Handmade Bookmark Winners! Edited: Repick on April 3rd!


Thanks to everyone that entered my giveaway for a Handmade Book Mark! Thank you for all your lovely comments about them, am glad everyone thought they were nice. Here is the boring stuff to tell you how I picked my winners. The winners were determined by looking at the UK entries and checking o see how many times everyone got to be entered into the giveaway. Once I had checked I wrote down every one's names and if you for example commented and followed on twitter your name would be wrote down twice on a piece of paper, one for commenting and one for following me on twitter etc. I then placed them in a cup
and my mum and sister each picked a piece of paper out of the cup and they were the winners. The same was done for the International entries. Overall 7 followers from the UK entered and 14 INTERNATIONAL followers entered the giveaway. Sorry for blabbing I hope that made sense I just wanted everyone to know I tried to be fair and it was random. So here are the WINNERS:


*Bloomers Sadly the this winner didn't get back to me. Another winner was choosen and that winner is Kulsuma! I have sent an email already to Kulsuma. Please check your spam box as well. You have till April 6th @ 5PM GMT to get back to me! Congrats!


*Diana (Diana can you please email me as the email address given is not working for some reason. Email me @ meganmcdade2008@yahoo.co.uk Thanks

Congrats! Email's have been sent to all winners. Please check your Spam boxes as well. The winners have till April 3rd @ 5.00pm GMT to email me back with their address.

Thanks again to everyone who entered if you liked this giveaway and want me to have another bookmark giveaway comment below!

Megan :)