, a little story arc. But now am at the point of how to go about writing it. I know your thinking it's easy just write but I am struggling. And then it has me thinking does the story really want to be written, am I a so called writer?

In real life and even with blogging and reading I like to kinda plan a lot and sometimes I plan alot and don't even carry out the plans. And I have a feeling this might happen with my writing. But for now am going to go with it. 

So what is the point of this post? Well I am declaring myself as a possible, maybe would be writer. I want to try and do something with this story but it will most likely just live in a drawer after a few weeks but never the less, lets give it a go! 

Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

I love a good tag and recently I have seen a lot of booktuber's doing the unpopular opinions book tag and I really like the sound of it so I thought I would give it a go. This tag was originally created by The Book Archer, you can check out her video here

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. For some reason me and this book had a hard relationship. When I first read it, I read it as an ebook and thought it was just OK I didn't think it was as amazing as everyone was saying. When I read the paperback I did up my rating and liked it a bit more but still I wasn't as keen as most people seem to be. 

SPOILER (its about Twilight, everyone has mostly read it but if you are the one person that hasn't be warned)

I have come to deal with it and realised it is the right thing for the characters and all but.. I didn't want Bella to end up with Edward, I liked Edward but I was never a massive fan, I was all for Jacob and I was sad but just had to deal with it when they didn't end up together.

I am fed up of re tellings, I don't like them. It always puts me of if I haven't read the original work the re telling is based on or if it is just a straight forward re telling what is the point. I especially don't really like fairy tale retellings.. just STOP!

Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James, you either love this book or hate it!! A lot of people love it but a lot of people hate it to the point if you mention you love it, it causes a war. My opinion is I love it, the end.

Fantasy, it just isn't a genre that I seem to be attracted to. I think maybe because it's sometimes hard to follow especially high fantasy and it's really intimating. I don't know.. I say this when I am currently reading a fantasy book but it's maybe only once in a while I will pick one up.

Vampire Diaries hands down. I didn't really like the books. The creators have really taken the show in a different way to the books and I love that.

Lauren Oliver. I don't know why really. I have tried reading two of her books and DNF both. I think it's maybe her writing I don't click with but I do want to give her a third try with Replica. They do say third times the charm.

It isn't that I don't like this character I just prefer a lot more of the characters more in the series. That character is Harry Potter. I know I am committing a crime. I get it I read all the books from his POV so I must like him which I do but he's definitely not my fave. 

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Mass. Please don't kill me! This is mostly because I don't like fantasy and it's just not something I want to try reading. I do however want to read the ACOTAR series.

So what do you think? Do you agree with any of my opinions?

I tag:

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Fifty Shades Darker Movie Review

I have been sitting on this review for over a week now as I just wanted to think about what I really want to say. This review is my personal opinion so please respect it and note I adore this book trilogy, it is one of my favorites. I am trying to write this review being critical but also as a fan. 

So I saw Fifty Shades Darker, opening weekend. It was my most anticipated film of 2017, I was super excited for it. I was hyped to top fandom level but sadly and I hate this say this I was really disappointed by the movie.

Fifty Shades Darker has a new director and new writer and I think this really affected the movie. I loved the adaption of Fifty Shades Of Grey I think it's the best book to movie adaption, per copying the book exactly which I loved as a fan of the books but Fifty Shades Darker just kinda fell flat. Don't get me wrong it had a lot of the scenes I wanted to see but just....

My problems with Fifty Shades Darker 

It just felt all over the place, it was a bit of drama, sex scene, a bit of drama, sex scene and I didn't get the "thriller" feel that I expected to get. I know Fifty Shades is just sex, sex, sex but the later books do have a story line.

Now I know its a movie and we can't have a ten hour movie but I felt certain scenes where just so rushed, like slow down what is happening. I think if I didn't know these books I would be like wow what is happening.

I don't know what happened with the acting/characters it just went flat. Christian has gone from troubled angst filled guy to cheery, am better lets live happily ever after guy. He has had just a complete personality transplant. He went from Fifty Shades Of Fucked up to Fifty Shades of Sunshine in 10 seconds. Now I am from Northern Ireland where Jamie Dornan is from and in the first movie I did hear his accent sometimes but in this movie I heard it so much and this could just be because I know the accent. But it really annoyed me!

 Dakota, I just don't know I loved her as Ana but I just didn't think her acting was on par with Fifty Shades Of Grey. And Mrs Robinson she is nothing like the character  in the book she is just pure bitch straight of which I found strange. As book Elena is more intelligent about being a bitch.

The music just wasn't as great as the first. I did like the music but just not as much.

Overall I just feel so let down, I liked seeing it come alive but just not the way I thought it was going to be. I will see Fifty Shades Freed but I won't have my hopes up.

