Celebrate Twilight by Stephanie Meyer's 10th Birthday #Twilight10 #Giveaway

You read that title correctly. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (the book) is celebrating its 10th Birthday. 10th. Guys how is this book ten! I read the book in 2008 before seeing the movie. So I jumped on the hype band wagon a few years after the book was first released. But I am so happy I jumped on the bandwagon then. I love the Twilight books and have read them many times. Jumping on the bandwagon just before the first movie release let me join and follow the making of the rest of the movies and it meant I had all the books on hand to read. No book release wait for me!

This was the first series of books and movies I first totally fangirled over to a crazy level. I fangirled so much I was always excited to see how filming was on site, all the sightings of the actors and just being a typical fan girl. I even had a Facebook page dedicated to all things Taylor Lautner. It wasn't just me. My sister and me where both obsessed. She was Team Edward and I was Team Jacob. We even made a video arguing ... I meant discussing who was best. Below is the embarrassing video for your entertainment and yes I was 22 years old a grown adult, don't judge LOL 

Team Jacob VS Team Edward 2010

I am so thankful to have went on this fun Twilight Journey with my sister and I am thankful to have had the twi-hard experience. I really can't believe Twilight is 10 years. It's a book that not everyone loves but everyone knows about it. My mum even knows so much about it because all me and my sister used to do was talk about it. Twilight will always be in my book heart. A series that made me fall in love even more with YA.

Did you have a "Twilight Journey"? Where you Team Jacob or Team Edward? Let me know all your Twilight thoughts below.

My sister has also done a post celebrating Twilight's birthday, you can check it out here


To celebrate Twilight's 10 Birthday a New edition of Twilight is being released with bonus material. Me and my sister have partnered up to host a giveaway of one copy of the new edition open to anyone who can receive books from the Book Depository. GIVEAWAY POLICY 

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  1. OMG..this makes me feel old. My girls were in high school when this book released.

  2. I feel totally old right now. LOL!