#Review The Geography of you and me by Jennifer E Smith

Book: The Geography of you and me 
Author: Jennifer E Smith
Publisher: Headline
Pages: 337
Published: 2014
Bought Paperback


This is the second Jennifer E Smith book I have read, you can check out my 5* review of The Statistical Probability of love at first sight here

What's it all about?

I really enjoyed The Geography of you and me. It involves a boy and girl getting stuck in a lift (my worse nightmare as I am claustrophobic) during a blackout in New York. They had only seen glimpses of each other previously and are then thrown together on a magical night under the stars. The next thing the lights are back on and everyone goes about their lives as normal. Only Lucy and Owen never forget each other though distance and time. Can fate bring them back together?

Before I get into the things I love about the book...

I have to say I struggled with the pacing of the book a little. The first 1/4 was quick and had me gripped, then it slowed way down and picked up about half way though from then I was flying again. Pacing is something I struggle with in books, so this put me of a little thus the 4* review.

What I did love...

Was the characters and the journey of the characters. I loved the male protagonist, Owen, more separately, than the female protagonist Lucy, but I loved them as a pair. They both went on their own separate journeys to discover themselves, trying to figure out what they where going to do with the next stage of their lives. Each finding themselves somewhere or anywhere in the world. But maybe, just maybe finding themselves back to each other.

A memorable read

From reading reviews a lot of people have said not a lot happens in this book but I think this makes this book unique. The small steps the characters make in their lives individually and the small moments they share together makes for a memorable coming of age story of first love and fate that I will remember for a long time.


  1. I have this book sitting on my Kindle but haven't even started it. I'm glad to hear how much you enjoyed it and sounds like I would like it as well. Thanks for sharing! Now I'm looking forward to reading it.

  2. I've really been wanting to read one of Jennifer E. Smith's novels, and I hope to start with The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight very soon. Aside from the pacing, I'm really glad that you enjoyed this; and I love that you found it unique and memorable. Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I struggled with the pace of this book and it ended up just being 3 star for me. I did love all the fab settings though. And you are right, it has ended up being a memorable read for me so it obviously made a bigger impression than I thought at the time.

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