Blog Tours- Red by SM West (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Today I have a tour stop on the Red by SM West blog tour. I have a excerpt and a giveaway for you! Let's go!!

Red. The color of extremes.
Tate Conrad’s existence is annihilated. Destroyed by two men: one, her hero and the other, her worst nightmare. She has nothing to lose.
Determined to survive, vengeance feeds her.  There are no limits, no boundaries, not even death, in seeking liberation.
Rylan Wolfe is driven. A stellar FBI agent close to breaking the case of a lifetime. It’s more than career-making, it’s personal. Tate’s the linchpin to it all. They need each other to succeed.
For Tate, is he her salvation or ruin?
We’re alone. At last. Still facing the door, her back to me, she rests her head on the wood. Gently grasping her upper arms, I twirl her to face me, her back now against the door. She sucks in her breath and her eyes widen in surprise.  "Let go of me,” she hisses. My hold’s not hard or painful, but firm. No matter how hard she tries, she isn’t going anywhere. Her futile attempts unleash a deep pink along her neck and cheeks, matching the natural hue of her pretty lips. Her flushed agitation ratchets my desire.  My arousal lengthens and hardens, as I lift both her arms above her head, gently clamping her wrists with my left hand. I brace my hips against hers. The slight ‘O’ of her lips signals her awareness of my erection, right where it counts. I’ve got her attention. She will hear me out. Our proximity is intoxicatingly dangerous. I can’t resist her. Her flawless, creamy flesh has been screaming, all night, to be touched by me. The knuckles of my right hand softly caress her jaw from her ear to chin. Unable to stop there, the pad of my thumb runs along her lower lip and then gently presses down on the center of her plump lip. "Listen to me,” I slowly and deliberately thrust my hips, grinding her core. Gasping, she sinks her teeth lightly into my thumb. Jackpot. Her eyes on me. Her warm, wet tongue swirls around the top of my thumb, tasting and teasing me. It’s a struggle to keep my focus. The little minx. I growl.“Tonight’s been all around shitty. I wish I could’ve told you about Gia, I mean Nina Hale, before showing up with her tonight. She's my partner." She noticeably freezes, her teeth now viciously biting my thumb. Completely caught by surprise, I thrust once more into her core. A breathy moan escapes her lips. Her teeth free my thumb. I release her lip.Two bright red teeth marks line the top of my thumb. It should piss me off. It doesn’t, in fact, it does the exact opposite. She’s marked me. Claimed me. I’m hers. She’s mine. The thought shoots a wave of hot desire down my spine, straight into my already tight balls. I don’t know how the hell I’m going to survive this woman.

S.M. West Bio:
Born on the shortest day and longest night of the year, Winter Solstice, she's a self-professed night owl. From a young age, creating stories and conjuring characters was always one of her favorite pastimes. 

She loves a great story with romance and intrigue, a strong heroine and fiercely passionate hero with passion, intensity and edge. 

If she's not writing or reading, she's planning her next adventure, spending time with her family or drinking a great glass of wine and indulging in chocolate.
Facebook / Instagram / @SMWestAuthor

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Sunday Post #38

The Sunday post was created by Caffeinated Book Reviewer this is a post where we recap on the going on's on the blog the week previous and the week coming up as well as the awesome books we have received, bought or been gifted for review!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have been having a kinda reading slump the last few weeks and usually when I am in a slump it impacts my blogging but I have managed to still keep my blog going. The slump is semi over. I got this idea for a book and it has kinda been in my head and not letting me read any books. I would never call myself a writer, I have always been a reader but I think I might give this idea a go for a while and see what happens. Here is what has been happening on my blog since my last Sunday Post:

Coming this week:

Blog Tour: Red by SM West (Excerpt & Review)
Struggles of a possible writer
Unpopular Opinions Tag
The Haunting of Tinley Hall Book Blitz
Fifty Shades Darker Movie Review
February Wrap Up

Some bookish news and things I have been loving:

The movie trailer for Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon released. Me and this book had a few problems when I originally read an ebook of Everything Everything I gave it 3 stars and then when I read a paperback I put my rating up to 4 stars. You can check out my review here

I enjoyed the trailer and it looks good however I think it tells you the whole story in just the trailer :(

Jodi Ellen Malpas one of my fave authors, released the cover of her next book just yesterday, check it out. I am excited for this one! Check out the blurb

Image may contain: text

I have been continuing my re watch of Vampire Diaries. I am currently just starting Season Four. Are you watching anything good? Music wise I actually haven't been listening to much new music however I am liking Linkin Parks new song. It is very different from their usual sound but I like it.

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments below!

Stacking The Shelves #4

Stacking The Shelves is weekly meme where we share all the books we have added to our shelves whether it's physically or digitally. For more info check out the awesome host Tynga's Reviews 

Note: I will still be taking part in The Sunday Post which will feature posts from the week as well as posts to come, along with fun little things from my week.

