Spirit of Fire Blog Tour: Video Interview & FREE download

Today I would like to introduce you all to author Stephen Zimmer. Stephen is the author of epic fantasy series's The Fire in Eden Series and The Rising Dawn Series. Stephen is currently doing the round around the blogsphere on a blog tour for the third book in The Fire of Eden Series, Spirit of Fire! However to concide with the release of Spirit of Fire, Seventh Star Press is offering you a FREE download of the first book in the series, Crown of Vengeance today and tomorrow only (June 5th & 6th) To download the book head over to Amazon ASAP :)

Praise for Crown of Vengeance (Book 1 in The Fire of Eden Series:

"With a compelling cast of characters, a clever use of point of view, and a well-crafted plot, Crown of Vengeance will captivate fantasy readers. Stephen Zimmer is a writer whose work I will follow for many years to come. A highly recommended book that won't disappoint.
-D. A. Adams, author of The Brotherhood of Dwarves and Red Sky at Dawn

Onto my post on the tour :) Stephen kindly answered some interview questions from me and he answered them on video which you can all check out below. It is a great way to get know the author. Please enjoy the video and don't forget to leave some comment love for Stephen or any questions you may have about his series' below :)

Further information on Stephen Zimmer can be found at:

Website: www.stephenzimmer.com

Facebook Page:http://www.facebook.com/sgzimmer

Twitter Page: http://www.twitter.com/SGZimmer

TY to Seventh Star Press for being as awesome as ever :)


  1. What a fab way to conduct an interview! I'd personally like to see Tyrion Lannister crash your barbecue.. one day I might even write that myself. It amuses me!

  2. Thank you Megan for having me on the site today! Loved doing the interview for you! :)

    Hi Hannah! I think Tyrion and I would get along very well. He's my fav character in the Song of Ice and Fire. And yes, if it amuses you, should should do it! haha Thanks for checkin' out the interview. You get to deal with me pretty soon! hahaha

  3. Nice interview!!


  4. Thank you very much Valerie! :)

  5. I'm a bit behind following the blog tour.
    I think these video interviews are great stuff. I like to listen.
    The imagination that I would have to read all the things you said ... Whou would read such long posts?

    Thanks to both of you.