Review: ARC of A Forest of Adventures by Katie John (1# Knight Trilogy)


I loved this book! I was so happy to win a signed ARC of A Forest of Adventures, the first in the Knight Trilogy, a few months back and I can't believe I left it this long to read it. The Forest of Adventures is a great book with a mix of adventure, fantasy and romance.

Mina Singer is seventeen year old who is studying for her A levels, has a great mother and a great, gorgeous boyfriend, Sam, who she loves. But when the handsome Blake walks into the her life, her life changes in an instant and she is thrust into a whirlwind of choices and a world of fantasy.She starts to have strong feelings for Blake from the very first moment, she has to admit to herself that she does love Sam but as a sister loves a brother and it's Blake she really loves even though she has only met him!

At the start of the book I thought it was going go like any other, that Blake and Mina were going to get together and Sam would be left heartbroken. However this book took an unexpected turn, a great, magical unexpected turn.

The world Mina thinks she lives in is much more amazing than she knows. All the fairy tales and myths that are supposed to be just that fairy tales, are suddenly right in front of Mina as she is catapulted into the Realm. Blake is not only handsome and the man she loves but he is also a Knight of the realm, and she finds out that her love for Blake is an ancient prophecy that will happen whether she wants it to are not.

I loved this book so much,the romance, the tragedy, the choices that Mina has to make, makes for a great read. The twists and turns of this book is amazing and kept me gripped. I cant wait for the sequel, Immortal Beloved.

5/5 Butterflies

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Megan :)


  1. Not sure this is my kind of book but I enjoyed your review of it! Such a gorgeous cover too.

  2. That is very intriguing. I haven't read a good fantasy in a long time and I would definitely give this a shot because of your review.

  3. This does sound interesting! Lovely cover.

  4. Great review! This one just moved higher up on my to-read list. :)

  5. Nice review! This sounds like an awesome book and the cover is so pretty!

  6. Great review! Book has very interesting story. The cover and the title of book are amazing!!!

  7. You're so lucky you got an ARC of this novel. I love the review, I'd better go mark it as a to-read.

  8. I really want to read this, I added it to my TBR on goodreads. Great review!!

  9. Thank you for this review! I have been thinking about getting this for some time but it was the idea that it would be just like any other YA book and predictable that kept putting me off.

    But, I might just give it a try now!

    Thanks :)