Fifty Shades Darker Movie Review

I have been sitting on this review for over a week now as I just wanted to think about what I really want to say. This review is my personal opinion so please respect it and note I adore this book trilogy, it is one of my favorites. I am trying to write this review being critical but also as a fan. 

So I saw Fifty Shades Darker, opening weekend. It was my most anticipated film of 2017, I was super excited for it. I was hyped to top fandom level but sadly and I hate this say this I was really disappointed by the movie.

Fifty Shades Darker has a new director and new writer and I think this really affected the movie. I loved the adaption of Fifty Shades Of Grey I think it's the best book to movie adaption, per copying the book exactly which I loved as a fan of the books but Fifty Shades Darker just kinda fell flat. Don't get me wrong it had a lot of the scenes I wanted to see but just....

My problems with Fifty Shades Darker 

It just felt all over the place, it was a bit of drama, sex scene, a bit of drama, sex scene and I didn't get the "thriller" feel that I expected to get. I know Fifty Shades is just sex, sex, sex but the later books do have a story line.

Now I know its a movie and we can't have a ten hour movie but I felt certain scenes where just so rushed, like slow down what is happening. I think if I didn't know these books I would be like wow what is happening.

I don't know what happened with the acting/characters it just went flat. Christian has gone from troubled angst filled guy to cheery, am better lets live happily ever after guy. He has had just a complete personality transplant. He went from Fifty Shades Of Fucked up to Fifty Shades of Sunshine in 10 seconds. Now I am from Northern Ireland where Jamie Dornan is from and in the first movie I did hear his accent sometimes but in this movie I heard it so much and this could just be because I know the accent. But it really annoyed me!

 Dakota, I just don't know I loved her as Ana but I just didn't think her acting was on par with Fifty Shades Of Grey. And Mrs Robinson she is nothing like the character  in the book she is just pure bitch straight of which I found strange. As book Elena is more intelligent about being a bitch.

The music just wasn't as great as the first. I did like the music but just not as much.

Overall I just feel so let down, I liked seeing it come alive but just not the way I thought it was going to be. I will see Fifty Shades Freed but I won't have my hopes up.


  1. I am sorry the second movie wasn't better for you. I haven't seen the first or this one, but, from the trailer, it looked like this one might be good. Changing a director mid-stream can really have an impact on a movie series, I imagine. Especially if the directors have different visions of the characters and story line.

    1. I definitely thought it looked so good from the trailer. I hope the last one is good.

  2. I actually liked this one a lot better than the first one (I had watched the first one two hours before I saw this one). This was also my favourite book of the series.

    I actually thought the dialogue was a lot better here and in turn, so was Jamie's performance. It seemed more natural to me and he seemed more comfortable with the role. I could see why you would think he would have a personality transplant; but perhaps that is just a result of it being a 2 hour movie and not a 5 hour book? I found Christian's character as a whole drastically changes in this novel so it worked for me.

    But I agree, it could have been a lot more suspenseful. That was slightly disappointing because it was resolved so quickly. But, I enjoyed the movie. It had more intentionally funny moments for me so I liked that!

    1. I think with Jamie's accent because I am where he is from from I am more aware of little voice breaks but no one else probably notices LOL Yea I think it is probably to do with because its 2 hour movie compared to a 5 hour book and I know they can't put everything in but it's hard when you love a series LOL. I definitely agree it could have been more suspenseful. :) Hopefully the next film is good.