I haven't done a haul in just under a month so I have quite a few books to haul! Here we go!

All books linked to Goodreads!

*Blackbird (Redemption #1) by Molly McAdams- New Adult - Won proof copy VIA Headline Eternal - Publishes Feb 28th 2017

*Hold Back The Stars by Katie Khan - YA Sci Fi Romance- Brought Hardback- This book is released in the UK but releases in the US in May. Read the blurb!! It got me hooked to pick it up.

*Egomaniac by VI Keeland - Adult Contemporary Romance - Brought E-Book- I have read this, review to come soon.

*The Room Mate ( Roommates #1) by Kendall Ryan - New Adult Contemporary Romance- Brought E-book- I have read this, review to come soon.

*Forged In Desire ( The Protectors #1) by Brenda Jackson - Adult Contemporary Romance- Brought E-Book- I started this book at the beginning of February but still haven't finished it. For a few weeks in February I had a bit of a reading slump. I do plan to finish this soon.

*8 weeks (Time For Love #1) by Bethany Lopez - New Adult Contemporary Romance- FREE EBOOK- It was still free at the time of this post but please check before you download!

*The Angel Alejandro by Alistair Cross - Received ebook for review VIA author

*Roman's Having Sex Again by Nikki Ashton - Contemporary Romance- Received e-arc VIA a review service. Releases 26th February 2017

*Our Little Secret by Ashelyn Drake- YA romance- I downloaded as part of a promo in early February. However this book is free on Kindle Unlimited.

*Scarlet Night (Behind the Vail #1) by Megan J Parker - Adult PNR with Erotica - FREE EBOOK- Still currently free at the time of this post but please check before downloading.

*Lives Collide (Collide #1) by Kristina Beck - Adult Contemporary- Kindle Unlimited Download

*Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner - YA Contemporary- Received e-arc VIA Netgalley & Penguin Random House- Releases 6th April 2017

*Hard Justice ( Body Armour #2) by Lori Foster - Adult Contemporary Romance- Received e-arc VIA Netgalley & HQN books as part of a blog tour for Ink Slinger PR- Releases April 1st 2017

*Letters to the lost by Brigid Kemmerer - YA Contemporary Romance- Received VIA Netgalley & Bloomsbury Children's UK- Releases April 2017

Windfall by Jennifer E Smith - YA Contemporary Romance- Received paperback proof VIA Macmillan- Releases May 2017

That is it..phew, that was a long haul. What books have you got lately?

Photos taken from my Instagram Megan_readingawaythedays

Still Love You by Allie Everhart Book Blitz #Giveaway

Today I have a book blitz for Still Love You by Allie Everhart. Still Love You is a new adult romance that I can't wait to read. Below I have an excerpt for you and a giveaway. Happy Reading :)

Willow has had her life planned out since she was a little girl. So when her boyfriend, Silas, proposed when they were still in high school, she turned him down. Marrying Silas was not part of the plan.

Unlike Willow, Silas lives in the moment and lets his heart guide his decisions so he had no hesitations when he asked Willow to marry him. When she said no, he needed to get away so he took off to do volunteer work overseas.

Willow assumed she’d never see Silas again so she’s shocked when he shows up at her dorm room. For the past two years, she’s tried to forget him. Tried to move on. But she can’t. He was her first love. Her only love.

She still loves Silas, but is convinced they can’t be together. They want different things in life. It would never work. So why can’t she stop loving him?

