Faded Blog Tour: Interview with author Chloe Miles

The Author: Chloe Miles

I can remember being six years old and saying that I wanted to be an author when I grew up, and I was always writing stories as a kid. There were always other things that I wanted to do as well over the years as I was growing up, but writing a book was always on the list. I just didnt realize that it was actually possible until now. I think my six-year-old self would be pretty happy!


Id always wanted to publish a book, but had never really looked into it before because I didnt think it would be possible for some regular small-town girl like me. Then I found out about self-publishing through Amazon, and I thought it sounded perfect. Nobody would decide whether my ideas were good enough to be published except me. I love that idea of creative control!

The book- Faded

I read a newspaper article about self-publishing through Amazon, and I immediately started thinking up ideas in my head. Faded is the first thing that came to me. I wanted an element of magic and fantasy to it, but I wanted it to be something that hasnt really been done before. Thats when I decided on the idea of ghosts. Theres been stories with ghosts before, but not in the way that Faded is with human teens that can adapt to spirit form. And all along I knew I definitely wanted a romance in it! So I thought a human girl falling in love with a ghost would be perfect.

Get to know the authors book habits

 Favorite book genre and why?
Definitely Young Adult Fiction. Even though Im now in my twenties! I still think theres so many great books in that genre.

Favorite book series and why?

The Harry Potter series. I grew up with it, and was definitely a huge fan. I loved it! It was probably the first series I read that got me interested in magical worlds.

Favorite author and why?

J.K. Rowling. As I said, I was a huge Harry Potter fan! Shes definitely someone I admire. Her success has been phenomenal! 

An author you would recommend we check out and why?

Amanda Hocking. I first heard about her when I started writing Faded, because she started out self-publishing through Amazon as well. The success shes had has been amazing!

 Faded is available on Amazon in ebook format or paperback!

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