The Struggle's Of A Possible Writer

Note: This is a ramble, a ramble of the most rambles, you may want to skip it if your not a fan of rambles :) I am kinda a poet and I didn't even know *seriously stop*

I have always been a reader as far back as I can remember and even when I was younger and couldn't read on my own I remember my mum reading me stories and a lot of the time making stories up for me. I have NEVER thought of myself as a writer, I never had the passion to write or felt the need to, I left that up to my sister. However something strange happened this month. I had a book idea and it stuck and it wouldn't leave my head to the point that it gave me a reading slump and I couldn't read anything. I am kinda still in that slump.

So I thought what will I do, will I try to ignore it or try to write it, or at least write something down. I went with trying to write something down. I wrote a few characters, a little story arc. But now am at the point of how to go about writing it. I know your thinking it's easy just write but I am struggling. And then it has me thinking does the story really want to be written, am I a so called writer?

In real life and even with blogging and reading I like to kinda plan a lot and sometimes I plan alot and don't even carry out the plans. And I have a feeling this might happen with my writing. But for now am going to go with it. 

So what is the point of this post? Well I am declaring myself as a possible, maybe would be writer. I want to try and do something with this story but it will most likely just live in a drawer after a few weeks but never the less, lets give it a go! 


  1. I wrote a lot when I was younger, even writing a couple of short books that I was proud of at the time...but real life and college and then shift work killed any writi ng time I had. I even stopped reading for years. I did find my love of reading again through Harry Potter but I never went back to the writing...I don't have time but I never got rid of the stories!

    1. Time is definitely a factor of why I haven't done some writing before but I am just going to write when I feel like it and I have time it can't hurt.

  2. It never hurts to try. I think you'd be a great writing but I know that writing isn't easy. I even struggle with writing reviews sometimes even. But you can do it, I'm sure of it! :D