When I get to her house, she’s waiting for me on the front steps, wearing a short red-and-black plaid skirt and a tiny white t-shirt. Holy shit, she looks hot. It’s going to be tough to keep my hands off her. She stands up and looks even hotter, showing off her tan legs which lead to a pair of bright white sneakers.“Like the outfit?” she asks as she climbs in my truck. I was going to help her get in but she was too fast. But I got a glimpse of her black string bikinis when she lifted her leg up into the truck.“The outfit is…” I eye her. “Definitely something you should wear again. But just for me. No one else.” I shut her door and go around to the other side.“You can’t restrict what I wear,” she says as I yank my seatbelt on. “We’re not dating. And even if we were, I wouldn’t let you tell me what to wear.” I notice she’s wearing the bracelet I made her. I love that she wears it every day.“Then the same goes for me.” I pull out of the driveway.“I doubt you’ll be wearing this.”“Yeah, you’re funny. What I meant is that maybe I’ll just start walking around shirtless. You seemed to like it, which means other girls will too.”“Are you saying you’re looking for a girlfriend?”“Do you think I should?”I see her tense up. “You’re single. You can do what you want.”“It wouldn’t bother you?”“Why would it bother me?”“Because you love me.” I flash her a Silas smile.“I don’t—” She sighs in annoyance. She can’t say she doesn’t love me because the truth is she does love me. She may not see a future with me, but she still loves me. “If you love me you shouldn’t be dating other girls.”“I don’t have much of a choice when the girl I love refuses to date me, now or in the future.”“I’m on a date with you right now!” she yells, then scowls for doing so, like she’s mad at herself.Willow can turn from hot to cold in seconds and I love that about her. She’s always surprising me. I never know how she’s going to react. When I picked her up at her dorm, she was more even-keeled, trying to hide any and all emotion. But after just a few hours with me, she was back to the Willow I know, with her outbursts that come out of nowhere. It’s funny how I bring that out in her, even after all this time.As we’re sitting at a stoplight, I say, “So if this is a date, then can I call you my girlfriend?”“No,” she blurts out.“Why not?”She crosses her arms. “Because it’s inappropriate. We’re friends. That’s it.”“Friends who go on dates. And kiss. And wear sexy outfits upon request.” I chuckle. “That’s my kind of friend.”Her lips turn up just slightly. “Fine. Call me your girlfriend. For one night. That’s it.”“If I’m calling you my girlfriend, then I’m going to treat you like my girlfriend.” I reach over and put my hand on her exposed thigh. “And just so you know, I’m very affectionate with my girlfriends.”Her leg twitched when I touched it, but then relaxed. Now she’s breathing fast, but trying to hide it by looking out the side window. She hasn’t removed my hand from her leg so I leave it there as I drive.So Willow is my girlfriend for the night. This should be fun.

Author Bio 

Allie Everhart started writing romance three years ago with Choosing You, the first book in the bestselling Jade Series. Since then, she’s published eighteen books. Allie writes romance because she loves watching a relationship develop between her characters, from those first flirty encounters to the point they realize they’re in love. Allie's always been a romantic, as evidenced by her early years as a wedding singer, her obsession with dating shows, and the fact that she still watches reruns of The Love Boat.

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Royal Affair by Parker Swift Release Day Blitz #Review & #Giveaway

Today is the launch of Royal Affair by Parker Swift. Royal Affair is the first book in the Royal Scandal Series and is Parker Swift's debut novel. I am so excited to share my review with you and celebrate the release of Royal Affair. 

Add Royal Affair to your shelf on Goodreads


One seriously sexy son-of-a-duke . . .

Behind the posh British accent, Dylan Hale possesses a down-and-dirty sexiness. Off-the-charts gorgeous, a ruthless architect . . . and did I mention he's a future duke? Every time we touch, it's wildfire. All need and lust and heat. But Dylan has rules: just sex, no one can know, and in the bedroom he gets complete control. All I have to do is follow the rules, because falling in love with Dylan Hale is all it would take to screw everything up . . . royally.

I am so excited to share my thoughts on Royal Affair by Parker Swift. I had the privilege of reading an E-arc and I LOVED it. My poor sister's head after I had read it. I kept gushing about it and saying you need to read this ASAP and I am so excited you can all read it now! I admit I was a tad over excited when I finished it as straight away I sent this email to the publicist:

"I just finished Royal Affair and I frickin loved it!! I need the next book, the ending left me needing more. I got Fifty Shade vibes, love it. I just need to share how much I loved this book. Can't wait to share my review on release day!!"

Royal Affair is a sexy romance that I gave 4.5 stars to. Now to get my little negative out of the way of why it didn't get 5 stars that is because it did take me a few chapters to get into but apart from that it was a masterpiece of the best quality. I have to start of with the writing. I really liked Parker's writing. I felt that I was Lydia I was with her on her journey and it was a roller coaster journey. I was watching this play out in my head like a movie. 

The romance was my favorite part it was swoon worthy, it was intense and sweet and I think Parker Swift had the balance right. It had little hints of BSDM but more in the whole dominant man thing and not the red room type and it was also super sweet as well. The romance is up there with some of my fave couples, Ana and Christian, Gideon and Eva and Jesse and Ava. 

I enjoyed getting to know the characters, Lydia works for a fashion designer, shes just moved to London, she's meeting new people shes trying to embrace herself in London life and Dylan is an architect who is also royalty who has obligations and some history. Royal Affair also looks into the world of the paparazzi which I find really intriguing. I loved all the back an forth and the little plot bits coming together and just coming together in this beautiful package of a book.

Overall this is a great romance, that has depth it's not all about the sex, it's about love and discovering each other and it has a nice plot underneath. The ending left me needing the next book, like come on you can't leave me on that cliffhanger. Get your copy today!

About the author

Parker Swift grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, and then grew up again in New York, London, and Minneapolis and currently lives in Connecticut. She has spent most of her adult life examining romantic relationships in an academic lab as a professor of social psychology. Now, she's exploring the romantic lives of her fictional characters in the pages of her books. When she's not writing, she spends her time with her bearded nautical husband and being told not to sing along to pop music in the car by her two sons.


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