Amateur Angel Blog Tour: Author Interview

Author Karri Thompson has stopped by for an interview for the Amateur Angel Blog Tour

Can you tell me a little about yourself and how you got into writing?

Im a San Diego native, wife, mother, and high-school English teacher. My son will be starting high school in the fall. Unlike a lot of my students, Ive always loved to read and write, especially write my own stories. I love it when a book takes me to a new place, a new world, and I feel like the main character could be my best friend. Those are the kinds of books I want to write, and I think Amateur Angel does that.

Can you tell us a little about your novel Amateur Angel?

Amateur Angel is about an 18-year-old girl, Ashley, who dies in a car crash. Upon her death, she is taken to the afterlife where she mistakenly enters the wrong line a line meant for trained guardian angels. Ashley is plummeted back to earth as an untrained guardian angel (G.A.), assigned to protect Cannon Michaels, a famous rock star. Ashley not only has to deal with her own death, but she has to learn how to be a proper G.A. and deal with Cannons reckless rock-star behavior.
Where did you get the idea for Amateur Angel?

I wanted to write a book about a girl who gets to meet and know her rock- star crush, which meant it had to be more than just a “meet and greet” at a concert. My first thought was to make her invisible, but then the idea of her being a guardian angel came to mind. This was one way she could get intimately close with someone who was ultimately unreachable. When I was in high school, I had a huge crush on John Taylor from the British pop group, Duran Duran Google him hes still good looking!

In Amuateur Angel Ashley is assigned to be Cannon Michaels guardian angel. Cannon is a "celebrity". If you could be a guardian angel to a famous person who would it be and why?

Wow, this is a great question! Right now Id have to say Robert Downy, Jr. I just saw him at Comic-Con in July during the Ironman 3 movie panel. Ive seen him at Comic-Con twice before. Even though hes a bit cocky (kind of like the character he plays, Tony Stark) hes so witty and charismatic, the audience cant help falling in love with him. He leads such an interesting life; hed be fun to follow around. Id only like to do it for a month though and then switch to someone else like Henry Cavill and then Channing Tatum.

Is there anything different about your angels compared to other books. Are they typical angels with wings and are all good and loyal etc or is they some unquireness to them that makes them different?

Amateur Angel is different from other angel books because Ashley isnt a “fallen angel.” Even though she is untrained and a very young soul, she has a good heart, so the story itself is a light, inspiring romance rather than being dark and depressing. It also contains its own rules and regulations when it comes to guardian angelship (G.A.s), which I think is a fun twist on anything else out there. All of the angels in my book are good. They have wings but not halos.

What genre would you class Amateur Angel as?

Amateur Angel is a young-adult, paranormal romance.

Why should we read your book in one sentence?

From page one, Amateur Angel will keep you flipping the pages, wondering how Cannons rock and roll antics will affect Ashleys angel training and how shes dealing with her own death. There is also a “secret” character, so youll need to keep reading to find out who he or she turns out to be.

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