#Review An Island Of Our Own by Sally Nicholls

Book: An Island Of Our Own
Author: Sally Nicholls
Publisher: Scholastic
Format: Paperback Proof
Received for an honest review
Rating ✪✪✪

First of I need to thank Sally Nicholls for making me connect with a young protagonist, this is something I am struggling with lately, it's  probably because am getting old LOL but I am happy to say I connected with Holly in An Island Of Our Own. 

An Island Of Our Own is such a good read with a heavy message on family. Holly and her two brothers go on a journey that was great to be part of.  Holly's parents have bothed passed away and her older brother who is just 19 years old, looks after her and her little brother. They are struggling financially and struggle for lots of things. But they have this eccentric great aunt who passes away and leaves them some jewellery but no one knows where it is as her aunt didn't trust anyone, not even her own family. Thus begins Holly's treasure hunt to find the jewellery and then maybe everything will be better. 

The journey Holly goes on is funny and thought provoking. The will to keep going to investigate and find this treasure can only be done by a determined young girl, a girl that still thinks like a girl, who can hope and dream and not give up. This is a modern treasure hunt using technology to find clues to where it could possibly be which I loved, it felt so fresh and new. Both Holly's aunt and Brother are inventors and I loved the place they went to called the maker space where there where loads of crazy eccentric inventors, it was so cool.

Overall An Island Of Our Own was a good read with likeable characters and its a book with a good message of family and friends and making a home out if what you have and who you have, an Island of your very own.


  1. Love the treasure hunt and that this focuses on family. So glad you enjoyed this one Megan

  2. I do enjoy books that focus on family. Glad you enjoyed this one.